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NVH of gearbox housing for electric vehicles
David, Jan ; Prokop, Aleš (referee) ; Řehák, Kamil (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with determination of NVH parameters of the gearbox housing for electric vehicle. The introduction part is focused on the theoretical knowledge of this issue. Subsequently, the deviations of geometry on the gearbox were measure by 3D scan method. The next part of thesis is focused on the modal analysis, which is solved by numerical approach and followed by experimental verification. During the numerical calculation solving, the influence of the screw preloading on the modal properties of the structure, was also taken into account. Numerical harmonic analysis was then performed and the results were compared with the experimental approach. The conclusion is devoted to material damping and comparison of the individual results.
Evaluation of neonatal laboratory screening efficacy in the Czech Republic and its improvements
David, Jan ; Votava, Felix (advisor) ; Černá, Marie (referee) ; Škvor, Jaroslav (referee)
INTRODUCTION: Newborn laboratory screening is a process used for early detection and treatment of selected rare diseases which leads to improvement in patient quality of life. All diseases included in newborn laboratory screening are classified as rare diseases, defined by a population frequency less than 1:2 000. The evaluation of newborn laboratory screening is an important tool for its improvements. The main aim of this doctoral thesis was to evaluate clinical and population-wide efficacy and balance detection rate and impact on healthy part of population. METHODS: The doctoral thesis was based on results from screening laboratories in period 2002-2017 in the Czech Republic. Dried blood spots from newborns were analyzed using fluorescence immuno-assay, tandem mass spectrometry and fluorimetry. RESULTS: The outcomes of this doctoral thesis led (1) to objectify prevalence of rare diseases in the Czech Republic, (2) to objectify association between prevalence of screened diseases and newborn birthweight, (3) to propose the change of decision limits of screening of 21-hydroxylase deficiency with aim to decrease high false positivity and negative impact on health part of population, (4) to define recommendations for managing of patients screened as positive in the 21-hydroxylase deficiency newborn...
The patterns of local adaptation to serpentine bedrock in plant populations
David, Jan ; Čertner, Martin (advisor) ; Konečná, Veronika (referee)
The most important abiotic factors of serpentine habitats are lack of water, low content of main nutrients, high magnesium content and a high concentration of heavy metals. Thus, serpentine soils are a very stressful environment for most plant. For their exceptional characteristics, serpentine sites are suitable for the study of evolutionary processes. The present literary review contains a summary of the main topics related to the issue of plant populations growing on serpentine bedrock. In addition, the mechanisms of the local adaptation and the conditions that allows these processes are analyzed. At the end of the thesis, the ecological aspect of the habitats is discussed, which can serve as areas with reduced competition and provide the living space to the competitively weaker species. Due to the specific conditions at the serpentine areas, these areas are characterized by a higher level of endemism and often serve as a refuge for relict species. Keywords: Serpentinophyte, serpentine, serpentine endemism, local adaptation, substratum specialization
Educational exercise for comparison of binary and Gray coding strategy and clarification of 3D scanning processes
David, Jan ; Hurník, Jakub (referee) ; Koutecký, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the educational exercise for comparison of binary and Gray coding strategy and clarification of 3D scanning processes of the structured light projection method. The aim of this thesis is to compile the educational exercise with using extend software for 3D scanner, which was developed on Institute of Machine and Industrial Design. The individual process steps of 3D scanning will be clearly described and illustrated. Then, the software will be modified in the Matlab software environment.
The patterns of local adaptation to serpentine bedrock in plant populations
David, Jan ; Čertner, Martin (advisor) ; Prančl, Jan (referee)
For sessile organisms such as plants, substrate specialization acts a very important role, because plants have no choice when choosing a suitable substrate. Plants can respond very specifically to substrate, and local adaptations often begin to emerge, especially if their substrate composition is completely different from the parent substrate in which the plant grows usually. The thesis deals specifically with the problem of serpentine populations, the challenges that these plants have to deal with, and the local adaptations that arise in these populations. Keywords: Serpentinophyte, serpentine, serpentine endemism, local adaptation
Diagnostics and acoustics of timber buildings at pictures
David, Jan
Use and benefits of acoustic cameras and thermal cameras
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF
Choosing an antivirus program
David, Jan ; Pícka, Marek (advisor) ; Hanzlík, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on choosing a free antivirus software for basic internet usage on a personal computer. The first part focuses on the issue of malicious software and is divided into categories based on various viewpoints. In addition, several types of prevention are mentioned. This part also explains the history of antivirus software. The second part contains the actual comparison of five freeware antiviruses. Selection of these five programs is based on a survey. The test consists of five criteria: time of computer deep scan, disc usage, memory usage, user interface and safety rating by AV-Test. These criteria are weighted using Saaty method and the final result is calculated using a weighted sum method.
Cost Management in the Company
Svorad, Michal ; David, Jan (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
My bachelor thesis is focused on the analysis of costs in the company TURCK, Inc. which is based in Hradec Králové. The first part describes the theory necessary to understand the second part, where are evaluated data from the company. In the final part I suggest changes that will lead to deal better with the management of costs.
Digital oscilloscope with microcontroller
David, Jan ; Roubal, Zdeněk (referee) ; Friedl, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the design of portable digital storage oscilloscope with PIC microcontrollers, to view signal is used graphic LCD with resolution 240x128. The device provides an original solution and the possibility of expanding facilities for additional user features.
Multipurpose measuring device
David, Jan ; Žák, Jaromír (referee) ; Levek, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of portable multi-purpose measuring device with Microcontrollers from Microchip running on battery power, for displaying the measured signal uses a graphical LCD with a resolution of 240x128. The device is equipped with an oscilloscope and multimeter with auto range.

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