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Revitalization of the public space and its impact on local businesses
Dostálek, Martin ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Prokůpek, Marek (referee)
Bachelor thesis Revitalization of the public space and its impacts on local businesses deals with the economic impacts of revitalization projects of urban streets for local businesses. The theoretical part defines basic concepts, defines and clarifies the concept of public space as well as describes possible approaches to its revitalization. The aim of this work is to analyse the economic impacts of the revitalization of the public space, both in the theoretical and later in the practical part within the revitalization project of Vinohradská street in Prague 2. The final part contains the formulation of author's proposals and recommendations.
The temperature measurement with semiconductor sensor
Dostálek, Martin ; Klíma, Bohumil (referee) ; Huták, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor work disserts on measurement of temperature using the electronic temperature sensors DS18B20, which are controlled by microcomputer type AVR. This sensors use for communication the 1-wire type data bus. The 1-wire data bus, designed by Dallas Semicondoctor, allows connect more devices to the control unit using two wires. This type of measuring elements offers simple handling for the user. The sensor transforms the measuring data directly to the digital data. The rate of the transmission is determined by number of bits in the resultant value and the sensor is programmable during attendance by the set mechanism (master). The sensor code is consistent with the value of measured temperature. That means it doesn’t require supplemental decoding. The resulting data are worked up and displayed on LCD continuously. First part of this work is focused on the theory of 1-wire element. Further, there is an explanation of the principle of the measuring sensor function and its controlling by the control unit. Next, there is a basic description of the AVR type microcomputers, more detailed description is aimed at the ATiny2313 controller, which is used in this work. The important part is dedicated to the implementation of the 1-wire protocol to the appropriate control unit.
Measurement of thermal field in electric machines
Dostálek, Martin ; Vítek, Ondřej (referee) ; Janda, Marcel (advisor)
Diagnosis temperature is one of the most important disciplines. We meet it in everyday life, but it is very important for all sectors of industry. This is a measurement providing an immediate state of the measured object. Contact measurement of different temperature sensors and contactless measurement using thermal imagers. The important part is the measurement of temperature rise of induction motor. Part of the work deals with losses in the electric motor. These losses are converted into heat, which affects from various parts of the machine. Correct identification of the temperature field is important in helping to design the cooling system of the instrument. Virtually the data obtained are compared with theoretical data. We will capture part of the device and realize thermal simulations in a suitable simulation program. We propose modifying the cooling machine and the resulting data from the simulation compares.

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