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The person of Elijah in tanakh and jewish tradition
Jirounková, Karolína ; Beneš, Jiří (advisor) ; Damohorská, Pavla (referee)
The theme of my thesis are deeds of the prophet Elijah happening during his life as well as in the afterlife. My standpoint uses both Jewish and Christian paradigms, seeks connections between them and links one to the other. The books of kings are a major source and I focused on comprehensive understanding of their texts. I have translated used biblical texts and biblical interpretations into Czech where possible for easier understanding. Some more complex themes have also their original texts or sources I worked with embedded.
Mentality of Jewish settlers in West Bank: An anthropological study
Žebrová, Jiřina ; Biernot, David (advisor) ; Damohorská, Pavla (referee)
7 Abstract This Master's thesis explores the depth of Jewish settler mentality from the radically religious to the secularly pragmatic. The aim is to evaluate their influence on the politics of Israeli governments and Israeli society as a national unit throughout history, and furthermore to point out the phenomenological foundations that the settler movement exhibits from the point of view of national identity, territorial identity and that of religious tradition. This work has been prepared through the careful study of diverse literature which is devoted to the Jewish settlers themselves, their role in the creation of a new identity in the young state of Israel, the general concept of national feelings found in territorial and collective memory, and the correct historical classification of settlement aktivity including its comparison with similar communities outside of Israel. Through my research I have discovered that not only do the settlers living beyond the Green Line show strong national and religious elements, but that they also tend towards more radical forms of dealing with state authorities as well as how they solve territorial dilemmas. The strong religious foundation of the settlers threatens Israel's position in peace negotiations and the state's position in the eyes of the international...
Jews and Judaism in China
Maxa, David ; Holubová, Markéta (advisor) ; Damohorská, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the presence of Jews and Judaism in China. The work is divided into three parts and includes an introduction and a conclusion. The first part deals with the history of the original Jewish settlements (approximately 8th - 19th century). It discusses the various theories of its origin and focuses especially on the Jewish community in Kaifeng. An individual chapter is dedicated to the issues of Christian mission in China and its contribution to our awareness of the local Jewish settlements. The second part focuses on the phenomenon of the theology of the Chinese Jews. After basic characteristic, the thesis deals with the degree of the assimilation of the Jewish religion in China, which is labelled by the term "the sinification of Judaism". In several subchapters, the thesis analyses essential concepts of the Jewish religion with an emphasis on their local interpretation in China. In the conclusion of the second part, the thesis deals with the appearance of the synagogue in Kaifeng that no longer exists. The third part deals with the past and present of modern Jewish settlements in China. It includes the information about the Jewish immigration to China in the first part of 20th century, the situation of the local Jews during the Second World War and their post-war development...
The Wandering of the Israelites to the Promised Land
Bíca, Josef ; Vymětalová Hrabáková, Eva (advisor) ; Damohorská, Pavla (referee)
1 SUMMARY THE WANDERING OF THE ISRAELITES TO THE PROMISED LAND Bc. Josef Bíca The work reflects a still very controversial area of the old testament history - the exodus and the conquest of the promised land. The first part of this work deals with the actual authorship of the Torah. It examines whether it is truly a work of Moses or the result of later authors. Based on those results, it focuses on the various critical points of the biblical text, for example the number of the wandering ones, the settlement of the stations and so on. On the basis of archeology and historiography it attempts to put the exodus stories into a corresponding century, both from the perspective of the Egyptians, and Israel's history. The same methods are used on the issues of the conquest of the land of Canaan ( the Promised Land ) and thus the book of Joshua.It focuses mainly on the so called thesis of conquest. The text of this work, however, also emphasizes that the issue of the exodus is still not fully resolved, especially because of the continuous development of science. The second part of this work focuses on the biblical text itself and its narrative in order to realize the theological emphasis of individual parts and the whole itself. But these attempts does not deny the exodus events, but rather highlights what is...

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