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Influence of soil pretreatment on the determination of its properties using thermogravimetry
Ragačová, Lucia ; Doležalová Weissmannová, Helena (referee) ; Kučerík, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the influence of soil pretreatment on the determination of its properties by the method of thermogravimetry, which allows the soil sample to be analyzed as a whole. The aim is to clarify how soil preparation affects the results of TG soil analysis. Soil preparation can have a major impact on its quality and thus disrupt the interrelationships of soil components that have been formed as a result of long-term pedogenesis. In this thesis, therefore, the original soils were compared with the soils, which were grinded using a ball mill before the analysis, which represented a very intensive intervention in the soil structure and was therefore a mechanically disturbed soil. A modified method of deriving weight loss has been used to evaluate the issue. The data obtained were divided into 10°C thermal intervals, in-between which the loss of weight of the individual intervals were identified. The impact of soil milling on its determinability in relation to the total carbon and nitrogen content in the soil have been compared through the correlation of data obtained from elemental analysis and TG data. Subsequently, we focused on comparing the interrelationships of the equations of ground and unground soil samples, based on the theoretical equations of the issue. As a final look, we chose autocorrelation of TG data for the obtained ground and unground samples. The results of the examination have shown that even though grinding of samples represents a very intensive intervention into the soil structure and thus the soil is mechanically disturbed, such sample preparation has only a minimal effect on the determinability of soil properties.
Characterization of organic substances in biochar and their release in the soil ecosystem
Bočán, David ; Doležalová Weissmannová, Helena (referee) ; Mravcová, Ludmila (advisor)
The aim of this master’s thesis was to optimize the extraction of 38 PAH and 7 PCB compounds from samples of commercially available biochar and then apply the most suitable extraction method to real samples of biochar and soil. The concentrations of mentioned compounds were determined by using gas chromatography with mass spectrometry detection. Finally, from these concentrations in individual samples, a rate of release of these compounds from biochar to soil was determined. The theoretical part was focused on summarizing the process of biochar production and its properties. The next part deals with compounds that can be present in biochar, their physicochemical properties and effects on organisms and the environment. Also, a most common ways of extracting and determinating these compounds are mentioned. The final part focuses on soil and its characteristics and the changes it undergoes when biochar is applied to it. In the practical part an extensive optimization of extractions using a PSE extractor and thermal desorption extraction was conducted. After determining optimal conditions for both types of extraction methods, these methods were applied to real samples of biochar and soil. Qualitative analysis was carried out using GCxGC-TOF mass spectrometer and quantitative analysis by MRM method on GC-MS2 mass spectrometer.
Interactions between microplastics and heavy metals in the aquatic environment
Ottová, Michaela ; Pavlovský, Jiří (referee) ; Doležalová Weissmannová, Helena (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the adsorption of heavy metal ions on the microplastic. Specifically, lead, chromium, zinc, copper, mercury and polyethylene terephthalate was chosen as the plastic representative. Atomic absorption spectrometry (F-AAS, AMA) and FTIR with method ATR were used for the analysis. The aim of this work was to perform selected adsorption experiments, to determine the adsorption kinetics and the maximum amount adsorbed. Subsequently, the most suitable kinetic and isothermal model was determined for each element and the characteristic parameters were calculated.
Application of FTIR methods and the use of chemometry in the field of soil contamination by plastics and microplastics
Dvořáková, Alena ; Pavlovský, Jiří (referee) ; Doležalová Weissmannová, Helena (advisor)
This final thesis deals with application FTIR method and the use of chemometry in the field of the identification of microplastics in soil. A total of 3 FTIR techniques were used, DRIFT and ATR operating in the mid-infrared region and TANGO technique operating in the near-infrared region. Mixtures of model soil and PET of different concentrations were prepared for analysis. In addition, mixtures of real soil samples and PET of different concentrations were prepared. The obtained data were used for interpretation of the infrared spektra, construction of calibration and correlation dependencies of PET and evaluation of validation models using DRIFT, ATR and TANGO methods.
Study of bioapatite geochemistry using Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Kroupa, Vojtěch ; Doležalová Weissmannová, Helena (referee) ; Vašinová Galiová, Michaela (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with topic of investigating bioapatite from conodont samples using laser ablation ICP-MS. The aim is to evaluate effect of diagenesis on the chemical composition and content of rare earth elements (REE) in the structure of conodonts. During diagenesis, bioapatite was transformed into mineral francolite and as part of this process, adsorbed REE into its crystalline structure. The degree of adsorption of REE was influenced by presence of seawater, presence of siliciclastics in surrounding REE-enriched rocks, redox conditions and also the effects of elements such as Mn and Fe present in the pore water. It was found that a group of conodont samples from the Col des Tribes (France) underwent a major diagenetic transformation, late recrystallization with REE desorption, and also due to the increased presence of Mn ions and influence of the original suboxic conditions contains rarer positive Ce anomalies. While groups of conodont samples from the Mramorový lom near Křtiny (Czech Republic) have undergone a minor diagenetic change, they contain a larger amount of REE elements.
Influence of biodegradation of polyhydroxyalkanoates on soil properties and composition
Denková, Pavla ; Doležalová Weissmannová, Helena (referee) ; Kučerík, Jiří (advisor)
Biodegradable plastics are presented as a promising replacement for synthetic polymers. In soil, they are expected to be fully degraded by micro-organisms within a short time and to be inherently harmless to the environment. However, this assumption needs to be verified, and it is important to pay attention to the impact on soil´s biota as well as the effect of the biodegradation process could have on soil properties, composition and structure. In this work was studied the effect of biodegradation of poly(R-3-hydroxybutyrate), (P3HB), belonging to the group of polyhydroxyalkanoates, on the structure and physicochemical properties of soil. P3HB particles were mixed in different concentrations with soil in which biodegradation experiments were carried out under different conditions - i.e. with and without growing plant, with and without nitrogen fertilization. After 90 days, were soil analyzed. Thermogravimetry was used to determine the amount of residual non-degraded micro-bioplastics and to determine the effect of biodegradation on the properties of soil organic matter. Differential scanning calorimetry provided information on the effect of biodegradation on the evaporation enthalpy of adsorbed water from the soil, while the amount of water in the soil was also determined. Furthermore, the effect on field water holding capacity was determined and sieve analysis of individual samples was performed to characterize the effect of biodegradation on soil particle size distribution. Biodegradation conditions were shown to affect not only the rate of biodegradation but also some soil parameters. As expected, biodegradation of P3HB was proved to be faster in a nutrient-rich environment. In contrast, lack of nitrogen in soil with growing plant caused a decrease in the evaporation enthalpy of water and a reduction in the amount of water in soil, which can lead to easier soil drying and cause stress conditions for plant growth. Increased soil particle aggregation was observed in all sample series with P3HB compared to soils without P3HB addition.
Teaching methods and class organisation in German language teaching with reference to pupil's age
Doležalová, Hana ; Švermová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Nečasová, Pavla (referee)
The Diploma Thesis deals with teacbing methods and classroom organisation in Gennan language teaching with reference to pupil's age. The first, theoretical-oriented part of the Thesis describes psychological and physical development of pupils~ classification and description of selected teaching methods and types of classroom organisation. Last but not least it contains the typology ofexercises for teaching purposes. The second, practice-oriented part maps teaching methods and types of classroom organisation commonly used in German language teaching with reference to pupil's age which is regarded as one of the fuctors influencing the choice of teaching methods and classroom organisation. Two classroom observation templates, a questionnaire and some samples of filled observations sheets along with teaching materials used by teachers during the 1essons are attached in appendices.
Possibilities of prosthetic upper limb fitting in cycling
Doležalová, Hana ; Čichoň, Rostislav (advisor) ; Půlpán, Rudolf (referee)
Bachelor thesis give an overview of possible solutions in upper limbs prosthetic fitting which is suitable for cycling. And provide enough information on modifications that should be performed on a bicycle so that it can be used by humans with upper extremity prostheses. It can be an essential guide for anyone looking for a solution that would allow a person with an amputated upper limb again sit on the bike. Keywords: amputation, upper limb prosthesis, prosthetic fitting, cycling
History of the city Jílové near Děčín after 1945: Transfer and Settlement in the Narratives of Its Inhabitants
Doležalová, Hana ; Vaňous, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Houda, Přemysl (referee)
This thesis considers a difficult period of the post-war period of history in Jílové near Děčín. The main chapters of this work deal with the themes of transfer of Germans from the city and with the following event of settlement of new inhabitants. The aim of this thesis is to reflect the period of the national migration in Jílové. Last but not least this work aims to reveal micro-historical view on a process of key events in a small city considering individual life stories. Submitted thesis is based on available archive materials and literature. At the same time there was applied a method of oral history. In the following chapters there are introduced 6 life stories of inhabitants of Jílové who helped with their narrations to describe the key themes of this research as well as "small history" of everyday life in the post-war era. Powered by TCPDF (
Sugestion on database of sports assistance for handicaped people.
Doležalová, Hana ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Prokešová, Eva (referee)
Title: Sugestion on database of sports assistance for handicaped people Objective: A suggestion to create a database of sport assistants for handicapped people. The database should reflect the needs of handicapped people as much as possible and simultaneously respect assistants' real possibilities. Methods: In our thesis we used a descriptive research method of quantitative character containing some qualitative features. The research concentrated on 2 groups "users" and "assistants" via electronic online survey. Results: We found out that most of the handicapped people do not have a person with whom they could do sport activity as often as wanted. It is a reason why they do sport less. The users are willing to pay for assistance more than expected. The assistants are obliging to provide more hours of assistance on the grounds of pay rise. The results offer sufficient amount of information to create a database of sport assistants for handicapped people. Keywords: Sports assitant, assistance, adaped physical activities, disability sports

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