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The meaning in Merleau-Ponty's work
Chemlal, Neil ; Schnell, Alexander (advisor) ; Flock, Philip (referee)
Key words: thought, experience, perception, expression rationality, language, Merleau-Ponty. Our work has been a study of Merleau-Ponty's thinking based on such questions: Do things make sense beyond their rational justification? Can we otherwise grasp a reality that always escapes us, when rationality is at times simply limited to the sole sphere of intelligibility? What is even this rationality? Doesn't rationality as we imagine it reduce itself to the mere thinking subject? Are there no other forms of rationality outside the criteria of rationality of the thinking subject? Through these questions, we have tried to bring to light what Merleau-Ponty thinking could bring of originality, especially insofar as one way for him to answer them was to consider all meaning in a deeper interiority. This begins with the study of the structures he calls "ante- predictive", which show the extent to which our bodies, in particular, already interpret their environment before we are aware of it. There would already be, at this level, a rational, systematic form, which would be there before any thematization by thought. Consequently, if there is already meaning before consciousness, how can we reconcile the fact that it is not accessible by our methods of reflection and our demand to think it? Moreover, given that...

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