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Electrochemical Reduction and Oxidation of Nucleic Acids Bases and their Analogues: a Brief Overview
Fojta, Miroslav ; Špaček, Jan ; Dudová, Zdenka ; Pivoňková, Hana ; Daňhel, Aleš ; Fojt, Lukáš ; Havran, Luděk
Nucleic acids are known as electroactive biomacromolecules containing electrochemically reducible or oxidizable constituents. Nucleobases cytosine, 5-methylcytosine, adenine and guanine can be reduced in aqueous media on mercury or silver amalgam electrodes. Oxidation of all natural nucleic acids bases (in addition to the above mentioned ones, also uracil and thymine) was demonstrated using various types of carbon electrodes. Some of synthetic nucleobases or nucleotide analogues (e g., 7-deazapurines, cytidine analogues used as epigenetic modulators, etc.) exhibit specific electrochemical properties that differ from those of the parent bases and can be utilized to determine the given substance in the presence of natural nucleic acids or their components.
Electrochemical Analysis of Sybr Green I and its Interaction with DNA
Dudová, Zdenka ; Pivoňková, Hana ; Havran, Luděk ; Fojta, Miroslav
There are used many methods such real-time PCR and electrophoresis in molecular biology and biochemistry which are based on utilization of a fluorescent dye Sybr Green I (SG) for selective detection of double stranded (ds) DNA and its quantification. SG is a planar molecule (see Fig. 1) that intercalates into the DNA double helix and simultaneously can bind into minor groove of dsDNA. In our work we focused on electrochemical behavior of SG on a pyrolytic graphite electrode (PGE) using square-wave voltammetry (SWV). The voltammetric method was used in measurements of SG interactions with DNA at the PGE.
Analysis of Denatured PCR Products Modified with 7-deazapurine Bases at Hanging Mercury Drop Electrode
Dudová, Zdenka ; Špaček, Jan ; Havran, Luděk ; Pivoňková, Hana ; Fojta, Miroslav
7-deazapunines are synthetic analogues of natural purine nucleobases which can pair with pyrimidines, retaining pairing complementarity of their parent purines. There is replaced N7 atom by CH group in 7-deazapurines so that DNA modified with them don't participate in Hoogsteen basepairing and don't form alternative structures. Here is a study of 7-deazapurines incorpotated into DNA measured at HMDE by CV and ACV. While 7-deazaadenine was reduced at the HMDE, giving rise to a similar irreversible cathodic peak as the natural adenine, 7-deazaguanine didn't yield any peak analogous to the peak G due to Guanine, in Agreement with a loss of corresponding redox in 7-deazaguanine.
Self-assessment at the Primary School focusing on integrated pupils
Dudová, Zdeňka ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
This thesis is divided into two main parts. The theoretical part defines the concept of self-assessment and focuses on the significance and forms of self-assessment, as well as the factors arising during implementation of self-assessment in education. This part also contains findings from specialized publications analysing the relationship between assessment and self-assessment directed towards individualisation (personalisation). The practical part of this thesis takes the form of pro-active research, the aim of which is to observe implementation of self- assessment by a specific pupil with a specific learning disability. It describes how to teach an integrated pupil to self-assess, confirms that the pupil is able to self-assess his work and describes the steps involved in the implementation. Key words evaluation, self-assessment, pupil with special needs, integrated pupil, descriptive language, evaluation criteria, quality indicator, forms of self-assessment, action research

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