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Power-producing and Environmental Strategy of Czech Republic
Urbánek, Štěpán ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Špiláček, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with energy and environmental strategy of Czech Republic. Part of this work is the description of international and intrastate documents which describes conditions and strategy objectives that not only our country must reach and fulfil them. Next is processed structure of the energy mix of Czech Republic and its predictable progress. In the next part of the work there is a characterization of possibilities how to produce electricity by renewable resources or nuclear energy and concept of using these sources in the future. The last part of the work contains prospect of reducing emission greenhouse gases.
Environmental and Economic Aspects by House Heating
Ondruch, Jiří ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with all possible methods of heating, which can be used for heating family house. The thesis emphasizes mostly on methods new, progressive and environmentally friendly. In the last part of this thesis, the chosen methods are demonstrated on model house.
New Technologies for Family House Heating
Bořil, Martin ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
The subject of this bachelors thesis is a new technology for family house heating. The first part will be about searching available solutions on the market. In the second part, this knowledge will be applied to a real house with already instaled heating system for comparing with other heating methods.
Cooperation of heat pump and photovoltaic power plant
Gregorovičová, Eva ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis assesses the heating system of a family house with a heat pump, which cooperates with photovoltaic power plant with storage heat and electricity. The theoretical part describes the main components of the system – heat pump, photovoltaic system, electricity accumulator and heat accumulator. The practical part calculates the energy requirements of the building and describes the proposed system, including the scheme. Based on the calculations and graphical representation, the system is evaluated in the balance sheet in individual months. Finally, it is economically compared with an electric boiler heating.
Design of a unit for utilization of waste heat from a computing system
Valachovič, Filip ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Chýlek, Radomír (advisor)
Global warming and the associated high energy costs are considered as the main problems at presents. As a result, there is an interest in reusing waste energy. This bachelor thesis is devoted to the design and assessment of the potential use of waste heat generated by the systems for the mining cryptocurrencies. The first part of the work deals with the process of mining cryptocurrencies as a whole and their energy consumption. The work, among other things, deals with the possibilities of cooling and subsequent recovery of waste heat from these systems. Part of the work is a theoretical design of a unit for waste heat recovery from mining rigs, considering immersion cooling with the resulting economic balance.
Heat transfer design
Murín, Milan ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Špiláček, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with a design of water – water heat exchanger with two types of baffle systems, disk and doughnut, and segmental. The thesis contains classification and description of tubular heat exchangers, geometry design, and calculation of pressure drops and heat transfer of the device for both eventualities. It also contains construction drawings of both types of baffles.
Autonomous power system
Královský, Jaroslav ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with available technologies when designing autonomous house. Theoretical part of this thesis shows and presents options for gaining energy from renewable resources and options for energy storage. The practical part of the thesis is focused on designing partly autonomous system for model house using renewable resources. In the thesis are three options of gainig energy for the house, from which is chosen the best option.
Small-scale electrostatic precipitator for domestic wood-burning appliances
Kantor, Tomáš ; Baláš, Marek (referee) ; Brázdil, Marian (advisor)
Master thesis deals with design of electrostatic precipitator for domestic wood-burning appliances. In the opening chapters, principles of electrostatic precipitation are described and a study of existing electrostatic precipitators for domestic combustion devices is made. In the practical part of the thesis, a mathematical model of electrostatic precipitator was created. Based on the mathematical model, electrostatic precipitator was designed and its performance parameters predicted.
Design of apparatus for destructive tests of thermoelectric modules
Skalický, Michal ; Pospíšil, Jiří (referee) ; Brázdil, Marian (advisor)
In order to reliably test thermoelectric modules, it is necessary to have a adequate measuring apparatus. The presented diploma thesis deals with the design of measuring apparatus capable of performing both long-term testing of thermoelectric modules at a constant high temperature and thermal cycling extension has been designed. Both types can be changed in a short time.
Storage of natural gas in hydrates
Petr, Jan ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with storage of natural gas in hydrates, forming of hydrate, its transportation and storage. Within the calculation part, three hydrate forming reactors are compared. According to the paramters used in the calculations, a reactor is designed. Basic drawing documentation is also available. The final calculations focus on the nominal evaporation of the storage tank.

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