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Immunological causes of male infertility
Stiborová, Martina ; Brynychová, Iva (advisor) ; Dostálová, Pavla (referee)
Infertility is defined as the inability to persuade a child after one year of regular unprotected contact, occurs in about 15% of partner couples. In addition to genetic, anatomical, hormonal and infectious causes, the importance of immunopathological mechanisms that contribute to infertility is 15%. The immune system is designed to protect the body's intrinsic stability and respond to so-called "dangerous" signals that can be induced by sperm as autoantigens for men and alloantigens for woman. A healthy individual has protective mechanisms in place to protect sperm from possible attack of the immune system. Failure of protective mechanisms and the natural immune system can result in antibodies against sperm. Antibodies against sperm proteins negatively affect sperm fertilization and are one of the main causes of infertility. This paper describes the possible occurrence of anti-sperm antibodies in both sexes. It also describes the development of sperm, immunological properties of the male and female sexual tract, and briefly summarizes the properties of anti-sperm antibodies and the treatment of immunological infertility. Key words: Reproduction, infertility, sperm cells, antisperm antibodies, autoimmunity
The effect of estrogens on capacitation and acrosome reaction of boar spermatozoa in vitro.
Dostálová, Pavla ; Pěknicová, Jana (advisor) ; Nedvídek, Josef (referee)
Fertilization is a unique biological event where male and female gametes fuse together to produce a new organism. Before the gametes are able to fuse, however, they must undergo a series of controlled changes. For the male gamete, capacitation and acrosome reaction (AR) must occur, which take place during the sperm migration through the female genital tract. Unfortunately, while the process of capacitation has been known for over half a century, the molecular basis and influential factors behind it are not fully understood. Although estrogens have been considered mainly female reproductive hormones, there is increasing evidence suggesting that these steroids have an important role also in regulation of male reproductive functions. Sperm come into the contact with estrogens during their formation in the male and female genital tract, indicating that the hormone may play an important role in sperm maturation. In this study, we examined the importance of three endogenous estrogens (E1 -estron, E2 - 17β estradiol, E3 - estriol) and one synthetic estrogen (EE2 - 17α ethinylestradiol) on sperm maturation during capacitation and AR. Stimulatory effect were observed with all tested estrogens on both capacitation and zona pellucida induced AR. Moreover, we have determinied that the stimulatory effect on...
Dostálová, Pavla ; HRBEK, Daniel (advisor) ; TÖPFER, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis focuses mainly on getting to know myself as an actress. I describe my way of work on creating a character (Kačenka, Guests by Oliver Bukowski) using my four years experience on the theatre faculty. I focus mainly on the work with a text, director and acting partners. I am trying to express the moments which influenced my developement as an actor and determine how they affected my own creations. In regards with this I touch on the problematics of self-control. This thesis is mainly a self-reflection which arose from the need of working on myself in the field of acting as well as directing-dramaturgy which I currently study
Estrogen receptor beta (ERβ) in testicular cells and sperm
Dostálová, Pavla ; Žatecká, Eva ; Děd, Lukáš ; Dorosh, Andriy ; Postlerová, Pavla ; Jonáková, Věra ; Dvořáková-Hortová, Kateřina ; Pěknicová, Jana
Estrogen is a steroid hormone that plays an important role during sperm development in the male and female reproductive tract. Estrogen signalling is a complex process that depends on cell milieu and presence of receptors. Thanks to the steroid nature of estrogens, they can pass through the plasmatic membrane and bind to the intracellular estrogen receptors (ERs). Within the cell, there are several pools of ERs. One of them is localized to the cell nucleus and their activation leads to direct or indirect binding to DNA and ultimately to alternation in gene expression (genomic pathway). Other pools of ERs are associated with plasma membrane or are located in cytosol. Activation of membrane associated ERs leads to rapid non-genomic responses. Nowadays, two classical estrogen receptors are known – ERα and ERβ. Since ERβ is a predominant variant in testes, we focused our study on expression of ERβ variants in murine testes and sperm. We detected two variants of ERβ at mRNA level in both, testes and sperm. These variants differ in 54 nucleotids within the ligand binding domain and this variability results in different affinity to estrogen. We analyzed individual testicular cell types (spermatogonia, spermatocytes, spermatids, Sertoli cells) by RT-qPCR. Our results suggest that both ERβ variants are coexpressed in the same cell type and may therefore interact together. This may have consequences in mediating of estrogen signalling. Moreover, ERβ is expressed more in the later stages of spermatogenesis suggesting the role of ERβ in these stages or alternatively in spermatozoa alone. At the protein level, we detected ERβ in nuclear, membrane and cytosolic fraction prepared from testicular tissue suggesting the involvement of both, genomic and non-genomic, pathways of estrogen signaling in testes. In sperm, anti-ERβ antibodies localized ERβ in acrosome region and tail which is in accordance with the known role of estrogen on capacitation, acrosome reaction and motility.
Zhodnocení investičních kritérií pro umístění kapitálu do vybraných zemí EU
Dostálová, Pavla
The thesis compares investment criteria influencing investors in capital allocation. Primary aim of the paper is using the regression analysis to identify the investment and taxation criteria. To identify such criteria I used cluster analysis to select the EU countries to perform the regression analysis on. The final part of the thesis utilizes swat analysis to point out weak and strong points, opportunities and risks of the destinations. Concluding the thesis the EU country appearing as the best choice for the investment is going to be presented.
Expression of estrogen receptor beta (ERβ) In murine male reproductive tract and sperm
Dostálová, Pavla ; Děd, Lukáš ; Dorosh, Andriy ; Elzeinová, Fatima ; Pěknicová, Jana
Estrogens are steroid hormones that play an important role in reproduction of both sexes. In male, the main source of estrogens are testes where both somatic and germ cells are responsible for testosteron conversion to estrogens. Estrogens are involved in control of spermatogenesis, fluid reabsorption in rete testis and epididymis, and in later maturation steps that sperm undergo in female genital tract (capacitation, acrosome reaction). Generally, estrogen action is mediated through binding to estrogen receptors (ERs) which than lead to classical genomic or rapid non-genomic signaling. Nowadays, two classical estrogen receptors are known – ERα and ERβ. ERβ is a predominant variant in testes, while ERα is more abundant in rete testis and initial segment of epididymis. In addition to classical ERs, several splice variants that can differ in their ligand- or DNA-binding properties were detected in different tissues and cell lines. ERs mostly work as a dimer (homo- and hetero-) and splice variants often „only“ modulate function of classical full-length ERs. Therefore, estrogen action seems to be a very complex. To contribute to understanding of estrogen action in male, we detected ERβ and its potential splice variants in mice testis, epididymis and sperm. According to our results, two variants are present in all analysed tissues and cells. These variants differ in one exon in ligand binding domain which leads to different affinity for estrogens. To analyse these variants also at a protein level, we prepared specific monoclonal antibodies recognizing particular variant of ERβ. Both atibodies detected band(s) in protein extracts from testes or epididymis. Taking together, there are at least two variants of ERβ in mice testes, epididymis and sperm and it seems that both variants are similar in abundance within the same organ or sperm.
Urban Mass Transportation in Olomouc in context of IDSOK
Dostálová, Pavla ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Píša, Petr (referee)
The thesis deals with problem of urban mass transportation. Theoretical part is focused on mass transportation. The thesis contains delimination of area - Olomoucky Region - and its mass transportation - integrated transport system "IDSOK". The main part of the thesis deals with Urban Mass Transportation in Olomouc. There are analyzed selected problems of urban mass transportation as comfort, adherence to time tables, new tram traces routing - operating expenses of trams and buses - and communication with passengers.
Obchodní jednání a obchodní aktivity firmy SIWATEC, a. s. v Itálii
Dostálová, Pavla ; Boučková, Jana (advisor) ; Ošádal, Milan (referee)
Práce pojednává o obchodním jednání mezi českým odběratelem a italským dodavatelem. Součástí je charakteristika všech zainteresovaných společností. Práce je zaměřena na průběh jednání a aspekty, které ovlivňují vyjednávače.

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