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Family house
Bečvář, Stanislav ; Nespěšný, Ondřej (referee) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the design of a two-story house with a partial basement. The house is intended for permanent residence of a family of four.
Office of the vicar at the turn of the century (17901821)
BEČVÁŘ, Stanislav
The diploma thesis deals with a statistical study of two books of protocols in the office of the vicar episcopal in Pelhřimov. They both cover the period from 1750 to 1831. It is focused on the time when Vincenc Josef Rubricius from Nová Cerekev was in the office of the vicar episcopal. In 1790 he became a vicar episcopal and stayed in his office for three decades until the time of his death in 1821. Thanks to his diligence and precision in maintaining the official agenda and the long-term work in the office of the vicar episopal, it was possible to perceive the studied time period as a coherent unit. Such a notation in the book of protocols was an evidence about the official acts. The statistical data about the number of the notations are described in the diploma thesis in 32 chapters, each of them for a particular year. It studies the number in the particular months, weeks as well as days. Due to this, it monitors the number of the official acts, e. g. with the consistory in České Budějovice, the other parish offices belonging to the vicariate, the Regional Authority in Tábor or the deanery in Pelhřimov. Even the visitations in particular parish offices were noted down into the books of protocols. Owing to these notations, it was possible to describe into details how the visitations were carried out during a particular year.
The church administration in the Josephian period and the influence of the Patent of Toleration on the Czech rural area
BEČVÁŘ, Stanislav
The bachelor thesis which is focused on the period with the focal point in the year 1781 follows up mainly the memoirs of burghers and priests of Pelhřimov in the pre-toleration and the early toleration period enriched with the religious sources and sources of the town council. The crucial aim of this thesis is to chart the influence of the Patent of Toleration and the reaction to its issue. The first chapter deals with the space in the triangle defined with the terms: religion, state and church. On the basis of the works by Zdeněk R. Nešpor, Eva Melmuková, Rudolf Zubera , Bohumil Zlámal and others I try to fill in this space with the mosaic of the chosen aspects of the human being and to look into the lives which are noted in the memoirs of the burgers of Pelhřimov, namely Filip Ignác Dremsa and Antonín Štěpán, the vicar Vincenc Josef Rubricius, the dean Vojtěch Holý and the pastor Jan Szalatnay from Moraveč. This is the main interest of the second chapter. Their issued memoirs became the basis source for this bachelor thesis, futhermore, the archives of the Office of Vicar in Pelhřimov, the Parish Office Nová Cerekev and the Archive of the town Pelhřimov saved in the State Districtual Archive Pelhřimov. These sources, together with the issued works concerning this topic, enabled me to look at the Patent of Toleration from a different point of view and the perception of it by the ordinary people at the turn of the 18th and 19th century.
Regulation ways of Scentless weed apperance
BEČVÁŘ, Stanislav
It is spoken about persistentent weed called Scentless Mayweed in this graduation theses, whose became more expandable hand in hand with gradual passage of some companies to the minimisational methods of the soil processing. The biology and morfology of Scentless Mayweed is described in this theses, so as gadgetries of his diffusion and on this priciples of this knowledge the weedy si discussed. There are many methods of feedback control described {--} mechanical so as chemical and its subseqent economical evaluatin and its matching. This issue tries to clear up why the stress of this weed on arable crop is so hard, why it is so successful weed at the point of wiew of competitive relations and what sort of mechanisms are used. At the advances that were show round in Kluky in former Písek county it was found out the influence of the herbicides and subsequently the remedial measures for weed control were accepted.
BEČVÁŘ, Stanislav
In puublication I write about the weed called Maritima matricaria, which has begun develop in fields, where is difernt way of cultivation called minimalizaton. I described the biology, ways af control and final summary of the weed preparative. The economical data evaluation included.

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