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Protection of personal rights of a child in media
Henzlová, Sandra ; Benda, Josef (advisor) ; Connelly Kohutová, Radka (referee)
This bachelor thesis "Protection of personal rights of a child in media" deals with protection of personal rights of a child in media. Media publish information about children all the time, but that is not always the right thing to do. A child has a special position in Czech legal system, it is important to have in mind best interest of the children that you write about as a journalist. This thesis defines the most important terms that are important to understand the whole bachelor thesis. The main goal of this thesis is to present legal background related to protection of personal right with a focused-on child's personal rights. It observes not only civil law that is the main source of personal rights protection, but also on criminal law and media law as well. The analysis focuses on Czech case-law in relation to media covering children in their articles. The case-law is really critical of some of the private information that journalists publish about a child's private life. Therefore, it is important to point out what are the boundaries that journalist shouldn't cross when they write or report on children's private lives. Keywords child, media, personal rights, news, journalist Title/název práce Protection of personal rights of a child in media
Freedom of Speech in the Czech Media Enviroment - Case Studies
Gantner, Filip ; Benda, Josef (advisor) ; Křeček, Jan (referee)
The thesis brings complex description of the freedom of speech in the Czech media environment, while answering the research question of what are the limits of the freedom of speech of the media and in the media when the freedom of speech collides with the protection of the personality rights. The thesis is an interdisciplinary study combining media and legal studies. It emphasizes the role of media in the process of realization of the freedom of speech and it also concentrates on the role of case-law of the courts, which is applying the provisions on the freedom of speech. Special attention was paid to the conflict between the freedom of speech and the protection of the personality rights. First, the thesis defines particular elements (principles) of the freedom of speech on the basis of the provisions of the Czech acts, international treaties and previous case-law of the European Court for Human Rights. Then it examines how such principles have been reflected in case-law of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. It also deals with general description of the protection of the personality rights. Based on the above-mentioned analysis, the thesis designs ten case studies focused on application of the main principles presented in the previous chapters of the thesis to hypothetic circumstances linked...
Media image of presidential candidates in Czech daily newspaper: Case study of media presentation of presidential elections in the USA, France and the Czech Republic
Presser, Šimon ; Kmeťková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Benda, Josef (referee)
This thesis focuses on media image of presidential candidates on both theoretical and empirical level. Theoretical part elaborates on agenda setting, salience, and framing. But mainly it focuses on summarization of current studies and methodological approaches to research of attribute agenda setting and creation of media image of political candidates. In total, sixteen studies from various media environments have been analysed. From these studies, set of universally applicable attributes have been derived, using the method of conceptual clustering. This set has been further extended by author's own categories and other attributes that emerged during empirical study of Czech daily newspapers. Result of the theoretical part is widely applicable set of 29 micro-attributes which five macro-attributes and two meta-attributes (as newly defined category) are consisted of. Besides the set of attributes, this thesis creates and defines brand new method of analysis through Coefficient of media affection which allows to evaluate the affective dimension of media image. The Coefficient is variable and can be tailored to the needs of specific research. Theoretical part, therefore, presents new and complex approach to analysing the media image of presidential candidates. The empirical part applies the methodology...
Teleshopping and the teleshopping programs to view of regulation
Hadaš, Jiří ; Benda, Josef (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
The topic of this work is a specific segment of commercial media communication - teleshopping. The subject of teleshopping broadcasting is not only the direct sale of goods, but also the consumption of services, which may include participation in an interactive competition, prophecy or other esoteric service. Teleshopping as one of the forms of commercial communication is subject to the amendment to the Advertising Regulation Act, the Radio and Television Broadcasting Act and the On-demand Audiovisual Media Services Act. The case law of the Municipal Court in Prague and the Supreme Administrative Court is also an essential source of regulation. Examples of administrative practices of the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting describe the regulation of this segment of commercial communications and it captures a wide range of potential violations of legal regulations in the case of teleshopping broadcasts. The material for the comprehensive analysis of the issue puts teleshopping in a broader context, therefore it also describes other forms of commercial communications represented in the field of television broadcasting and explains the differences between types. Attention is also paid to foreign experience, especially examples of sanctions against illegal teleshopping in selected European...
Regulation of Television Advertising
Böhmová, Alžběta ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Benda, Josef (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is television advertising and its regulation in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of current television advertising regulation and demonstrate it in practice. The thesis is divided into four parts. The first part focuses on the history of advertising and its regulation in this country, from its beginnings in the Austria-Hungary era up until today. Its second part contains an overview of present legal regulation of television advertising, beginning with a review of the impact of European law on the law in the Czech Republic followed by a breakdown of applicable statutes from the area of private law as well as public law, with a focus on unfair competition in relation to the former. The third part discusses the existence and functioning of the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting and the Czech Advertising Standards Council. The fourth and final part focuses on advertising regulation in practice by demonstrating the application of legal standards and the work of the respective institutions on several real-life cases from the area of Czech television advertising.
The crisis, mergers, changes in ownership and cosolidation - the economical development of czech media companies in years 2009-2013 and cosequent change of the ownership
Beránek, Jan ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Benda, Josef (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to the significant change in media ownership in the Czech Republic which occured during the Global crisis in 2008 - 2013. In this period almost all foreign owners sold their media to the local enterpreneurs, who took over almost all media houses. This shift happened under generally less comfortable matket conditions, which have hit mostly the printed media. The local enterpreneurs are naturally much more interested in local politics. This text describes these changes and uncovers the economic reasons that led to it, including the extensive research into publicly available, yet not analysed annual reports of media companies. The conclusion is that the foreign owners generally earned well in the Czech market and that they have decided to use the crisis as a good moment to sell. The arrival of new domestic owners caused worries about their possible interference with kontent and by 2017 there are some hints suggesting that they may use the media against the opponents. But there is a fact that may prevent them: the thesis proves how worth the position on the market is. And this should at least limit these efforts.

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