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Design And Implementation Of Network Collector
Bosela, Jaroslav
This article presents a part of our project focused on developing a network collector and analyzer. It is a Python application used to collect and analyze NetFlow version 9 messages. With this article, an underlying schema and code of the application are described.
Design and implementation of network collector
Bošeľa, Jaroslav ; Horváth, Tomáš (referee) ; Oujezský, Václav (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with description of information protocol of network flow, mainly definition of Cisco NetFlow version 9. Describes it’s features, message format and attributes of transmitted data. The thesis is primarly focused onto NetFlow v9 transmitted template, which defines fileds and data in consecutive data flow. The essence of the thesis consists in implementation of simple NetFlow v9 parser, which has been programmed in Python prog.language, it’s tests of captured UDP data from file and port capture testing on development server in lab. There is a possibility of saving captured and parsed data into prepared database within implementation as output from capturing.
Laboratory Monitoring System
Bošeľa, Jaroslav ; Křepelka, Václav (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with network monitoring solution for school laboratory network. Describes the laboratory network devices, their purpose and condition before applying configuration, it also contains a comparison of commercial supervision network systems and the choice of one that has been used. The essence of the thesis is focused onto SNMP protocol, its use in laboratory network monitoring. In the practical part of the thesis is created the system supervision configuration, which is applied into laboratory network and ensures the supervision and monitoring for whole laboratory network.
Zero knowledge authentication
Bošeľa, Jaroslav ; Hajný, Jan (referee) ; Dzurenda, Petr (advisor)
This thesis looks to authentication, principle and basic divison. Another part of thesis looks to Zero–Knowledge protocols, which protocols with zero information, their analysis and base elements, also thesis presents technology Bluetooth Low Energy, specification of this technology in transmission simple data between computer Raspberry Pi 2 and mobile phone. The practical part of thesis works on experiment of sending simple data between Raspberry 2 and Android phone.

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4 Bosela, Jaroslav
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