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The History of Physical Education and Sport in Příbram
This bachelor thesis is about the history and current situation of Physical education and sport in the city of Příbram. Primarily it is about the development of individual physical education associations during their activities from the beginning until now. In this thesis I deal with all important sport sections in Příbram. The development of sport is divided into sub-stages according to important facts of historical phases of our country. This work consists of four historical parts. The first part deals with the brief history of our city, the second one describes activities of the sport team Sokol and first sport teams from their foundation to the year 1945. The third part describes the period after the second world war to the year 1989, so called Velvet Revolution. This part is about beginning and continuing individual sport units, sports and organizations in Příbram. The fourth part focuses on the foundation and next progression of the most important sport teams between 1989 - 2018. The oldest facts are taken from preserved cronicles, archive materials of individual sport teams, literature and period articles. The information of the third and fourth parts also contain interesting dialogues with witnesses about the establishment of sport units and sectional sport events.
Design of production technology of shaped cover
Doležal, Václav ; Štroner, Marek (referee) ; Dvořák, Milan (advisor)
This thesis presents a design technology of forming a shaped lid focused on cutting, bending, drawing, as well as trimming and making the required holes. There is described several basic variants of sheet metal forming based on the literature. Production of holes of specified cover, for an annual production of 100 pieces of shaped lid, is solved by unconventional technologies. From subsequent economic evaluation of selected technologies is chosen an appropriate technology to minimize production costs.
Economical appraising of run the power from cogeneration units to different voltage level
Doležal, Václav ; Macháček, Jan (referee) ; Baxant, Petr (advisor)
The topic of the thesis is economical appraising of run the power from cogeneration units to different voltage level. There is sloves in the text, how and under what conditions we can find an optimal solution for the deployment of cogeneration units to the electricity network. The main criterion is the loss of networks and their economic evaluation. We are a description of the different types of cogeneration units, the economic balance and a treatise on losses in electrical networks.
Production technology cover for air-conditioning
Doležal, Václav ; Hušek, Martin (referee) ; Dvořák, Milan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with sheet metal forming and it is focused on basic work, drawing - dimpling. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to design a forming tool for making the cover sheet of the specified air conditioning. There was conducted an experiment to eliminate an undesirable deformation of the flange of the cover.

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