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Proteomic analysis of cellular proliferation and differenziation: Model of neural stem cells and cancer cells
Skalníková, Helena ; Kovářová, Hana (advisor) ; Anděrová, Miroslava (referee) ; Bezouška, Karel (referee)
CoNcLUsIoNs In protein profiling of neural stem cells using 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry, constitutively expressed proteins in 66 protein spots were identified. Most of the individual protein species were related to RNA and protein metabolism, processing and turnover, including some chaperones and stress response proteins. Proteins involved in cellular organization (e.g. cýoskeletal proteins and annexins), metabolic proteins (mostly enrymes),cellular energetics,cell defenseand signallingfollowed in lower numbers. Proteins in 16 spots significantly regulated during neural differentiation were identified. Induction of levels of o-B crystallin, hnRNP Al and hnRNP AZIBI during differentiation and protein localization within neural cells were studied by westernblottingand immunocýochemistry. Using antibody microarrays, in neural stem cells an increase in GRK2 level and phosphorylationsof signalling molecules(CDKI|Z, PKC mu, PKCy, Erk5 and o-B crystallin) involved mostly in cellular proliferation were detected.On the contrary, in differentiatedneural cells levels of protein-phosphatase4, heme-oxygenase2, MEK3, RafB, pro-caspase 1 and phosphorylation of 40 kDa proline-rich Akt substratewere induced. In cancer cells after protein separationby ProteomelabrM PF 2D system, 8 proteins...
Protein chemistry and mass spectrometry in biochemical research
Pompach, Petr ; Bezouška, Karel (advisor) ; Chmelík, Josef (referee) ; Kovářová, Hana (referee)
Protein chemistry and mass spectrometry in biochemicul research Petr Pompach Ph. D. Thesis Department of Biochemistry Faculty of Science Charles University Supervisor: Doc. RNDr. Karel Bezouška, CSc. Prague 2006 tEia*iiitg;;tiBiÉ (n OO oO O\ O\ C.l C.l .+ : : : : :ÉGlc.l c.: Ý l.) a z t-r (J Fl E) lra J a U z a Fr tl5 a Fr zr\J) alai P.: ai a - Lr o L d a (|i iť r h t) o() r a a q C) ! - H F (n F íi a o) O a X, o >. C) o .l I +i oL o -O o o l.r U) N z oo - O o I L a Li +i vi ol Ei!t ,ql -l E 3a (n z E F a F z F z U pg ť: šé3; Ei ĚE$áE€EÉEáiz E ÉĚ E Ě s E ; u ; ó =-E5Ě:gd:'i = t Ei giĚg;;:1lV)iĚggĚgEsáEĚi* E Ě=;Éía:š;Éť E É!řěEEEFgg : ií€gáŤÉ5 ž:::š;;i : zi:€ i=ts€ĚiĚišĚÉiš;š5ĚiE.:. = = € .T ŽlĚE g;t$jíigggřEE iuEái E :É€šáĚ g;iÉ{Ě;ítÉÉF€Ě E iĚĚĚi ; š;šš!iiE řě E ši gE ig Ý E giĚE šgig;išiš::gígFĚi+g s E *'suĚšěĚ Ěie *Ěá, uE trE s'' -k*-=a.*:.* g: EPE€'šEEř€9 ěÍ.E ;š e::E;;áe;iÉgřšiE řĚt.E*E$*eE=$[:gř.v :IEF€=áfrE;='2E-ď ?! : g"HEu.:i=ĚE€;ÉE€ř€ Eš,*éEě9t.F;EE.Ě., ťiEEEE*ě:iiEĚgĚ:Éžáx;šš ř 5šEtsť uE.E.= e *n á:; € žEř: € ÉE.: i= ř-g p; i ĚĚ;: € i íEĚ = Hi;2E É*Ě u, Ě y ?' : 6 ě ř ; fij .: .c F=E;-sg&,Ě7Éď€3E€€ -i€E.E =:Í E=bÉ::ň !B:,: E t šáč š 3e = Ě l E ř f L Ei:í:9:*q;€gq3:;:.E: ťšÉI: Ě i ?E Ě ; Éi É.EE E EEE :!rEě45BEE EE.= €Eě íEEra-vĚ=3ň €.E3 iillťlgtššgtgi;g;ggiĚš; iáágá9 $*i;Ě:E; -Eás;t;É$ \o Ěi gi...
Phosphatidylserine and phospholipid scramblase in mast cell signaling
Smrž, Daniel ; Dráber, Petr (advisor) ; Bezouška, Karel (referee) ; Šebo, Peter (referee)
6. CONCLUSIONS 1. We found that mast cell stimulation can induce PS externalization in the absence of secretory response. 2. We identified GPI-APs as molecules whose engagement can induce sustained and reversible non-apoptotic PS externalization. 3. GPI-AP-induced PS externalization was determined as non- apoptotic and distinct from the FceRl-induced PS externalization. 4. The effect of multiple triggering on PS externalization was additive and dependent on a tlpe of stimulus and cells engaged. 5. We identifred PLSCR1 as a molecule that becomes tyrosine phosphorylated in mast cells stimulated through GPI-APs. 6. We found that the PLSCR1 tyrosine phosphorylation is not associated with mast cell secretory response' and with GPI-AP- or FceRl-induced non-apoptotic PS externalization. 7. Using confocal microscopy and electron microscopy visualization of PLSCR1 in the course of mast cell activation we found that PLSCR1: (1) is not co-localized with extemalized PS, (2) is not co- localized with aggregated Thy-l.l or FceR[, and (3) does not form self-aggregates. 8. We děřelóped a modifred one-tube semi-nested PCR-ELISA. The modified assay showed higher sensitivity and specificity than the conventional hybridization-based and a modified semi-nested- based PCR-ELISA. Due to its versatility and robustness, the...

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