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Polášková, Alena ; Helma, Robert ; Adámik, Matěj ; Hronešová, L. ; Holacka, K. ; Ballová, L. ; Brázdová, Marie
Petr, Marek ; Bažantová, Pavla ; Adámik, Matěj ; Kejnovská, Iva ; Dvořáková, Zuzana ; Vorlíčková, Michaela ; Pečinka, Petr ; Brázdová, Marie
In this work we performed DNA polymerase stop assays while using template DNA derived from promoter regions of VEGF and c-Myc proto-oncogenes under variety of experimental conditions. Partial stopping of DNA synthesis along the template strand was observed in the presence of K+ ions due to formation of stable G-quadruplex structures. In contrast, Na+ ions alone were unable to stabilize G-quadruplexes to stop the reaction at their site. These data suggest that K+ and Na+ ions, which are both known to stabilize G-quadruplexes, do this in different manner or extent.
Adámik, Matěj ; Holanová, L. ; Navrátilová, Lucie ; Nygrinova, J. ; Pokorova, J. ; Petr, Marek ; Tichý, Vlastimil ; Brázdová, Marie
DNA-protein interactions of core domains of p53, p63 and p73, members of tumor suppressor p53 family, were investigated by multiple methods with regard to verifying the sequence specificity with which short target oligonucleotides/long DNA fragments can be recognized. The sequence specificity of core domains and wtp53 full protein binding to specific sequence in both types of DNA substrates was confirmed in solution, on surface and in gels by ELISA, slot-blot and EMSA.
Voltammetric determination of 1-hydroxy-N-(4-nitrophenyl)naphthalene-2-carboxamide by voltammetry at a glassy carbon electrode in microvolumes of dimethyl sulfoxide
Gajdar, J. ; Goněc, T. ; Jampílek, J. ; Brázdová, Marie ; Bábková, Zuzana ; Fojta, Miroslav ; Barek, J. ; Fischer, J.
Voltammetric reduction and oxidation of 1-hydroxy-N-(4-nitrophenyl) naphthalene-2-carboxamide was investigated at glassy carbon electrode in dimethyl sulfoxide. Cyclic voltammetry was used to investigate the mechanism of reduction of nitro group and oxidation of hydroxyl group. The analyte was successfully determined in dimethyl sulfoxide by differential pulse voltammetry and the whole voltammetric procedure was miniaturised. Square wave voltammetry was employed to reduce the interference from dissolved oxygen. Determination in one drop (20 mu L) of 0.1 mol L-1 tetrabutyl-ammonium tetrafluoroborate in dimethyl sulfoxide provided very similar results compared to determination in the bulk solution. Limits of quantification were 5.0 mu mol L-1 for cathodic voltammetry and 5.3 mu mol L-1 for anodic voltammetry.
Voltammetry of 1-Hydroxy-N-(4-nitrophenyl)naphthalene-2-carboxamide at a Glassy Carbon Electrode
Gajdar, J. ; Goněc, T. ; Jampílek, J. ; Brázdová, Marie ; Bábková, Zuzana ; Fojta, Miroslav ; Barek, J. ; Fischer, J.
This electrochemical study is aimed at an investigation of a reaction mechanism and determination of 1-hydroxy-N-(4-nitrophenyl)naphthalene-2-carboxamide in media with various amount of an organic solvent (dimethyl sulfoxide or methanol). The studied analyte is a model substance from a group of recently prepared drugs with antibiotic characteriss Mechanism of reducible nitro group and oxidisable hydroxyl group is compared with studies of substructures and structurally similar compounds. Preliminary comparison of different media was carried out to find the best parameters for the determination.
Voltammetric Techniques for Analysis in a Single Drop of a Solution
Gajdar, J. ; Goněc, T. ; Jampílek, J. ; Brázdová, Marie ; Bábková, Zuzana ; Fojta, Miroslav ; Barek, J. ; Fischer, J.
This contribution describes miniaturization of voltammetric methods and some of the main problems caused by reducing the sample volume to 20 mu L. This study was carried out in dimethyl sulfoxide solutions and buffered aqueous solutions with 10% DMSO at a glassy carbon electrode. A novel antibiotic agent, 1-hydroxy-N-(4-nitrophenyl) naphthalene-2-carboxamide, was used as a model substance. This analyte was determined by cathodic and anodic voltammetry. Elimination of the negative influence of dissolved oxygen was performed in various manners. Two most effective methods were square wave voltammetry that can be used in the presence of dissolved oxygen and removal of oxygen in a microcell with nitrogen atmosphere inside.
Determination of a Novel Antimycobacterial Agent in a Single Drop of a Solution by Voltammetry at a Glassy Carbon Electrode
Gajdar, J. ; Goněc, T. ; Jampílek, J. ; Brázdová, Marie ; Bábková, Zuzana ; Fojta, Miroslav ; Barek, J. ; Fischer, J.
One of the novel antimycobacterial agents from the group of hydroxynaphthalene carboxamides (namely I-hydroxy-X-(4-nitrophenyl)naphthalene-2-carboxamide) was investigated using voltammetric methods for the first time. The study was carried out at a glassy carbon electrode by methods of cathodic and anodic differential pulse voltammetry in micro volumns (20 mu L) of an aqueous solution at pH 7 containing 10% dimethyl sulfoxide and in a real matrix of a bacterial growth medium. The miniaturized method was compared with the macro volume determination. The presence of oxygen in micro volumes presents the biggest obstacle for the miniaturized method.
The use of the Internet in the teaching of mathematics
Brázdová, Marie ; Vondrová, Naďa (advisor) ; Jančařík, Antonín (referee)
The thesis focuses on information and communication technologies in education. It mainly deals with the use of the Internet in the teaching of mathematics at lower and upper secondary schools. The aim of the thesis is to summarize some information concerning the present knowledge of information and communication technologies in education and their impact on the process of education, to present various ways of using the Internet by maths teachers and to conduct an enquiry into the present state of the use of the Internet by maths teachers at lower and upper secondary schools. The thesis provides information about interesting mathematical Internet resources and examples of their use in a teacher's preparation for lessons and in mathematics lessons, too. The resources mentioned in the work should contribute to the improvement in the efficiency of the teaching of mathematics. The thesis shows that the Internet is a beneficial source which could improve the quality of the teaching of mathematics and education in general.
Study of DNA-protein interactions by cross-link formation using aqueous Michael addition
Daďová, Jitka ; Orság, Petr ; Pohl, Radek ; Brázdová, Marie ; Fojta, Miroslav ; Hocek, Michal
Acrylamide and vinylsulfonamide were designed as reactive DNA modifications for covalent crosslinking with cysteine containing peptides and proteins. The corresponding functionalized cytidine triphosphates were prepared and enzymatically incorporated into DNA. These modified oligonucleotides were then used for conjugation with DNA binding domain of protein p53.
Redox labeling and redox coding of nucleic acids
Balintová, Jana ; Brázdová, Marie ; Havran, Luděk ; Fojta, Miroslav ; Hocek, Michal
Modified nucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs) bearing benzofurazane, azides and triazoles were prepared by Sonogashira or Suzuki cross-coupling. Polymerase incorporations of the functionalyzed dNTPs into DNA by primer extension and their electrochemical properties have been studied.

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