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Records in the Land Register
Zemanová, Renáta ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis is focused on the records in the land register. This topic still has its relevance in the contemporary world and can appear in any person's life. That was one of the factors why the author had chosen this area for analysis. The other was her overall interest in property law and registration. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first is focused on the land register by itself and its role as an important source of information. In the beginning of the first part some typical concepts related to the land register are introduced. The next section is dedicated to the brief history of the property registration which is considered to be useful for the better understanding of the contemporary legal regulations. Those are discussed in the next chapter together with the position of the land register by itself, its purposes, content and structure. The special attention is paid to the objects in question - concretely the properties registered by this institution. The second part of this thesis, the most extensive, focuses on the particular acts of recording into the land register - registration, record, note and respective proceedings. In the first part of the second section, the rights which are objects of the records are mentioned. The most commonly used is the right in property, which is...
Recordings in the Land Register (Cadastre)
Čoček, Miroslav ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
Record into cadastre The purpose of my thesis is to analyze czech legislation regarding czech cadastre, to research, if there are some problematic subjects and to present some of my own suggestions de lege ferenda. The reason, why I chose this subject, is that all people have to deal with record into cadastre at least once in their lifes, so I thought it would be usefull to present something like a manual for everybody, in which I analyze what forms of record are available, how do they work, what are the problems etc. The thesis is composed of three main chapters, which are subdivided into parts. Chapter One is introductory and defines the basic elements of czech cadastre. It is subdivided into five parts. First part focuses on history of czech cadastre from the first real estate registry attempts in bohemian and moravian lands until todays cadastre. This part helps us to understand, where are the main reasons of todays problems regarding cadastre. Second part describes basic elements of czech cadastre, its functions and acts that govern the whole subject. Third part is about the subject of czech cadastre, that means it names which realties are recorded in cadastre and what information about these is registered. Fourth part concerns about the content of cadastre, which is divided into sections of geodetic,...
Creation and cessation of the land ownership right - legal forms
Pernicová, Martina ; Žákovská, Karolina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
I chose for my diploma thesis the theme which is called "Creation and cessation of the land ownership right - legal forms". The aim of the work is to give complex and complete description of basic legal forms of acquiring ownership right to land. The presented work is divided into ten chapters. The first part (second chapter) of the diploma thesis determines the concepts of "ownership", "real estate", "land", "plot" etc. According to Czech law concept of "real estate" means mainly under grounds and buildings firmly linked to ground. Property right as one of the basic human rights protected by Human rights act which for example says that the property right could be restricted or taken away only according the law, inter the legal bounds and for compensation. The current legal order of the Czech Republic regulates the ownership in three types of legal regulations: the Civil Code or the Commercial Code represent the general regulation, the Czech Republic Property Act represents the special regulation and moreover, there are numerous laws mentioning the land property. Third chapter consists of the historical overview on the development of the land's ownership in the Czech Lands in period 1918 - 1989. First I described both Land Reforms governing the considerable transfers of the state property after...
Acquisition of ownership to land
Kubátová, Kateřina ; Drobník, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
Aquisition of Ownership of Land The purpose of the Master's degree thesis is to define and give a complex description of basic legal forms of acquiring ownership right to land and describe the process of obtaining the ownership right to land. The core piece of legislation governing this question is the Civil Code supported by many other laws. There are many citations of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court decisions used in the text to support the statutes. These decisions are necessary when law does not provide with clear explanations and so the court gives the interpretation. This paper in many places mentions the proposed Civil Code which brings many substantial changes to the Czech law. This paper consists of five chapters. They all relate to each other however they deal with different topics and describe important issues for the overall understanding. They are ranged logically from the basic general issues and historical outline to specific ways of obtaining ownership right to land and their evidence in the Real Estate Registry. For information purposes, there is a chapter paid to English land law principles compared to the Czech land law. The first part of the thesis is introductory and explains the basic terminology which is used in the text and is crucial for understanding the...
The Land Registry
Urbánková, Kristiana ; Drobník, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Damohorský, Milan (referee)
133 The Real Estate Cadastre The theme of this thesis is the Real Estate Cadastre of the Czech Republic. Land record has almost a thousand-year tradition in our country. A demand of publicity and foreseeability of legal relations to immovables and first of all the tax purposes were the stimuli of its establishment. The aim of this thesis is to characterize the contemporary evidence of immovables, to point out the important social task, which the Real Estate Cadastre fulfils, and to describe its keeping and updating. The thesis consists of six chapters. The introduction focuses on the definition of a land record. It has been used as an universal term for number of evidence instruments that have fulfilled various functions and have adapted for public demand. Chapter 2 dwells on the system development of the evidence instruments concretely. Present form of the Real Estate Cadastre comes out from the connection of two developmental branches of land records - land cadastres and public registers. Most of their existence they functioned separately side-by-side and served for different purposes. Land cadastre was an instrument of tax policy. It contained a list of area and land capability as a trustworthy basis for just tax assessment. Public registers performed a protective function in relation to registered real...
Land treatment and its relationship to the protection of the environment
Měkota, Jan ; Žákovská, Karolina (advisor) ; Drobník, Jaroslav (referee)
Land Consolidation and its Relation to Environmental Protection- Abstract Land consolidation is term used for rearrangement and readjustment of land parcels and their ownership in order to assure their rational use. In its modern form, it became part of Czech legislature when Czech National Council's Act No. 284/1991 Coll. was officially published. Current legal regulations of land consolidation are provided in Act No. 139/2002 Coll., as amended. This Act enumerates main goals land consolidation, carried out in the public interest, should achieve. Primary task of this dissertation is to review how land consolidation can contribute to the environmental protection. Soil fund upgrading as well as improvment of landscape aesthetics and its ecological stability are stated among main goals of the currently effective land consolidation legal regulations. In its initial chapter, this dissertation describes purpose of land consolidation and gives definition of its objects. Following chapter briefly deals with the history of land consolidation on Czech, Moravian and Silesian territory. Reflecting our country's history, real estate ownership evolution was very dynamical in past 160 years. Knowledge of this evolution is crucial for understanding of reason and purpose of land consolidation. Third chapter guides the...

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