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Comparison of certain aspects of legal regulation of slavery and its abolition in the USA and in Great Britain
Brilová, Alžběta ; Seltenreich, Radim (advisor) ; Horák, Záboj (referee)
1 COMPARISON OF CERTAIN ASPECTS OF LEGAL REGULATION OF SLAVERY AND ITS ABOLITION IN THE USA AND IN GREAT BRITAIN Resumé This thesis deals with legal regulation of slavery in Great Britain and the United states of America and also with its abolition. The first part of the thesis is theoretical. At the beginning, it describes the concepts of "slavery", "slave society" and "abolition". This is followed by the brief history of slavery, from the ancient society, through the Middle Ages, to slavery in North America. The end of this chapter briefly discusses the legal aspects of slavery in general, and the influence of the Enlightenment and Christianity on the perception of slavery. The second part focuses on situation in various geographic regions and some legal phenomena relating to slavery. The regions covered include England, specific for fact that slavery was abandoned there as early as in the 12th century and has never had any legislative background, together with India and the Caribbean as two examples of the opposite ends of the spectrum - while in the Caribbean slavery still constitutes a determining social element, in India the effects of slavery are surprisingly "negligible". The next section deals with other Britain's colonies and the characteristics of North American continent, and situation in the...

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