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Olga Fierz 's social pedagogy and social work in 1933 - 1947
Bláha, Zdeněk ; Prokop, Jiří (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
The diploma thesis presents the closer overwiew lets known of Czechoslovak social pedagogy and social work in the first half of the 20th century, Olga Fierz. Based on the content analysis of the secondary written sources, the aim is to define which social and educational features Olga Fierz used in her practical care of homeless, Jewish and German children during the years 1933 to 1947 and to determine their contribution and significance. In the end, the results of research are formulated, providing an answer to the research goals. KEYWORDS Social pedagogy, social work, Olga Fierz, Premysl Pitter, Milíčův House, internment camps, concentration camps, childcare, Jewish children, German children, Action Castles.
Mergers and Acquisitions: Do They Create Value?
Hanzlík, Viktor ; Dědek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Blaha, Zdeněk Sid (referee)
This thesis is a contribution to the discussion about value creation in mergers and acquisitions. The first section is dedicated to theoretical explanations of why mergers and acquisitions can lead to the creation of economic value and also considers the most common fallacious merger justifications. In the second section, we outline the methodologies that can be used to measure value effects of takeovers and then survey the results of relevant past studies. We focus both on their results and the methodology. In two case studies we practically demonstrate the use of the methodologies. We shall argue that the presence of multiple events, rumours and information leaks, uncertainty and the limitations of the market model pose a serious challenge to the precision of the estimates of value creation in mergers and acquisitions. To alleviate this concern, we recommend a more carefulexamination and interpretation of the events leading to the merger.
Czech bond market versus investice do cizoměnových dluhopisů
Šopejstal, Martin ; Havel, Jiří (advisor) ; Blaha, Zdeněk Sid (referee)
Diploma thesis try to answer the question, if czech government bond are, it current czech low-yield environment, attractive in comparison with foreign government bonds? Thesis focuses on czech bond market in 2006. Besides corporate bonds the work is primarilly directed to government bonds that are prevailing investment opportunity in the Czech republic. At the beginnig of the work is analysed current supply of government bonds a its expected development in the future incl. duration, maturity structure etc. Then the thesis focuses on demand for government bonds. It means the description of main investors and their ability to absorb supplied amount. Subsequently, the work compares particular yield curves in several countries (Visegrad group, USA, German, Japan) and identifies relative yields to maturity and prices, but also rating and bonds liquidity. In the second part the thesis focuses on integration of FX risk into investors decision process and on creation of suitable effective line. The result is, that FX risk strongly influences the behavior of investors. In case of domestic/local investors the czech government bonds are part of every effective line. It means, that they are not so expensive as they seem without including FX risk. The analysis continue with the possibility to hedge FX risk and...
Bezpečné osvětlení přechodů pro chodce
Bláha, Zdeněk ; Sokanský, Karel ; Novák, Tomáš
This paper solves the lighting of pedestrian crossings. This type of lighting helps to improve the safety of pedestrians in this conflict area (means a pedestrian crossing). The research was drawn on the basis of measurements of 87 pedestrian crossings in district Ostrava because the regularities can be better understood. Pedestrian crossings were evaluated on the basis of luminance ratio and statistical data of accident rate. This paper also solves the reflectance of clothes which is also important for this research.

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