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Representation of Death in Legendary Tales by François-Marie Luzel, Anatole Le Braz and François Cadic
Burdová, Zuzana ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Šuman, Záviš (referee)
This thesis aims to approach the representation of the death in the Britannic folklore throughout the work of three important Britannic folklorists: Marie-François Luzel (1824- 1895), his disciple Anatole Le Braz (1859-1926) and abbé François Cadic (1864-1929). The work describes how the vison oh the death developed historically in the Celtic mythology and in Christianism. To give a more complex idea of Britannic folklore the thesis treats its typical aspects, describes the genesis and the transformation of its emblematic character, Ankou, and briefly presents the world of deceased souls, commonly called Anaon. It aims furthermore to introduce the life and the motivation of the three authors and to portray the socio-cultural context in contemporary Brittany. The second part is firstly based on the analysis of some chosen mythological tales and the courteous novel Lancelot ou le Chevalier de la charrette by Chrétien de Troyes, examining its characters by means of the archetypal triangle proposed by Daniela Hodrová and the initiatory journey of the main characters. Secondly, the work explains what the "veillée" represents in the oral literature, as well as its connection to the "récit légendaire" (developed by Le Braz) which is later compared to the Luzel tale. This part treats also the style of...
Britannic folklore in Anatole Le Braze's La Légende de la Mort chez les Bretons Armoricains
Burdová, Zuzana ; Šuman, Záviš (advisor) ; Pohorský, Aleš (referee)
This thesis aims to introduce the readers to characteristic aspects of britannic folklore and to try to trace them afterwards in the book La Légende de la mort chez les Bretons armoricains by Anatole Le Braz. To this purpose is used a typology of three chosen characters, namely the character of death Ankou, night laundress and rector. On the basis of the analysis it is possible to remark the influence of those aspects on popular tellings. Firstly the thesis presents the author and his life. Then it briefly shows important historical events that led to britannic renaissance, in other words to the time, when Anatole Le Braz lived and wrote his books. The following parts concentrate on cultural interferences of Celtic and Christian faith and on extraordinary strong state of Death. The main part of the thesis consists of chapters dedicated to the description of Ankou, night laundress and rector, including analysis of some legends, in which those characters are situated. The last chapter refers to the contemporary response of britannic folklore in contemporary culture.

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4 BURDOVÁ, Zuzana
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