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Effect of long-term breastfeeding on infant growth from birth to two years of age.
Bočková, Kateřina ; Bláha, Pavel (advisor) ; Krásničanová, Hana (referee)
Growth is sensible detector of long-term health condition of children. Observation of growth by means of growth charts are an important aid for practise of paediatricians. This work assesses an influence of long-term breastfeeding on growth of children from birth to 2 years of age and compares the growth of these children with the world study (MGRS) and Czech study (5./6. CAV). The basis for my study was formed from the set of children measured in Dr. Mottlova's office. It was detected, that long-term breastfeeding significantly influences the length and weight of children, when it interacts with age of children. Breast-fed children were smaller (0,6 cm, 1,1 cm, 0,9 cm) and lighter (250 g, 400 g, 210 g) then formula-fed children in 6th , 12th and 18th month of age. The comparison between our study, MGRS and 5./6. CAV proved, that the growth of children in our study is more similar to 5./6.CAV. Key words: growth, human milk, breastfeeding, growth standards, percentile charts.
Eating disorders focused on anorexia and bulimia nervosa.
Zinková, Alžběta ; Bláha, Pavel (advisor) ; Zamrazilová, Hana (referee)
The study deals with eating disorders. It tries to bring the most comprehensive overview of the two majority eating disorders, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, respectively. Both diseases have a lot in common, but also some of its specifics which are pointed out in the study. The study is conceived to make the reader in the early chapters acquainted with the various eating disorders according to international diagnostic criteria. Then there is a brief history, epidemiology and etiology and pathogenesis of particular disorders. Other chapters are devoted to anorexia and bulimia. They deal with the predisposition to eating disorders and they include psychological and biological factors and also health risks that may occur during prolonged starvation and at compensatory behaviour in bulimic patients. The final chapter briefly describes the different types of treatment that in most cases are based on knowledge of psychology.
Nutritional factors and influence on body build.
Chmelařová, Veronika ; Bláha, Pavel (advisor) ; Martinča, Jozef (referee)
Nutrition is to ensure nutrients needed to sustain life activity, healthy growth and reproduction. Good healthy food can improve the quality and length of life. Positive effects intensify if the diet is combined with other elements of a healthy lifestyle: fresh air, physical activity, rest, avoiding toxic substances and a good mental state. In the Czech Republic there are changes in eating habits in the last 20th years. The food consumption was a major coup in the volume and in the structure. Changes occurred in the availability of food from seasonal to year-round became available in grocery stores are spread in our fast food intake, and thus the sweet soft drinks. The number of sedentary jobs and reduce the physical activity. Obesity is defined as weight gain above the physiological limits due to accumulation of fat reserves. It is considered epidemic 20th and 21 century. Obesity and being overweight is associated with a high risk of major chronic disease, which is related both to the degree of obesity, but also the distribution of body fat. The prevalence of obesity and overweight is increasing rapidly in developed societies (USA, Canada, Australia etc.). The problem is mainly the growth of the health problems in children and adolescents. It is therefore necessary to increase the prevention of...
Suicidal behaviour and its develompent in Czech population (the epidemiology of suicidal behaviour)
Bláha, Pavel ; Kebza, Vladimír (advisor) ; Niederlová, Markéta (referee)
The thesis "Suicidal Behaviour and its Development in Czech Population (The Epidemiology of Suicidal Behaviour)" deals with psychological aspects of suicide and suicidal behaviour. The theoretical part summarises information about suicides, defines basic terms, philosophical and psychological background and epidemiology of suicidal behaviour. This part not only further describes forms, ways, motivation and process of suicidal behaviour but it also features risk factors, diagnostics possibilities and therapeutic approaches to suicidal behaviour. The conclusion of the theoretical part tackles the theme of suicidal behaviour prevention. The empirical part of the thesis gives an account of the conducted research. The research aimed at revealing links between higher suicidal risk detected by FBS - Suicide Risk Evaluation Questionnaire and Rotter's I-E Scale, along with Freiburg Personality Inventory. The sample data comprised of 100 secondary school students in their final year of study in Prague and České Budějovice. The results of the research confirmed a link between higher suicidal risk and female sex, along with bad family relationships, Rotter's I-E Scale and some dimensions of Freiburg Personality Inventory.
Contract for health care under the Civil Code
Bláha, Pavel ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
1 Abstract Contract for health care under the Civil Code The subject of this thesis is a new type of contract, which was brought into Czech civil law by the Civil Code effective since 1 January 2014 - contract for health care. By including this special type of contract, the legislators practically agreed with a group of legal experts stating that health care is provided under contract, even before the new Civil Code became effective. This paper deals with the very conception of health care used in Czech legislation and with its comparison with the interpretation on this matter in legal codes, which were used by the authors of the provisions on contract for health care as inspiration. First part of this thesis discusses the legal regulation of health care in the Civil Code. With aim to provide a coherent point of view of this type of contract, this part briefly describes other possible conceptions of this legal institute. Besides the solutions, which provided a source of inspiration to Czech legislators, and those which are similar to the new Czech regulation, conceptions of health care used in other states of mainly continental Europe are mentioned. That is followed by introduction of interpretation of relation between provider of care and patient applied in the Czech Republic before the new Civil Code...
Availability, organization and health-social benefits of controlled movement activities in disability children
Kornatovská, Zuzana ; Bláha, Pavel (referee)
The dissertation followed 3 research goals: to compare the availability of controlled physical activities in children with mental, hearing, visual disability in selected regions of the EU countries (South Bohemia- Czech Republic, Plovdiv-Bulgaria, Primorska-Slovenia, West Midlands-UK), then in experimental investigation in South Bohemia to monitor indicators of physical health in samples of children with named disabilities, and in same children to monitorindicators of psychosocial health.Analytical research investigations related to availability of controlled movement activities included children aged 8-15 years with researched disabilities, registered in the school systems of analysed regions of EU countries (N=12073 children, 6355 males, 5718 females). In followed experimental investigation in South Bohemia 180 children participated (90 males, 90 females) aged 8 - 15years, weredividedin samplesaccordingresearched disabilities.Evaluation of the data and their statis tic interpretation verified the hypotheses. Research results have shown that children with observed types of disabilities can achieve positive effects in anthropometric indicators of training under the influence of controlled physical activities. Research results present also benefits for the social rehabilitation of children with disability in...

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