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Simulation of communication part of modern industrial networks
Beneš, Pavel ; Blažek, Petr (referee) ; Fujdiak, Radek (advisor)
The thesis is focused on simulating of protocols from standard IEC 61850 in simulation tool OMNeT++. The theoretical part in the thesis deals with description of the field of operating technologies, supervisory control and data acquisition and protocols Tase-2/ICCP, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP 3 and DLMS/COSEM. Next part deals with parameters influencing connection and description of simulation tools NS2/NS3, OPNET and OMNeT++. In the practical part there is created a network containing protocols from the standard IEC 61850 in the simulation program OMNeT++. Then in the network a end to end delay and packet loss with increasing traffic is measured.
The influence of hydration accelerators on cement doped with zinc
Beneš, Pavel ; Šilerová,, Iva (referee) ; Šiler, Pavel (advisor)
Zinc in cement has negative properties mainly due to a significant delay in hydration. This bachelor thesis deals with the study of hydration of cements containing zinc. The course of cement hydration was monitored by isoperibolic calorimetry. Zinc was doped to CEM I 42.5 R in the form of 1 weight percent zinc oxide. Calcium oxide, formic acid and calcium formate were used in various proportions as accelerators. The obtained results were compared with the measured strengths and finally the suitability of the given accelerators was discussed for use in construction application.
Measurement of basic parameters of optical and optoelectronic components
Beneš, Pavel ; Látal, Michal (referee) ; Münster, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with optical and optoelecronic components. The first part of the work describes the optical paths and methods of their measurement. The second part describes the coupler, circulator and isolator. Further described is a laser diode, a photodetector and a modulator. The third part describes the measurement procedure of the coupler, circulator, isolator, laser diode, photodetector and modulator. The measured values are compared with the catalog values.
Analysis of experimental activities in chemistry textbooks for primary schools
Špísová, Klára ; Rusek, Martin (advisor) ; Beneš, Pavel (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze experimental activities in chemistry textbooks for primary schools in the Czech Republic. The types of activities and their placement in the phases of teaching, cognitive demand are examined. The analysis includes the most used textbooks of chemistry - textbooks by Fortuna: Základy chemie 1, 2 and Základy praktické chemie 1, 2. Textbooks by Nová škola, Fraus and Taktik for 8th and 9th grade. All textbooks contain suggestions for practical activities, most of them are in the ZCH, FR and NŠ textbooks. Different types of activities are identified in the chemistry textbooks, such as independent student activity, observation of teacher demonstration, laboratory work, watching videos, pictures and solving problems. Independent student activity and observation of teacher demonstration are the most common. FR and T textbooks also offer interactivity through videos. Practical topics focus mainly on the exposure phase of the lesson. In terms of the development of cognitive operations, the tasks in the chemistry textbooks focus on lower-level operations such as memorization, comprehension, and application. Higher operations, especially the development of making, was mainly in the textbooks for grade 8. The textbooks published by NŠ had a balanced representation for both grades.
Increasing elementary science experiments' inquiry potential
Vydrová, Lucie ; Rusek, Martin (advisor) ; Beneš, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of research-based teaching and its application in chemistry education. In the theoretical part, the division, meaning and position of the framework curriculum in primary schools is presented. The next part deals with inquiry- based teaching, its definition, advantages and disadvantages that it can bring to chemistry teaching and education in general. The paper then focuses on motivation, its types, how it can be used in teaching and the factors affecting motivation. In the practical part, the findings from the previous chapters are used to develop two worksheets to support inquiry- based activities. They are designed to make it as easy as possible for pupils to understand the material themselves. The two worksheets are divided into two parts. The first is for the teacher, divided into several sections to make it easy to understand the teacher's necessary preparation for the lesson and the procedures and outcomes expected of the pupils. There is also a section of hints, called 'tip-cards', to help pupils if they get lost in the process. The second part is for pupils. The worksheet has been designed to support as much as possible the exploratory style of teaching and, more importantly, the independence of the pupils. Emphasis is also placed on linking...
Influence of hydration accelerators on zinc - doped cement mortars
Beneš, Pavel ; Šilerová, Iva (referee) ; Šiler, Pavel (advisor)
This work deals with monitoring the hydration of cement mortars and cement pastes made from CEM I 42.5 R cement doped with zinc oxide in an amount of 1 % wt. To eliminate the delay in the onset of hydration due to the presence of zinc oxide, the following accelerators were added to the cement mixtures in different proportions: calcium oxide, formic acids and calcium formate. Hydration was monitored using isoperibolic calorimetry. Furthermore, the mechanical properties of mixtures were investigated, namely the tensile strength after bending and the compressive strength after 7 days and after 28 days. The cement mortars were further subjected to additional analyses, such as porosimetry, DTA/TG and SEM.
Tomographic investigation of the sandstone fracture toughness
Vavřík, Daniel ; Beneš, Pavel ; Fíla, Tomáš ; Koudelka_ml., Petr ; Kumpová, Ivana ; Vavro, Martin
It is well known that the measured values of the fracture toughness of quasi brittle materials are influenced by material heterogeneity, dimensions, boundary conditions, and unequal tension and compression properties. Standard testing methods supposing isotropic material, in contrary the quasi-brittle materials differ from this theoretical expectation, therefore this approach may fail. The authors present Local Fracture Toughness Testing (LFTT) method to overcome this obstacle. LFFT based on a complex methodology using a series of tomographic reconstructions recorded during specimen loading is calculated independently of the outside boundary conditions.
Assessing the parameters of quality of chemistry education
Rozkydalová, Andrea ; Rusek, Martin (advisor) ; Beneš, Pavel (referee)
The main scope of this thesis was assessing and evaluation of parameters of quality of chemistry education at secondary and primary schools. In this thesis, there are views at education quality in general connected to the natural science education and specifically chemistry. Then the attention is being paid to the system of curricular documents and standards. Then there are written procedures, description of progress and results evaluation. In this thesis, an evaluation tool was verified during a pilot verification at secondary and elementary schools. A part of this thesis is dedicated to evaluation of individual lessons with the use of evaluation tool. Other possible factors which influence teachers' activity and education quality itself.
Identification of Terpenoid Resins in Artworks by Gas Chromatography
Jelínek, Jan ; Hrdličková Kučková, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Beneš, Pavel (referee)
Terpenoic varnishes are used in artworks since 11th century. Their task is to protect the artworks against the adverse effects of the environment and frequently they complete the artistic page. Although synthetic varnishes are currently widely used, especially in the case of modern art, the use of natural materials is still widespread and not only in the restoration of historical paintings and polychromy. In order to prepare terpenoic varnishes, rich supply of natural resins is used (damare, mastic, copals, colophony etc.). These resins differ in their composition and therefore they have various physical properties such as fragility, solubility, and not least the various darkening of varnish. For these reasons, it is necessary to know their composition, in order to be safely removed during restoration and subsequently replaced by a varnish of the same material composition. Gas chromatography is the most widely used analytical method for determination of natural resins, using a number of derivatizing reagents. The task of this thesis was to find the best separation conditions for the identification of resins by gas chromatography combined with flame ionization detector (GC-FID).
Substances present in everyday life representing threats to the health of older-school-age children
Metelková, Iva ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Beneš, Pavel (referee)
TITLE: Substances present in every day life representing threats to the health of older- shool-age children AUTHOR: Iva Metelková DEPARTMENT: Department of Education SUPERVISOR: PaedDr. Eva Marádová, CSc. ABSTRACT This thesis deals with the substances present in everyday life, which may pose risk for human health. In the theoretical part of this work groups of hazardous substances are characterized. For selected representatives of each group are specified. negative impacts on human health and outlines the mechanisms of action. Individual chapter is devoted to physical and psycho-social development of school age students using knowledge of developmental psychology. Substances which on the other way help detoxify the body and help it to be resistant to the effects of potentially hazardous substances are also mentioned. The aim is to map the practical awareness of the hazardous effects of selected substances among pupils attending upper primary school. Questionnaire survey found that students do not attach danger arising from the presence of potentially hazardous substances in foods, cosmeticsand household. Therefore I recommend pay attention to information about risks arising from long term exposure to these substances. KEY WORDS: harmful substance, health protection, food hazards, drugs

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