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Television entertainment in 2013
Jadrný, Petr ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Dorčáková, Jana (referee)
Bachelor's thesis called "Television entertainment in 2013" deals with trends, basic signs and kinds of TV shows belonging to the genre of television entertainment (TV fun) broadcasted in Czech republic. The first and theoretical chapter's goal is to outline some essential terms related to the genre and television entertainment. The rest of the work has been devoted to the actual analysis of individual programs. The work is divided into Czech and foreign series, Czech and foreign game shows, reality television and Czech and foreign entertainment programs.
The Tabloid's development in Czech Countries
Dorčáková, Jana ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Kubíček, Jaromír (referee) ; Machek, Jakub (referee)
This thesis describes the beginnings of tabloid dairies in Czech countries. In addition to the overall analysis of the monitored titles, thesis offers a comprehensive look at the issue of tabloid newspapers, its characteristics and its inclusion to the popular culture. The research period is from 1879 to 1939. Thesis describes the socio-cultural character studied period, which led to the formation of the first tabloid newspaper. We compare the development of Czech tabloid dairies with the development of those newspapers in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France and the USA. We compare the tabloid also with serious contemporary newspapers. Results of this work is the periodization of Tabloid paper at the Czech territory, its character, the mutual differences and character of its readers.
Television singing competitions as a contemporary phenomenon
Růžičková, Lucie ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Dorčáková, Jana (referee)
The concept of TV's singing talent shows of the past decade has varied from the concept we were used to seeing in the last decade of the 20th century. It is a new approach where the audience is drawn into the contest by participating in decision- making of who goes through to the next round and who will ultimately win. The goal of this thesis is to prove (or disprove) my assumption that these talent shows are a contemporary phenomenon. I will attempt to define the most popular shows, describe their inner workings, look for the common features and compare their concepts. Verify the use of TV as an interactive media with an option to vote via a person's mobile phone to improve the ratings. To compare these shows with those from the second half of the 20th century. Reasons why people like to watch these TV singing talent shows and what target audience are these shows appealing to.
The comparison of two competitive programmes-112 in danger of life TV Nova and Private dramas on Prima Tv.
Novák, Jan ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Dorčáková, Jana (referee)
The main topic of my thesis is a comparison of two investigative shows. The comparison is based on tv measurement which were published, for each show, by the television stations. I also used methods of narrative text as a guide through journalistic show same as Lubomír Doležel presented it in his work. I compared the conclusions that come up from the research with the analytical probe in which 86 participations took part. The aim of the work was to find a model of a successful show, so it would have the most perfect structure and it would the most attractive one for audience. Surely, I also focused on the character of the host and how important of an aspect the host is for the choice of the show.
Media Representation of Prague ZOO
Vojtová, Magdaléna ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Dorčáková, Jana (referee)
The main aim of the bachelor thesis "Media Representation of Prague ZOO" is to analyze and describe the media representation of this institution in daily newspapers BLESK, MF DNES and Pravo in the period from 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2011. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with media concepts and theories, primarily with concept of representation, stereotyping and media construction of reality. This part also serves as a platform, which anchors the following practical part. In practical part, first, I introduce the method of quantitative content analysis and the specific procedure I have chosen. Then I present the results of my research and their interpretation. The data evaluation confirms the main hypothesis, that the media representation of Prague ZOO is associated with the family of lowland gorillas, which lives there. We can say, that representation of Prague ZOO in media is created in very stereotypical framework, which has not changed in the monitored period and we can not expect any change in the near future.
American late-night talk show
Halamásek, Šimon ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Dorčáková, Jana (referee)
This thesis focuses on the history of talk show in USA with emphasis on its specific form, which is late-night talk show. The first chapter focuses on the creation of new television networks and the overall state of american broadcasting during the first era of the television talk show format. The thesis briefly describes radio broadcasting which served not only as an important source of inspiration for television but also as a starting platform for most talk show hosts. Next chapter theoretically approaches talk show as a format and establishes some of the important aspects that a talk show should fulfill. This chapter is followed by a historical insight into how talk show has evolved from the early fifties until the dawn of a new millennium. It is separated into several time periods, each of which are characterized by particular television personalities, as well as examples of important talk shows that had a greater impact on the talk show as a format. The last chapter focuses on analyzing several late-night talk shows that are still on air. These talk shows are - Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Lately. Each talk show host is briefly introduced, followed up by a detailed description of...
Media reflection of Václav Havel based on his speech to the U.S. Congress in February 1990
Jirkovská, Petra ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Dorčáková, Jana (referee)
This thesis is focused on the media's reflection of Vaclav Havel following his speech to the U.S. Congress in February 1990. Four Czechoslovak dailies have been analyzed - Rude Pravo, Mlada Fronta, Lidove Noviny, Prace - and three American newspapers - The New York Times, USA Today and The Washington Post. The period under consideration is from 15 February to 1 March 1990. I also looked at how the event was viewed ten and twenty years later. In that respect, only the Czech press has been analyzed in the period of February 2000 and 2010. For the purpose of this analysis, a qualitative research method was chosen, which allowed me to better assess and interpret the depiction of Vaclav Havel in the respective media. The theoretical part focuses on the social and political situation in Czechoslovakia in the winter of 1990 and on the role of Vaclav Havel in the foreign policy. Each newspaper is described including differences in the historical development of Czechoslovak and American press. The objective of this thesis is compared with the social and media construction of reality.
Dog as Part of Media-presented Live Styles
Voldánová, Renata ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Dorčáková, Jana (referee)
The main topic of this thesis is to show the dog as part of the lifestyles presented by the Czech media. The first part is theoretical and is focused on the important terms related with media (media, mass media, media construction of reality), then the definition of lifestyle, the relationship between media and lifestyle and the relationship between dog and man in the pas and in the contemporary society are mentioned. In the methodological part the author presents characteristics of the selected research sample and elementary quantitative content analysis, which was chosen as a research method for monitoring the media image of a dog as part of the lifestyle. Practical part of this thesis is based on a description of each article or photography which showed dogs as part of the lifestyle. Analyzed media were lifestyle supplement of the nationwide daily newspaper Mladá fronta Dnes, the national tabloid Blesk and the South Bohemian regional daily newspaper Písecký deník in 2010. Results of the analysis are presented in the final part.
The beginnings of popular press in Czech countries
Dorčáková, Jana ; Sekera, Martin (referee) ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor)
The Diploma thesis "The beginnings of popular press in Czech countries" deals with the start of tabloid press in our land. The thesis monitors both the beginning and the main characteristics of the popular press. It tries to characterize tabloid press as such, its development in countries which influenced progress of journalism in our country and also the progressinfiltration of these kinds of newspapers to ordinary lives. At the background of the past periods the thesis tries to point out the conditions the Czech tabloid press was formed from, to point out its predecessors and the way its development took. The thesis also includes the contemporaries' reactions of that kind of press. Through the typical characteristics of current tabloid papers, it shows the characteristics of the past sensational newspapers. The thesis also works with the development of the word the tabloid press and the history of its usage in the Czech language, with the history of street selling, with the development of Czech national awareness and with the progress of Czech journalism, especially tabloid one. To characterize it, we used both the quantitative method and the information from studies of the popular press in the world. With an analysis of newspapers of that time we have described the main distinctions between serious and...

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