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Improved Methods of Image Acquisition and Analysis of Tissues and Cells by Confocal and Multi-Photon Microscopy
Chernyavskiy, Oleksandr ; Kubínová, Lucie (advisor) ; Hašek, Jiří (referee) ; Malínský, Jan (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Přírodovědecká fakulta Studijní program: Vývojová biologie (P1520) Studijní obor: Vývojová biologie (1501V000) Oleksandr Chernyavskiy Zdokonalené metody pro snímání obrazových dat a analýzu tkání a buněk pomocí konfokální a multifotonové mikroskopie Improved Methods of Image Acquisition and Analysis of Tissues and Cells by Confocal and Multi-Photon Microscopy Abstrakt disertační práce Školitel: RNDr. Lucie Kubínová CSc Praha, 2015 Abstract The aim of this study was to develop methods and approaches for image acquisition with subsequent image analysis of data, obtained by confocal and two- photon excitation microscopy as well as their combination, enabling new possibilities of visualization and assessment of information on biological tissues and cell structures in 3D and their measurement. We focused on methods that exploited advantages of confocal and multi-photon excitation microscopy. Our further aim was to demonstrate the applicability of non-invasive approach for in vivo applications, usefulness and the relevance of these methods in several special biological applications with emphasis on improved image acquisition, analysis and evaluation of real biological specimens. The present work was not oriented on just one specific biological problem, but rather to methodological...
Multi-fotonová exitační mikroskopie
Chernyavskiy, Oleksandr ; Kubínová, Lucie
Multiphoton excitation microscopy (MPM), being some time ago rather exotic than an easy-to-handle tool, becomes now more widely used due to advances in laser technique. This promising, yet expensive technique provides such advantages, as deeper penetration depth, lower photodamage, especially important in live cells imaging for extended periods of time
Multivalentní glykokonjugáty ve studiu interakce lektinových receptorů NK/NKT buněk
Vannucci, Luca ; Pospíšil, Miloslav ; Rossmann, Pavel ; Chernyavskiy, Oleksandr ; Kubínová, Lucie ; Křen, Vladimír ; Luptovcová, Martina ; Svoboda, Jan ; Kuldová, Markéta ; Bezouška, Karel ; Fišerová, Anna
The events following the administration of GN8 in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo, lead to increased expression of CD69. The CD69-dependent IFNg production is modulated by co-activation of NKG2D and Ly49 receptors. Glycodendrimers can assist the dissection of activation network of NK/NKT cell lectin-like receptors in rat and murine models

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