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Corporate design with a practical application to a selected company
Balcar, Michael ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of corporate identity and especially with the corporate design. The aim of this thesis is to design and create a new corporate design for the company named Opilý jabko, which sells ciders (mainly via their e-shop). The theoretical part is focused on the explanation of basic concepts and terms related to corporate design that are necessary to understand before creating a new corporate design. In the practical part I analyze the current corporate design of the company Opilý jabko and their biggest competitors and then I proceed to create a new, improved corporate design based on all the findings.
Use of 3D graphics in interior design
Do Bao, Vuong ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Krsek, Libor (referee)
In the age of global firms that make products by millions, everyone tries to maximise limited resources we have. Firms all over the world, the ones in furniture industry in particular, have gained access to new ways to save on product imaging. Huge firms, like IKEA has increasingly been using 3D graphics for their imaging. What does this change consist of and what are the advantages over current technology of digital photography? The goal of this thesis is to introduce information about the effectivity of 3D graphics for product imaging and to map differences between it and digital photography. The content of this thesis also consists of a interior visualisation workflow. In the end the 3D graphics had higher initial costs, but in long term, the costs become investments, which pay off more, that photographs, which are of temporary nature.
Software for creating movie title sequence
Kubíček, Petr ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
This Paper is focused on title sequences that are part of every movie. The goal of the thesis is to compare the effectiveness of three graphic programs in creating film titles. The theoretical part is devoted to the history of creating titles, individual elements involved in the production of titles, and trends in modern titles. In the practical part I worked with three different graphics programs Cinema4D, After Effects, Element 3D and I tried to compare them based on three areas while I was creating the exact same title sequence in each one of them. The three areas that I was comparing them in are: how long it took me to make the title, how easy and intuitive the controls of the software are, and the cost effectiveness. By this comparison I reached to the conclusion that the best suitable graphic program for creating title sequence and working with 3D text would be Element 3D.
Visual identities of film festivals
Terekhova, Margarita ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
This bachelor's thesis aims to present film festivals taking place in the Czech Republic, as well as to take a closer look at their visual identity during the last 3 up to 5 years. I would like to create an extensive overview of the graphic and audiovisual creations of each event, but also to understand, how they have been made and what graphic elements, techniques and composition rules have been used. This work is also intended to use gathered information in order to to create a new unified visual identity of Multifest - a short film festival featuring movies shot by multimedia students at the University of Economics in Prague. In the theoretical part of the thesis I elaborate the basic theme-related terms, and explain why visual identity is that important nowadays. I also offer a historical overview of the Czech movie and festival posters. In the analytical part I explore the visual identities of film festivals currently taking place in the Czech Republic. I focus on the local student film festivals. Descriptions involving visual materials are to create a brief outline of the evolution and main trends of graphic design in the field. The practical part focuses on creating a new unified visual identity for the Multifest Festival. This part extensively describes the particular workflow steps in creating the new identity, from setting the goals via target groups research and drafting, to final creation of the necessary graphic and audio materials.
Analysis and redesign of e-shop
Janík, Václav ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Mezuláník, Radek (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to create a redesign for an e-shop This thesis deals with general knowledge regarding e-shop problematic and webdesign. Part of this thesis is also a analysis of the company´s enviroment, its competetion and its target group. Based on the findings from these sections are established recommendations and requirements which should the redesigned website company with. Subsequently are created wired models, the prototype and final graphical design of the website.
The life cycle of a website project in the B2B sector
Dušek, Václav ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Bubeníček, Jan (referee)
This thesis is focused on realization of a new website division ITreklama of DISKUS company. The creation of this new web solution entails specific needs, mainly due to the business focus on the B2B sector in which the divisional segment falls. The project uses the traditional project management with all relevant instruments to achieve the highest added value. The main objective is the successful launch of the new website and the sub-objectives are identification the needs of the target group and description of the specific requirements for website in B2B business sector. Explanation of the project life cycle, along with the identification of specific needs for a website in the B2B sector, has subsequently serve as a methodology for B2B area of website realization.
The animation in the interactive application environment, using new technology
Kokolia, Jan ; PIXA, Libor (advisor) ; BUBENÍČEK, Jan (referee)
Studies and a career of Czech animator in terms of market economy
Kotlářová, Hana ; BUBENÍČEK, Jan (advisor) ; PAVLÁTOVÁ, Michaela (referee)
"Studies and a career of Czech animator in terms of market economy" answers all basic, practical questions that Czech animation student asks about his future career. It is an information link between school and practice. It delivers facts about current situation on Czech animation scene and presents practical skills which are necessary for setting up an animation career. The goal of a writer was to deliver undistorted information which might be surprisingly realistic or skeptic. Understanding these facts is fundamental, because readers should come up with their own solutions for their future jobs in animation. A broad topic contains information about film or artistic animation, commercial and comissioned jobs, internet animation, basics about animation studios, animation industry and economic aspects of a freelance work. It summaries a purpose of animation schools, including 10 commandments of a student aimed on practical skills to gain during studies.
SEO audit and content analysis of the selected website
Beneš, Martin ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with SEO audit and content analysis for a particular website. The aim is to outline the process of search engine optimization and then verify if the website is sufficiently optimized on the basis of the information gathered. The theoretical part is defined by basic problems, the most commonly used methods of optimization and link-building, and outlined the process of creating keyword analysis. Then there is a brief explanation about how search engines work and which factors are crucial for evaluating the positions of web pages in a search. At the end it describes the necessary tools for a quality SEO audit. In the practical part, there will be an executed SEO audit on the basis of theoretical knowledge along with content analysis, which will be based on the keyword analysis. Part of SEO audit will be specific recommendations for increasing traffic from organic search.
Use of Motion Capture in Animation
Urazajeva, Regina ; Bubeníček, Jan (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes different techniques and application procedures of motion capture technology. It aims to cover individual steps leading from preparation through creation to editing and finalization of a project which uses the mocap technology. The main objective and contribution of the thesis is pointing out some possible difficulties which may occur while using a very complex process of capturing the human motion, and outlining possible means of preventing such problems.

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