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The influence of microbiome to pesticide resistence of stored product mite Tyrophagus putrescentiae
Bostlová, Marie ; Hubert, Jan (advisor) ; Mourek, Jan (referee)
Model organism used in this study is stored product mite specifically Tyrophagus putrescentiae. Presence of microorganisms may cause physiological changes (especially changes of immune system) which can result in different pesticide tolerance of tested mite population. The most effective way how to control mite is by acaricide application. We compare the reaction of two T. putrescentiae populations to pesticide treatment. The mite population differ in symbiont composition: symbiotic population 5P containing Wolbachia and asymbiotic population 5Pi with absence of Wolbachia. We observe negative effect of all tested treatments to mite reproduction rate. We used filter paper tests, growing tests and microbiome analyzes. High concentrations of pesticides in the diet reduced the presence of Wolbachia, Bartonella, and Bacillus bacteria in the 5P symbiotic population. This phenomenon was less noticeable in the asymbiotic population. Medium concentration of deltamethrin and primifos methyl increased diversity in the symbiotic population but not in asymbiotic one. The results showed that the asymbiotic population did not have a significantly different tolerance to pesticides compared to the asymbiotic population. However, they showed that the presence of pesticides in the diet affects the composition of the...

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1 Bostlová, Monika
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