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Evidence of Great Vowel Shift in English Poetry of the Period
Bartošová, Jana ; Tichý, Ondřej (advisor) ; Čermák, Jan (referee)
This BA thesis is dealing with the Great Vowel Shift which occurred roughly between the fifteenth and eighteenth century in British English. Analysis in this thesis was carried out manually on a sample of selected poetry of the period. While obtaining examples affected by the Great Vowel Shift other changes occurring approximately around the same period as the Great Vowel Shift such as shortening were taken into account. In the analysis it was observed that the number of representations of individual shifts is very different from each other. One specific shift was encountered widely in the works of all selected poets while another shift was not encountered once. The results of the manual analysis were displayed in graphs which were then compared to the presumed chronology of the Great Vowel Shift. Key words: The Great Vowel Shift, rhyme, poetry, Old English, Middle English, Modern English
The Position of the of Local Action Groups in the Czech Countryside
Bartošová, Jana ; Perlín, Radim (advisor) ; Machálek, Emil (referee)
This thesis focuses on the topic of local action groups in the area of the Czech Republic. The aim of this thesis is to discover what is the conternporary status of the local action groups in the Czech rural area. The research is based on the evaluation of the local action groups done by their members and also on an analysis of activities of the local action groups. The research was done in three local action groups which were chosen to be supported in the program LEADER in the period 2007-2013. The thesis comes out of the assumption that the activities done by the local action groups can influence their position in the rural area. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the definition of term "country", approach to the rural development, method LEADER, program LEADER and the term of local action groups are introduced in this part. The practical part of the thesis is the research itself. The analysis of documents and questionnaire investigation by the members of LAG should confirm or deny the stated hypothesis.
The history of Nymburk's Monastery
Bartošová, Jana ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee) ; Županič, Jan (advisor)
This thesis about Nymburk monastery consists of 5 sections. First section refers to the issues that relate to above mentioned topic. Some of the publications are of high quality expertly treated, unfortunately some of them worked out with false information. Some of these false information repeat also at other authors who overtake them. Second section describes the oldest history of the monastery in Nymburk. It refers to the period since 70 years of the century when the monastery was established together with the town itself up to the 1421 when the monastery was destroyed by the Hussite army. Third section speaks about renovation of the monastery and its further function during 1667-1789. The monastery restoration was done thanks to much efforts of priest Theophil of Ostropole. As a proof of the monastery bloom we can find the "Historia Conventus P.V. Maria de Rosario" (1752). Fourth section deals with monastery buildings destiny. Eastern part of former monastery started to be used as a school and in the western part a distillery was established. The church was used as a stock. In 1857-1897 the presbytery of the monastery church was used as Saint Jan of Nepomuk's school chapel. Jan Nepomuk Zendrich made much effort to achieve this chapel establishment. The main aisle of the church was rebuilt for a...
Influence of the Yoga E-learning Programme on the Concentration Development in Primary School Children.
The aim of this thesis is to investigate the possibility of educational and health education in the area of attention and concentration in children of primary school age through yoga exercisesand e -learning. The aim of the study was to analyze the issue, suggest, process and implement the intervention program based on yoga techniques so that children of that age group can develop attention, concentration, resilience in mental and physical realm and healthy self-confidence. The theoretical part defines the necessary concepts for this work, which are: children of primary school age, attention, yoga and computer technology. The research provides evidence of a positive response in the target group for the intervention program " Attention in us" in the spotlight. The entire intervention consisted of initial and final testing d2 test of attention and application of the intervention program, which took place both in school physical education lessons and in the form of autoedukace at home using e -learning version of the program for 3 months. The results confirm the hypothesis. Conclusions and recommendations point to the appropriateness of including yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises in the context of school education. Using modern technologies that are part of today almost every family can in an undemanding way incorporate yoga into the home environment in the context of their free time and support their health on all levels in this way.
Processing and educational benefits of the website Yoga for Children
The attempt of this work is to show the internet that is present everywhere as a possibility of healthy education and the possibility of pleasent and functionally spended time that supports the creativity, self-reliance and the whole personality?as a friend, educator, teacher. The aim of this work is the processing and educational effectiveness of the web sites with the issue "Yoga for Children" including not only yoga but relaxation for children. It follows that this work is aimed at children, health, yoga and computer technology. In this theoretical part I analysed collected materials for the given issue, I defined and characterised the concepts mentioned above. I carried out the research quantitively orientated with the help of anonymous and non-standard quastionnairy for the finding of feedback to the newly made web sites. The evaluation of collected data in the research part of the work brought out the findings about positive reactions at these web sites and confirmed 1. precondition, that web sites made into transparent and attractive form will be evaluated by the respondents with enthusiasm. 2.the second precondition was confirmed fot 100% if the positions will be graphicaly well represented, supported wilh suitable design and depiction, it will be possible to excercise according to them. I nevertheless recommend to take a specialist for the first yoga lessons that will supervise the correct and technical performance it will subsequently enable to set up on the web sites "Yoga for Children".
Attitude of Nursing Management to Nursing Research
A nursing research is an integral part of the nursing. An implementation of research activities in this field makes a basis for an improving of the nursing care and a development of the discipline itself. For nurses working in a clinical department who should carry out research investigations, there is important a knowledge how to conduct investigations and a support from the hospital management. Without this support they could not put the research results into practice which is currently based more on standard procedures. A theoretical part of the thesis deals with the nursing research, research concepts and its historical development. Then it also discusses ethical principles of the nursing research, nurses´ fundamental roles, evidence-based activities, opportunities of the research funding in the Czech Republic and an evaluation of a scientific work. An aim of the thesis was to establish the awareness, participation and interest of the primary and secondary level management in the nursing research. We have identified four hypotheses which we verified by a quantitative survey. H1: More general nurses with a higher education participate in the nursing research than the nurses who are graduates of the secondary medical school. H 2: General nurses-managers who completed a university education are better prepared for an implementation of the nursing research than nurses-managers with the secondary education. H3: The primary and secondary level nursing management of Hospital in České Budějovice participate in the nursing research more than the management from other hospitals in the South Bohemian Region. H 4: The nursing management which is involved in the nursing research apply the research results into practice. The quantitative survey was made by a questionnaire technique. The research sample consisted of nurses working on the positions of the secondary and primary level managers in the inpatients departments of hospitals in the South Bohemian Region. The investigation was conducted in eight hospitals in the South Bohemian Region. It is possible to say, that the awareness of the nursing research is on a good level, nearly half of the nurses monitor and apply the information and the research results in their clinical practice as well as most nurses are ready to implement either a simple research survey or to participate in the research under a guidance or to prepare and implement an independent research project. We believe that the nurses should be interested in the nursing research, but not as a part of their normal duties which they have in their workplace. For a development in the nursing field it is necessary to increase a further awareness of the nursing research and to encourage the nurses so that they should be interested to conduct this research. Results of the survey will be sent to the primary nurses/directors of the nursing in all of the addressed medical facilities. They may also serve as a basis for further research investigations. The lecture on the topic: ?The importance of the nursing research in the nurse´s work? will serve to raise the awareness of the nursing research.

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