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Metodický pokyn pro postupy rekonstrukce knihoven
Dostálová, Lenka ; Kratochvílová, Monika
Metodika předkládá doporučené postupy a parametry pro optimální průběh rekonstrukce v knihovnách zřizovaných anebo provozovaných obcemi do 40 tis. obyvatel. Knihovny ve větších sídelních místech mohou použít uvedená doporučení přiměřeně, s přihlédnutím k aktuálnímu zaměření knihovny, také k potřebám a možnostem místa.
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Influence of Diet on Blood Lipid Levels in Dyslipidemic Patients
Dostálová, Lenka ; Zlatohlávek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Šnejdrlová, Michaela (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the relationship of eating habits and dyslipidemia. Its aim is to find out whether diet influences blood lipid levels. The paper is divided into a theoretical and a research part. The theoretical part handles with lipids of the human organism in general, their metabolism and the risks of atherosclerosis. The research part describes work with patients who suffer from lipid metabolism disorders. The patients had a diet consultation and, two months after, they had their blood drawn to see the results of cholesterol and triglycerides levels. The patients also filled in a questionnaire concerning their eating habits. It turned out that nutritional intervention had resulted in an average decrease in triglycerides and total as well as LDL-cholesterol levels. However, HDL-cholesterol level decreased as well. Furthermore, the questionnaire enquiry showed that dyslipidemic patients do not, in general, disobey recommendations of the dyslipidemic diet. The results of the paper showed that dyslipidemic patients follow recommendations of a healthy diet. However, there is still space for improvement. Thus, regular diet consultations are important and can help improve state of health of dyslipidemic patients. Keywords: Diet, dyslipidemia, cholesterol, triglycerides
Medico ergo sum. Construction of symbolic inequalities and boundaries between physicians and healers /and their professional identity
Dostálová, Lenka ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
My diploma thesis deals with the relationship and more specifically with the boundaries and inequalities between scientific medicine and alternative medicine from the constructionistic and interactionistic point of view. It explores how the boundaries are constructed by the representatives of biomedicine on one side and the representatives of alternative medicine on the other side. This thesis is based on a qualitative research - semi-standardised interviews with members of both systems of medicine. The state and the role of alternative medicine in czech setting is presented to the reader and the construction of boundaries in this context is explored. The thesis shows that the representatives of biomedicine build boundaries mainly based on moral aspects, while the representatives of alternative medicine have larger and more varied repertoire of boundaries. The fact is probably given by structural conditions and the role of alternative medicine - while the representatives of biomedicine "only" want to maintain the status quo, the representatives of alternative medicine struggle to change their situation, which requires bigger effort.
Faktory a limity regionálního rozvoje v rámci územní působnosti Místní akční skupiny Hříběcí hory
Dostálová, Lenka
The aim of the thesis is to indentify factors and limits of rural region development. Author chose for her analysis the region of 33 municipalities, which territory as well belongs to territory of Local Action Group Hříběcí hory, z. s. The theoretical part of the thesis gives description of the terms related to regional development including key participants involved in it. Thesis deals with both positive factors related to the territory and limits which have negative effect on regional development. The conclusion of the practical part includes SWOT analysis which characterizes the territory. The thesis also describes potential possibilities of the development and suggests areas which should be focused on.
Proposal of Marketing Mix Improvement of Shop Ráj hadic
Svobodová, Denisa ; Dostálová, Lenka (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
Diploma work deals with assessment of present usage of marketing mix instruments and subsequently setting of improving proposals of marketing mix of the shop Ráj hadic. This proceeding should increase awareness of customers about the shop and by that to raise a number of the customers and intentsity of its marketing activities.

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