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Earthen Space – Workshop at the Faculty of Architecture, Brno University of Technology
Neumayerova, Eva ; Bazik, Lenka
The Earthen Space workshop for students of FA BUT took place in the autumn of 2020 and included a review of the teaching concept for students of architecture’s work with earth within the faculty project. This article describes the course and the content of the workshop, analyses the creation and teaching procedures from the perspective of the organisers and creators of the concept, and records the results of the project. It also assesses the potential of practical experience with earthen building material in the education of architects.
The Essence of earthen Architecture in the Czech Republic
Bažík, Lenka ; Pifko,, Henrich (referee) ; Novotný,, Martin (referee) ; Žabičková, Ivana (advisor)
For ten thousand years people have used earthen building material in their homes and in just the last hundred years advanced society has gradually turned away from it due to the development of modern technology. Earth is currently of little use as a building material, but it is gradually increasing with the importance of sustainability. Earth has its place in contemporary modern architecture and this is what this work tries to point out. The research is based on the assumption that each building material gravitates with its properties, composition and also the knowledge of the builder to create a certain space. Different building materials define different spaces, different construction uses and different details. This research defined the network of knowledge with the central themes of the essence of earthen architecture by the method of grounded theory and subsequently applied the theory in the design of a model case. The proposed small structure represents an ideal rendering of the space from a single material on the basis of acquired and known information about this material. It has massive earthen walls, which man created himself and it provides him the shelter. The shelter rises smoothly from the ground, its main source, it has soft round features, which were created by the touch of human hands, and when it expires, it naturally merges with the ground again.
Jazyk lidové hliněné architektury
Bažík, Lenka
The aim of this paper was to specify elements of the language of vernacular earthen architecture in south Moravia by means of analysis and interpretation. The research was conducted to develop a better understanding of earthen vernacular architecture and the possible further use of its language in contemporary architecture.
Udržitelná hliněná architektura
Bažík, Lenka
Sustainable architecture must meet environmental, sociocultural and economic criteria. Based on analysis and interpretation, this paper explores to what extent earthen building material meets these categories. Earth is a traditional, environmentally friendly, recyclable material that has a positive effect on human health. The aim of this paper is to evaluate earthen building material in terms of sustainable architecture.
NEW ON THE „OLD“ – Brno, Bratislavská - Stará Corner
Bažík, Lenka ; Badal, Ivo (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
In the 18th century came first companies of the textile industry to Brno-Zábrdovice. Thanks to this fact the area began to grow and later the first buildings with galleries were built and they are still typical for Zábrdovice today. Everything is happening on the streets and in the yards. Likewise the textile industry undoubtedly belongs to Zábrdovice. Fabric is the main motive of the project. Metal fabric is hanging loosely over the balcony and galleries and partial shades interior spaces. Sheep in a flock of more than 30 pieces ceases to recognize sheep faces, it is confused and bleats. It is similar for human. The proposed objects divide the land into three smaller courts, where everyone can find their own outer space. Everyone knows his neighbours, he associates to a certain group and feels like he belongs somewhere.
The Castle Area Břeclav
Bažík, Lenka ; Chuděj, Tomáš (referee) ; Žalmanová, Petra (advisor)
It is important to consider broader context to create a concept for a chateau complex in Breclav - within the region and mainly engaging in Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape (LVA). Buildings of LVA are a heritage of Lichtenstein as well as the chateau complex in Breclav. Breclav is also referred to as the gateway to the Lednice-Valtice area. Lednice-Valtice area has been from its beginning a place for recreation and entertainment and that is the concept of what it should be nowadays. Partly the buildings of LVA are used for various cultural events - concerts (Lednice), educational programs (Pohansko) and exhibitions (Valtice). However there are mostly only tours of the interiors and only seasonally. To fulfil the potential of the area it would be appropriate to join all of the buildings in one program that will support the current events and complement with other functions. I propose to use the chateau complex in Breclav as a cultural and recreational centre with outreach to the LVA. Breclav would complete the triangle with other centres in Lednice and Valtice.

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6 Bazik, Lenka
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