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Regional establishment (Karlovy Vary Region)
Vukliševičová, Nikola ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Dušan, Dušan (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is The regional establishment in the Karlovy Vary region. The main aim of the thesis is to delineate the character of the decision-making process in local self-government based on the analysis of the regional party system and comparison of the results of regional elections within the election period from 2000 to 2016. The thesis consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is focused on description of the basic concepts, which are related to regional development, creation and work of the region, regional election process and evaluation of the socioeconomic indicators in the Karlovy Vary region. The following practical part is focused on analysis of the regional party system, coalition formation process and comparison of the results of regional elections in the Karlovy Vary region in the period 2000 to 2016.
Political aspects of management and the development of the chosen municipality (case study of Vinařice u Loun)
Vlčková, Michaela ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Dušan, Dušan (referee)
Author has chosen "Political Aspects of the Management and Development of Selected Municipalities (Case Study of Vinařice u Loun)" topic.The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part explains and describes concepts related to communal politics matter. For example, government municipalities, municipal authorities, community development, municipal management, municipal budget, municipal elections, electoral law etc. The practical part describes characteristic of Vinařice u Loun village from demographic and socio-economic perspective - according to the current municipal budget draft, compared to the budget structure with another, equally large municipalities. Furthermore, there has been described a detailed description of local interest and local government, and the last municipal election to municipal council (2014). The main objective is to define the nature of the decision-making process of local government and compare the management of the village from 2000 to the present (2016). The Masters thesis characterises a case study (as already mentioned in the title of work). For data collection, analysis of documents, interviews and comparison of data were used.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Kunvald
Rek, Michal ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Dušan, Dušan (referee)
This thesis deals with the development of the local government in the municipality of Kunvald since 1989. The theoretical part describes the basic concepts related to local government, including the urban area itself its citizens, the neighbourhood authorities, communal electoral system of Czech and the electoral right. The practical part is focused on characteristics of the community, description of its history, and the definition of the local political parties. Futhermore, it is also targeted to the local organizations and evaluates of the socio-economic indicators of the village during its participation in public life and local government. It is also proceed further analysis of the progression and outcome of the local elections of municipality named Kunvald from 1989 to 2014. The analysis describes all individual candidates, political parties, electoral participation, results and arising representatives, including the characteristics of their subsequent decision-making process who's municipal political scene will be implemented in the following election period in the organs of the municipality. In addition, the practical also describes the comparison of the results from the municipal, district, regional and national level since 1989 to 2014. Last but not least, not only it also contains analyses of active and passive usage of the voting rights, but it also includes a description of continuity and discontinuity of individual members of the municipal council called Kunvald.
Comparison of the nutritional value and digestibility of classical oat and black oat
Gergelová, Anna ; Plachý, Vladimír (advisor) ; Dušan, Dušan (referee)
A review of literature thesis includes articles and publications dedicated to the topic of the digestive tract, the issue of measuring the digestibility of horse nutriens, characteristics and nutritional values of the yellow oat (Avena sativa), black oat (Avena strigosa) and hay. The practical part is devoted to comparing the nutritional values and digestibility of yellow and black oats in the ration using yellow or black with oat hay The experiment was conducted on six horses borrowed from the Academic riding club in Prague - Suchdol in February 2016. The preparatory period was 5 days, and sampling of faeces took place fifth morning after the morning feeding. Three pairs were created out of the six horses. The first pair formed gelding breed, Czech warmblood, who were housed in the inner box stable. The second pair formed a Haflinger gelding breed housed in an outdoor box. The third pair formed a Hucul gelding breed and welsh cob, housed in an outdoor box. One of the horses from an experimental pair was fed oat hulls and other horse was fed black varieties oats Raven. Rations was the same for both of the horses and both experimental animals also received the same amount of roughage. Digestibility coefficient was found at the base of the marker method using indicator lignin. The chemical analysis of determination of dry matter and ash, crude fiber (CF), neutral - detergent fiber (NDF), acid - detergent fiber ADF and acid - detergent lignin (ADL), crude fat and calculated using nitrogen-free substances process colors (BNLV) and organic matter (OH) were performed. Among the experimental pairs there was no statistically significant difference. Therefore, the hypothesis about differences in nutritional and dietetic value of oat and black oat was rejected.
Influence of extrusion of oat on the nutritional value and palatability in adult warm-blood horses
Slováková, Jana ; Plachý, Vladimír (advisor) ; Dušan, Dušan (referee)
Oat is still the most used grain in horse nutrition, but the options of processing are extended. Extruded oat shows an alternative to feeding whole or flaked oats. Its advantage is better utilization, so it is possible to feed smaller amount of feed. Literary part of this writing contains general information about oats, horse nutrition and extrusion. In the oat part we focus on composition and utilization. Chapter horse nutrition is aimed on parts of digestive system, which is related to intake of feed. Chapter extrusion is mostly about the oportunity to use grain, extra attention is laid on trasformation of starch during extrusion. The last part is dedicated to suitability of oat as horse feed and on features of extruded oat and its utilization in horse nutrition. During experiment was made measurement of time needed to intake 500 g od whole or extruded oat in 5 mature warm-blood horses in JK Počin Dolní Počenice. Each form of feed was measured for 7 days. Time of intake of this amount od whole oat was 3 minutes and 18 seconds +- 8,9 seconds. Extuded oat was eaten with difficulty, that is why we begun to feed wetted extuded oat. This way of treatment was eaten by 4 of 5 horses. Time of intake was on average 2 minutes 54 seconds +- 6,73. Whole oat was chewed more, in extruded oats horses sometimes even gobbled. The wetted extruded oat horses was intook faster than whole oat. Hypotesis was rejected, because horses wetted extruded oats ate faster than whole oats. In dry extruded feed is time of intake enlonged according to literature. Extruded oat is feed suitable for working horses, older horses, horses with teeth problems, in time of teeth exchange, coughing horses and horses difficult to feed. Advantage is longer shelf life of feed.
The Development of Local Government in the Municipality of Pelhřimov
Nováková, Petra ; Čopík, Jan (advisor) ; Dušan, Dušan (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with local government. The thesis is made as a case study. The first part deals with theoretical basic concepts and characteristics of municipality. Then the historical development of local self-government in the Czech countries is outlined there and also main specifics of local political process are described. The practical part deals with characteristics of chosen municipality, town of Pelhřimov which is located in the Region of Vysočina and the attention is concentrated mainly on the factors which could influence local government. The main part of the thesis is concentrated on development of local political scene and individual political player inclusive of citizen political participation. The emphasis is put on municipal elections in the year 2014. In the end discovered facts are summarized.

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