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Communication in Smart Metering
Coufal, Jan Petr ; Kohout, David (referee) ; Mlýnek, Petr (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to explore modern communication technologies for secure smart metering, relevant both technologically and legislatively. The thesis includes an analysis of available methods for remote communication with smart meters and their security measures. The thesis also presents three laboratory exercises. The first exercise focuses on smart meters and their PLC communication, the second on emulating smart meters using the DATEL program, and the third on data reading from smart meters using an optical probe. These exercises allow students to practically apply theoretical knowledge.
Road detection for mobile robot using image processing
Coufal, Jan ; Štarha, Pavel (referee) ; Krejsa, Jiří (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with image processing for outdoor environment mobile robot. In first part, the problem is analyzed, general solution is proposed and suitable image processing methods are presented. In second part presented methods are tested and methods with best results are proposed. In third part is particular solution tested on real data.
Manipulation in education
Coufal, Jan ; Bendl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The diploma thesis describes the topic of manipulation in connection with education. Theoretical part analyzes the concept and related essential phenomena and approaches the links between manipulation and education. Mainly, it draws from pedagogical literature, in its social and philosophical context. Qualitative research is based on interviews with primary school teachers. The aim of the survey was to bring closer how educators perceive manipulation in the school environment based on their experience. The results show that manipulation itself manifests, with a few exceptions, as normal part of the educational process. Teachers manipulate pupils directly during teaching. Some of them consider it present at the moment when they apply coercion to pupils, others as more hidden procedures. They perceive manipulation mainly as harmful, which is why some teachers try to avoid it. At the same time, it is partly viewed as a necessary part of normal teaching. Therefore,the phenomenon of manipulation appears to be variously understood. The unifying sign of manipulation is the perception of its realization from a position of power. It is mainly used with the aim of facilitating the education process. KEYWORDS Manipulation, enforcement, objectification, intencionality, education
Acquisition of fixed assets from accounting and tax perspective according to Czech regulations
Duchatschová, Markéta ; Müllerová, Libuše (advisor) ; Coufal, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis is divided to 5 chapters, which describe accounting and tax problematics of acquisition of fixed assets according to Czech tax and accounting regulations. I would describe systematically and organized accounting and tax resposibilities during the evidence of fixed assets and show unusual form of acquisition of fixed assets, because it is a goal of thesis. Thesis starts with definition of fixed assets, their statutory regulation and their sorts. Then I focused on ways of acquisition of assets and on the related valuation. The third chapter solves technical evaluation of own or leased assets. The penultimate chapter describes accounting and tax depreciation and the related deferred tax. The last fifth chapter describes a strange sort of acquisition of fixed assets, specifically a leasing business establishment.
Road detection for mobile robot using image processing
Coufal, Jan ; Štarha, Pavel (referee) ; Krejsa, Jiří (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with image processing for outdoor environment mobile robot. In first part, the problem is analyzed, general solution is proposed and suitable image processing methods are presented. In second part presented methods are tested and methods with best results are proposed. In third part is particular solution tested on real data.
Financial analysis of the company Carla s. r. o.
Šimek, Martin ; Holečková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Coufal, Jan (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to accomplish a financial analyse of the company Carla, s. r. o. between the years of 2011 and 2014. The thesis is divided into two parts. Methodical and practical. Methodical part is focused on description of procedures of financial analysis and definition of partikular indicators, concretely horizontal and vertical analysis, ratio indexes, bankrupcy and creditworthy models. In practical part of thesis the company Carla, s. r. o. is introduced and indexes, which are defined in methodical part are calculated. At the end there are summarized results of particular parts of financial analysis.
The impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the economies of developing countries
Duong Thi Phuong, Linh ; Zamykalová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Coufal, Jan (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) in general on the economies of developing countries and then with the deeper analysis of the economy of Vietnam, which is chosen as a specific case. The aim of this thesis, based on general knowledge, is to characterize the impact of FDI on the economies of developing countries in general. The importance of FDI is clearly shown through the analysis of macroeconomic indicators of Vietnam's economy. The first chapter is devoted to the theoretical concept of FDI and the inflows of FDI . The second chapter focuses on the flows of FDI in different regions of developing countries. Two definitions related to the matter of FDI, the developing countries and TNC, are provided by the second part of the second chapter. The main part of this thesis, presented in the third chapter, analyzes Vietnam's economy in more detail. Although FDI inflows to Vietnam bring some negative effects, FDI is generally viewed positively and appears as the main factor of many economic changes in Vietnam. The final part of the thesis covers the suggestions of two potential areas in which investment would be effective: energy and banking.
Statisitcal models of the renewable energy market
Kozma, Petr ; Marek, Luboš (advisor) ; Coufal, Jan (referee) ; Hronová, Stanislava (referee) ; Janáček, Kamil (referee)
An efficient application and development of renewable energy sources is one of the most important contribution to the energetic balance of the human society. Anyhow, statistical model of the renewable energy market, which would fundamentally explain relevant economical rules related to these perspective energetic resources, is not clearly known up to now. Nevertheless, the relevant statistical data concerning application of solar energy (photovoltaic and thermo-solar heating) are available for the last twenty years. Based on the economic models, statistical data concerning sales of photovoltaic models and thermo-solar collectors sales have been analysed in this work. It has been shown that the model of constant elasticity predicts an exponential increase which will slow down when a certain level of annual cumulative sales was reached. The model of constant elasticity was found to be successful to interpret past sales data. In the approach of variable elasticity model the parameter of the elasticity has been modified as a function of variables such as market volume, price and time through the statistical evaluation. It enabled to calculate initial, saturation and competitive market conditions, as well. Whereas the constant elasticity demand model describes exponential growth of sales and installations, which was characteristic for the beginning of the application of these renewable resources of energy, the variable elasticity demand model describes a more realistic situation, where cumulative sales either increase or decrease and prices vary subsequently. Simple growth model of unlimited demand based on the growing sales is not realistic and could not be feasible in the long term. The market elasticity could be understood as a real economical parameter representing percentual market increase or decrease at a given time; in the variable demand elasticity model, the constant elasticity is replaced by a function of a market volume, price and time. In this case, we can estimate model parameters for the different market conditions: growth, saturation and decrease. The function representing the capital adequacy in the generalized market model has also been deliberated. Statistical models have been used to determine cumulative sales and market prices of photovoltaic modules and thermo-solar collectors. Moreover, model parameters have been used for the calculation of the realized photovoltaic and thermo solar projects' capital adequacy on the renewable energy market. By using model parameters, renewable energy market forecast up to 2020 has been estimated. We have used generalized market model to credibly estimate future renewable energy market until 2020; as well as extend model parameterization on other resources of renewable energy (water and wind, geothermal sources, biomass) and set prices of energy produced from these renewable sources. Potential energetic savings have been estimated for households (apartments and private houses), who can be relevant consumers of energy from renewable sources. We have performed statistical findings on randomly selected files, where we have reached a real energy consumption, to prove this. This research allowed us to perform a real estimate of a renewable energy contribution to the total energy balance. We have successfully proved that linearly growing capital adequacy function, with an annual growth between 2.5% and 3.0%, is reflecting the renewable energy market sufficiently and is fully in line with an average growth of the total energy consumption. Renewable energy share on the total energy balance will grow substantially to reach a level of 15% in 2015 on the world market and a level of 8% in the Czech Republic for the same period with a perspective to reach a level of 11% in 2020 respectively. Assuming this level of renewable energy on the total production will lead to a decrease of CO2 emissions by three million of tones in 2015 and by four million of tones in 2020. Final reach of this status quo is fully predicted by our statistical model for renewable energy market.

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