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External conditions, seed characteristics and other factors affecting seed germination of alpine species
Veselá, Andrea ; Münzbergová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Jiménez-Alfaro, Borja (referee) ; Doležal, Jiří (referee)
Germination is the most critical and vulnerable stage in the life cycle of many plants and it directly influences the regeneration potential of populations and thus long-term survival of species. Species germination is affected by external conditions such as light, temperature and moisture acting both during germination (target conditions) and on maternal plants during their life (original conditions). Target and original conditions can interact and affect seed germination as well. The strong temperature and moisture control of seed germination suggests that species recruitment rates and success may be strongly impacted by ongoing climatic changes. Simultaneously, species germination is influenced by characteristics of the seeds themselves, such as, seed mass or seed nutrient content, which can be affected by external climatic conditions as well. This thesis aimed to i) investigate the effect of temperature and moisture acting separately and in interaction as target conditions, original conditions and as interaction between target and original conditions on germination behaviour of alpine species; ii) study effect of seed origin on seed mass and seed nutrient content and their effect on germination; iii) explore how abundance of species is affected by germination behaviour in central European...
Anatomical and physiological adaptations of high mountain plants in Ladakh
Binter, Jan ; Doležal, Jiří (advisor) ; Sklenář, Petr (referee)
The Ladakh region of the northwestern Indian Himalaya is a high-elevation desert that presents a suite of environmental conditions that constrain plant growth. At lower elevations, aridity and high temperatures constrain plant growth. However, at higher elevations, temperature steeply drops and an increase in precipitation occurs. Therefore, the Ladakh region can be considered a natural laboratory where the adaptive responses of plant traits to moisture and temperature gradients can be observed. Plants in high mountain regions had to evolve and adapt to harsh environmental stress including low temperatures, UV radiation, short growing seasons, etc. Morphological, anatomical and physiological adaptations allow plants in Ladakh to grow at altitudes up to 6150 meters. This limit for plant growth in Ladakh is not set by the permanent snow line or any other mechanical barrier, but instead by the inability of plants to survive at such an elevation. This situation allows us to study the physiological limits of plant adaptations in extreme conditions. Thus, studying plants in Ladakh can bring an important understanding to adaptive ability of mountain plants.
Spectroscopy of single molecules in STM nanocavity
Doležal, Jiří ; Švec, Martin (advisor) ; Frank, Otakar (referee) ; Roslawska, Anna (referee)
Scanning tunneling microscopy-induced luminescence (STML) combined with high- resolution atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a powerful tool for studying the photophysics of individual molecular emitters on surfaces. However, the mechanism of energy conver- sion between tunneling electrons and photons in decoupled systems placed in a nanocavity of STM is not fully understood as it depends on many variables. This thesis presents a range of proof-of-concept experimental approaches. The vi- ability of CO-terminated tips for STML is demonstrated by performing subnanometer- resolved spectroscopy and mapping of photon intensity acquired over zinc phthalocyanine on NaCl/metal substrate. For the same molecule, time-resolved phase fluorometry is de- vised and is used to reveal the exciton and charge dynamics as a function of the applied bias voltage. Of more fundamental character, the role of the chromophore environment on its exciton emission and binding energy is studied. For the first time, we observed and explained the presence of molecular librations in molecules on the surface from a comb-like emission line resulting from the exciton-libron coupling and the chiral adsorp- tion geometry. Finally, exciton delocalization in molecular aggregates is mapped using the tip nanocavity capable of detecting the dark states,...
Evaluation of yield parameters and first pod height in soya bean (\kur{Glycine max} L.)
This work deals with the influence of the growth regulator on soybean vegetation. The main part of the diploma thesis is the evaluation of individual parameters of selected varieties. For this purpose, a pilot experiment was established in 2019 in the Benešov region in location Netvořice. This area is located in a moderately warm climate area in the area of potato production at an altitude of 390 meters above sea level. Two very early soybean varieties, Amandine and Abelina, were selected for this experiment, which are suitable for these conditions due to their shorter growing season. These varieties were grown in two variants. Control variant without treatment and variant with treatment with Energen Apikál, which increases apical dominance. Each variant and treatment variant was repeated 4 times to obtain the most accurate data. The following parameters were evaluated for both varieties: seed yield, nitrogenous substances content, number of plants per square meter, fat content, weight of a thousand seeds, plant height, number of primary branches, number of pods per plant, number of seeds in the pod and height of first pod. The highest average yield was achieved by the Amandine variety in the treated variant 3.49 t/ha. The Abelina variety achieved a very satisfactory yield of 3.18 t/ha also in the treated variant. In the untreated variant, these varieties also achieved a satisfactory yield. Amandine variety 2.99 t/ha and Abelina variety 3.06 t/ha. Another parameter determined was the nitrogenous substances content. This indicator also showed an increase in nitrogenous substances in the seed in the treated variant in both varieties. A very important monitored parameter was the height of the first pod from the soil surface. Here, after the application of Apikál, the lower floor of the pods increased by approximately a centimeter compared to the control in both varieties (Amandine 10.68 cm and Abelina 11.88 cm). In conclusion, Energen Apikál has a positive effect on both qualitative parameters and the main yield elements, which favorably affects the yield and, together with the higher location of plant pods, also partially minimizes harvest losses.
Functional diversity in ecological communities
Džamba, Roman ; Hořák, David (advisor) ; Doležal, Jiří (referee)
Functional diversity is an important component of biodiversity. Value and range of functional traits and the number and composition of functional types are crucial for the short and long term functioning of ecosystems. Functional traits of species affect their performance in ecosystems and we can classify them as continuous or discontinuous. It has been suggested many ways to choose the appropriate traits and functional differences between species in estimating functional diversity. It is necessary to consider the nature and importance of ecosystem processes and environmental factors and consider properties of employed methodological approaches. There are many ways to estimate functional diversity. Functional diversity can be expressed by the number of functional groups, functional index or functional dendrograms. In natural communities, we see a positive relationship between species and functional diversity. Species diversity doesn't seem to be an adequate surrogate for functional diversity because the loss of an equal number of species may have different effects on the ecosystem, depending on the identity of the species. Functional redundancy refers to the functional similarity in the ecological niches occupation and is a source of stability in the ecosystem functioning.
Community property of spouses
Doležal, Jiří ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
The topic of my paper is a legal arrangement regarding communal estate in the Czech Republic. This legal institute comes into power as a result of contracting marriage, which is done by the majority of people at some point in their lives. Marriage is a long- lasting union of a man and a woman and the communal estate, then, solves the legal and estate arrangements between the spouses and between the married couple and third persons. There have been different arrangements of such concerns throughout the historical and legal development, each of which depended on social and economical conditions of the time. Nowadays, the situation is certainly not perfect, but it can be said that it is very extensive and it is believed to become even more extensive and superior due to the new Civil Code, which is supposed to be accepted soon. At the present time, the arrangements of communal estate are to be found in the law no. 40/1964 of the Civil Code. In particular, it is a part of the second Head of the law, named Joint ownership and Communal estate, under the term Communal estate. My paper could be divided into three separate parts. In the first one (Chapter II), I describe the historical development of the institute with special regard to the development of the legal arrangement from the time of the Roman Law,...
Neologisms in modern lexicology and lexicgraphy
Bureš, Jaroslav ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Doležal, Jiří (referee)
This paper discusses the main aspects of neologism from a position of modern lexicology and lexicography especially in German. It outlines the following problems: I. neologism and nonce word II. borrowings and neologisms III. word-formation and neologisms IV. new words and its coining in text V. stylistic and pragmatic functions of new words VI. neology and the corpus linguistics - possibilities of its application VII. neologisms and dictionaries
On the function of norm authorities as a social force that co-determines the language standard (as applied to selected variables in German grammar)
Lisková, Alena ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Doležal, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis thematizes the behaviour of university teachers at Czech universities with the German language attended as a field of study. University teachers act in the social network as a social force called norm authority. As norm authorities, they are obliged to ensure the standard variety of the German language. Following the presentation of related theoretical concepts and models, such as norm, standard variety, social forces that co-determine the language standard and the language management theory, the outcomes of the empirical research are being analysed. The practical part of the thesis includes also the Follow-up interviews with the norm authorities. As applied to the selected variables from German grammar that originate from authentic tests, the behaviour of the norm authorities is being analysed. In this case it is accentuated, whether the norm authorities act in accordance with the other social forces that are able to determine the language standard, especially with codices and the model texts. The acting of the norm authorities is described with single stages of the language management process. In our case, the first phase - noting a deviation from the norm - is crucial. The analysis has shown that in some cases, the norm authorities do not notice the deviation from the norm. In other...
Standard German in Czech secondary schools (an analysis of the process of shaping the standard variety in social practise)
Hajíčková, Zuzana ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Doležal, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis analyses the shaping process of German language standard varieties in the social praxis, mainly at Czech Secondary Schools. It focuses the role of a teacher as the norm-authority in implementing the linguistic norm. The methodological base is the model of Social Power Field and the Language Management Theory. For the needs of this thesis was further used the Follow-up Interview.
For the use of German modal verbs and their competition forms in contrastive comparison with Czech language
Švachová, Olga ; Doležal, Jiří (advisor) ; Dovalil, Vít (referee)
In the presented study "For the Use of German Modal Verbs and their Competition Forms in Contrastive Comparison with Czech Language" the system of German modal verbs is compared with the system of Czech modal verbs. The most attention is paid to the modal verbs occurred in German language. After their detailed description their confrontation with Czech verbs follows. The study of the theme comes out from the most common concepts that classify into the classic group of German modal verbs these verbs: dürfen, können, mögen, müssen, sollen, wollen and into the classic group of Czech modal verbs these verbs: chtit, mit, moci, muset and smet. As both languages are typologically very close they have similar morphologically syntactic and semasiological characteristics of which array separates them from the other verbs. On the bases of the above mentioned theoretical interpretation, the contrastive analysis was realized by means of German rivalry programme "Wer wird Millionär" and Czech rivalry programme "Chcete byt miliomifem? ". The analysis compared incidence of individual German and Czech modal verbs, their forms and functions. Apart from this, incidence of corresponding German and Czech competitive forms and special cases of modal verbs occurrence was probed. In conclusion it was found out that individual...

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