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Study of DNA-protein interactions by cross-link formation using aqueous Michael addition
Daďová, Jitka ; Orság, Petr ; Pohl, Radek ; Brázdová, Marie ; Fojta, Miroslav ; Hocek, Michal
Acrylamide and vinylsulfonamide were designed as reactive DNA modifications for covalent crosslinking with cysteine containing peptides and proteins. The corresponding functionalized cytidine triphosphates were prepared and enzymatically incorporated into DNA. These modified oligonucleotides were then used for conjugation with DNA binding domain of protein p53.
Polymerase synthesis of base-modified DNA: New methods and new applications
Balintová, Jana ; Daďová, Jitka ; Kielkowski, Pavel ; Ménová, Petra ; Vaníková, Zuzana ; Riedl, Jan ; Raindlová, Veronika ; Fojta, Miroslav ; Hocek, Michal
Diverse base-modified oligonucleotides and double-stranded DNA molecules were prepared by polymerase incorporation of modified nucleoside triphosphates. The methods include primer extension, PCR, nicking enzyme amplification reaction and mixed incorporations. The modified nucleic acids were used in redox and fluorescence labelling and coding, as well as regulation of binding and cross-linking with proteins.

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