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Supplement to research of everyday life of household in Prague's New Town. Well and cesspit on 837/II. Wenceslas Square.
Kubát, Josef ; Starec, Petr (advisor) ; Blažková, Gabriela (referee)
This work presents and summarizes results of comparison of well and cesspit excavated by research of house čp. 837/II. Methodical framework will be created for elaboration of other objects on the plot. Site report written by PhDr. Václav Huml, CSc. will be undergo review thanks to systematic elaboration of data of different origin. Corelation of his documentation and report will allow comparation with results of others researches. Review of the site report will be background for creation of theoretical framework of waste strategies problematics. With this review will be work set in broad context of knowledge of this problematics and local Prague problematics of elaborating data from objects form by waste strategies processes (primarily wells and cesspits). Last but not least there will be demonstrated benefits of interdisciplinary cooperation thanks to review of pollen analyses made by RNDr. Vlasty Jankovské, CSc. Powered by TCPDF (
Europa Postmediaevalis 2018. Post-medieval pottery between (its) borders. 16-19 April 2018
Matějková, K. ; Blažková, Gabriela
There are many ways how to deal with ceramic finds from archaeological research. The ceramic is introduced to cross borders and work on a multinational platform. There were 13 countries presented.
The Material culture of Prague Castle in the Early Modern period in light of archacological finds
Blažková, Gabriela ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Žegklitz, Jaromír (referee) ; Stephan, Hans - Georg (referee)
The material culture of Prague Castle in the Early Modern period in light of archaeological finds Gabriela Blažková Abstract The main goal of this work was to introduce Early Modern finds of material culture from Prague Castle. Preliminary is presented definition of post-medieval - Early Modern period and Early Modern pottery. An overview of the studies published on the Early Modern period with an emphasis on finds of material culture, especially pottery and glass from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia is following. Prague Castle in the Early Modern Period chapter provides a summary of the historical and building development of Prague Castle during the 16th and 17th centuries. The emphasis is placed on introducing the social composition of Prague Castle residents in the Early Modern period in the chapters Historical Images of Prague Castle and Historical Plan Documentation are presented the oldest images of Prague Castle and plan documentation of the castle. Crux of dissertation work is in the analysis of material culture. Step by step I analyzed seven cesspits and one waste feature from Prague Castle. Maximum attention was paid to the pottery component of find assemblages. A unified scheme was maintained for the analyses of individual cesspits. Ceramics finds were evaluated from morphological, technological and...
Effort to Vitalize Public Spaces Using Simple Interventions
Blažková, Gabriela
The article presents some of foreign projects, which emphasize the need of revitalization throw the partial inventions. The project LQC (Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper) and Japanese project “Machinoeki” - „The Human Stations“ is introduced, and twoother Japanese project in general.
Cycle trafic in Czech Republic – legislation, documents and iniciativs supporting development of cycling
Blažková, Gabriela
This article presents the current state of legislation and other documents relating to cycling traffic in the Czech Republic. It contains important documents and projects that deal with improving cycling conditions in our cities.
A pedestrian tunnel through the embankment of the Powder Bridge. Archaeology of the youngest past of the Prague Castle
Blažková, Gabriela
A rescue archaeological field work was caused by construction of a pedestrian tunnel cutting through the embankment of the Powder Bridge. A rather large collection of material culture was obtained - pottery, tiles, construction materials, metal and glass artefacts and biofacts, mainly of Modern Age dating.
Early Modern archaeological assemblages from Prague Castle and period written and iconographic sources
Blažková, Gabriela ; Frolík, Jan ; Žegklitzová-Veselá, Jana
The main goal of this work was to introduce Early Modern finds of ceramics and glass from Prague Castle. As a starting source for this study were used eight find collections of cesspits originating from the Prague Castle area belong to houses located along the northern and western edge of the Third Castle Courtyard. The above mentioned collections of finds represent mainly features unearthed in the years 1925-1932 or 1957. The only recently discovered cesspit represents a feature (OBJ. 1) from the House No. 34/IV on the Jiřské square. The study is attempting to answer the question, in the cooperation with archive sources, how much can the cesspit-fillings reflect social position of their users.
Terms expressing superlatives in texts of tourism
BLAŽKOVÁ, Gabriela
The aim of this thesis is to clarify and to find the means of how can be the superlative expressed in the texts of tourism and also to determine their productivity in them. All the texts were selected by the author of this thesis. Superlatives are closer specified, described, classified and deeper discussed in the theoretical part. The practical part is dedicated to the productivity and division into the groups identified in the theoretical part. In conclusion we have an analysis of all types of superlatives, their comparison and frequency.
State debt of the Czech Republic
Blažková, Gabriela ; Izák, Vratislav (advisor) ; Blažek, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the state debt and it is divided into two parts. The first chapter includes differences between state and public debt, way of debt financing or methods of its measurement. The development of czech state debt is described at the end of this chapter. The second chapter treats of upcoming pension reform, there are introduced current characteristics of pension system and its upcoming changes. The aim of this thesis is to find out the impact of reform measures on the state debt. The end of second chapter deals with public attitudes to the pension reform.
Finds of Early Modern period ceramics from cesspit B at Prague castle
Blažková-Dubská, Gabriela
The following text provides a detail analysis of the assemblage of ceramics from cesspit B, which was built onto the west wall of the southern transept of the Romanesque St. Vitus Basilica at Prague Castle. It is a total of 187 reconstructed vessels – 120 pots, 47 jugs, 9 bowls, 4 lids, 2 pans, 17 stove tiles and 3 miscellaneous objects. On the basis of the comparisons with published collections (Most, Tábor, Strážnice) is possible to date the use of cesspit B to the end of the 15th century and possibly into the first half of the 16th century.

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