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Maternity of homeless woman's
This bachelor's work is dedicated to a little discussed topic, which is pregnancy and motherhood of homeless women. These women move among us every day, but few people pay close attention to them and some, perhaps, pretend they don't exist. It is difficult to know why or what circumstances have just brought them this to life. On the basis of interviews, the main goal of this research was to determine which methods of social work within the social services framework have a positive influence on homeless women living with a child in moving them towards a normal way of life. Ideally, facilitating their long term independence of the social security system. In introducing the issue, I will focus on the problems that women or girls bring to the streets, the nature of their motherhood and pregnancy, which is mostly unplanned. I also focused on what future mothers have at starting point, what services they can use, both for themselves and for the unborn descendant. The work is then divided into a theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is further divided into sections that address the definition of basic concepts; short history of the forms of and causes that contribute to homelessness; and a brief discussion of social exclusion, which directly belong to this issue. The following chapter is devoted only to homeless women themselves. The theoretical part is the basis of the practical part, which follows and sets out the rationale for the choice of the research questions. A research tool consisting of 21 questions was created to answer these questions forming the main part of the semistructured interview. Given the purpose of the work, I considered it appropriate to choose qualitative research, which examines the issues in more depth. The research sample consists of 8 respondents who were intentionally chosen for the issue. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to highlight the problematics of homelessness, especially women's homelessness, to the general public. I do believe there is not enough attention to this issue. Homelessness is an extremely delicate matter in every society and dealing with it is partially on ability of perceiving it by the general public. It is necessary to talk about causes and consequences of homelessness. It is not possible to turn away from this topic and it is necessary to talk about it, write about it and also think about it.

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