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Risk Behavior Connects with Graffiti
In the bachelor thesis was used qualitative research strategy. This research was conducted by interviewing and semi-structured interview. The data was divided into several cluster based on similarity. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out, which forms of risk behavior graffiti writters commited. The target file is composed of graffiti writers, who are in this subculture for long period of time. Graffiti writers come from the whole Czech Republic. In theoretical part is described graffiti subculture, the next part is devoted to definition of risk behavior and criminality connects with graffiti. In the last chapter I tried described social work and in the next part I described organizations, who could work work with this subculture. The research results provide us complex view on graffiti writters and their motivation. The research is focused on their experiences with graffiti and their experiences with risk activities. The research also describe, how were graffiti writters punished fot their non-legal behavior and if their have some experience with social work. I am also interested if their have legal zones for graffiti. The research result that the thesis bring may help for better understand graffiti subculture and can help solve the question, how work with this subculture.
Varroamonitoring and varroatolerance of Honey bee (\kur{Apis mellifera}) in environs of the city Příbram
This thesis is focused on the research of the varroatosis disease. In the theoretical part of the thesis I describe the parasitic mite Varroa destructor and its way of infestation. The goal was to document any knowledge gathered on the subject so far and the possibilities of bee vaccination. The practical part of this work included Varroa destructor occurrence monitoring within single hives. The monitoring was carried out in three localities. Localities was called Nedrahovice, Rybník and Kvašťov. The goal was to identify singular hive tolerance to the mite in the various localities based on the strength of the parasitic mite attack. While the hives of the Rybník locality were found to be the most tolerant, the hives of the Nedrahovice locality were found to be the least tolerant of all.
Use of plant biomass of selected wetland stands for energy production
The aim of my thesis was to present summary of methods how a biomass is being used in the Czech Republic. I focused especially on biogas produced from plant mass. The task was to find out whether growing plant biomass is sustainable in the long run from the energy perspective. Locality I chose to analyse is known as Mokré louky. This 450ha area is controlled by K + K Břilice - Gigant, spol. s r.o. and can be found near the town of Třeboň. This company provided me with detailed information I used to calculate energy budget. In respect to my calculation of the energy budget, the biogas production technology used in the locality of Mokré louky is economically feasible in the long. Moreover, when compared to corn silage used for biogas production which is also economically feasible in general, the costs are cut by half.
Recent diminution of field of industry and influence on Železný Brod
Boučková, Šárka ; Čadil, Jan (advisor) ; Horáček, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on fields of industry and their recent diminution. This tendency has significant influence on the economical indicators in the region. The theoretical part of the document is gathering regional theories, that are afterwards beeing used for the district analysis in practise. By means of the assembled theories and their calculations is estimated the presumable future trend. The practical part is devoted to glass industry in Železný Brod. The glass industry has in Železný Brod tradition of a great value and history, in this branch is employed the majority of local residents. During last years is the demand of glass products decreasing that affects the whole region.

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