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Reading the Post-migrant: Reinterpreting Migration Literature in Scandinavia
Calvani, Emilio ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Stahr, Radka (referee) ; Ciaravolo, Massimo (referee)
Emilio Calvani Advisor: Prof. Bruno Berni Co-Advisor: Prof. Helena Březinová Abstract Reading the Post-migrant: Reinterpreting Migration Literature in Scandinavia. Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, migration has played an increasingly important and pervasive role in Western societies. The current globalizing network that interconnects distant places allows people, information, and images to move with greater speed and ease. This varied flow of movement has also had radical demographic repercussions over time. More and more people are moving from the Global South to the Global North in search of better prospects, thus giving rise to new generations of individuals whose life experiences fade the boundaries between local and global, nation and world. This posits the very concept of migration, in the different declinations and forms in which it manifests itself daily, as one of the cornerstones for understanding contemporaneity. At the same time, the strategies by which societies themselves interpret and modulate metanarrative processes to present themselves often relegate such realities to a secondary position. Such processes, in fact, tend to marginalize all those voices that set out to narrate intertwined cultures, languages, and identities and, consequently, to include the perspective of migration in...
Liturgical vestments and objects from the tombs of Prague bishops
Bravermanová, Milena ; Březinová, Helena ; Bureš Víchová, J.
The article presents a unique collection of fragments of liturgical textiles, insignia and other objects from the 11th to 13th centuries from the graves of Prague bishops from the St. Vitus Cathedral. The core part of the collection consists of fragments of silk fabrics and laces, from which parts of the liturgical vestments were originally made. Other finds are objects made of various materials, such as leather shoes, parts of crosiers and liturgical objects.
Archaeological analogs for verification of container lifetime models for deep radioactive waste repositories : Final report of project TK01010040
Stoulil, J. ; Mukhtar, S. ; Lhotka, M. ; Bureš, R. ; Kašpar, V. ; Šachlová, Š. ; Pecková, A. ; Havlová, V. ; Danielisová, Alžběta ; Malyková, Drahomíra ; Barčáková, Ludmila ; Machová, Barbora ; Březinová, Helena ; Ottenwelter, Estelle ; Němeček, J. ; Němeček, J.
More than 200 artefacts from 15 localities were studied within the scope of this project. 4 localities were crucial, because those were pond beds with continual flooding. Soils at all localities were coarser compared to bentonites and lacked swelling ability. Pore solutions of the soils were very similar to bentonite pore solutions. They differ in cation composition, but anion composition was similar, which is more important for corrosion behaviour. The environment was not completely anaerobic, what influenced the composition of corrosion products. The compounds were oxides and oxohydroxides. Very low oxidation-reduction potential (fully anaerobic environment) is necessary for the formation of carbonate-based corrosion products, that were detected as major corrosion products in the previous lab and in situ experiments on another projects. Nevertheless, the oxygen transport was very slow and the contribution of aerobic corrosion was negligible compared to anaerobic corrosion. The evaluation of archaeological artefacts revealed very important factors influencing corrosion mechanism in latter stage of soil burial. Precipitation of corrosion products is a driving phenomenon for transport limitation and decrease of corrosion rate in the early stage of burial, while the ferrous species transport is limited extensively within the latter stage resulting in mechanical stress of inner corrosion products layers to previously formed corrosion products and subsequent cracking. This mechanical damage is repeated in the cycle. The mechanical properties of corrosion products are poor, they are easily deformable and very porous. The project has revealed a very important phenomenon, necessary for the right lifetime estimation, which would not be obvious based on the short-term experiments data.
Construction of identity in Scandinavian migration literature
Exnerová, Kristýna ; Stahr, Radka (advisor) ; Březinová, Helena (referee)
(in English): This diploma thesis analyses how the identity of characters with a migration background is constructed in Scandinavian migration literature, focusing on language, culture, and national sentiment. With the help of social psychology, the first theoretical chapter introduces the concept of identity, whereas migration literature is presented in the second theoretical chapter. The centre of the practical analysis is the main characters in three Scandinavian novels, namely Enmandstelt by Alen Mešković, Tante Ulrikkes vei by Zeshan Shakar, and Kalla det vad fan du vill by Marjaneh Bakhtiari. The analyses' attention is aimed at the way language, cultural identity, and national identity contribute to the construction of each character's identity.
Analysis of narrative techniques in the novel Barabáš by Pär Lagerkvist and their employment in the articualation of the philosophy of existentialism
Michtalíková, Katarína ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Humpál, Martin (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the narrative techniques in the novel Barabbas by Pär Lagerkvist, published in 1950. The first goal of the thesis is to analyse the narrative techniques and based on the thorough analysis the second goal is to find out if and to what extend they contribute to the overall comprehension of the novel. Specifically, how these techniques contribute to the portrayal of the characteristic traits of the philosophy of existence, which Lagerkvist provably treated and whose multiple issues he incorporated into the novel Barabbas, as a large majority of secondary literature written about the novel agree on. We are going to base the analysis of narrative situations on the theories and narrative terminology of Franz Karl Stanzel. The results of the analysis are going to be compared with various philosophies of existentialism.
Identifying the materials in archaeological textiles
Březinová, Helena ; Pechočiaková, M. ; Grabmüllerová, J.
Given their organic origin, textiles rank among the rarest archaeological finds. While the vast majority of these artefacts are preserved as small fragments or mineralised remnants, their detailed textile technology study provides interesting and important information about the use of textile techniques and the quality of processing. The most important information concerns the utilised textile materials, but for degraded textiles, these materials are among the most difficult information to obtain. Image analysis using electron microscopy (SEM) is a significant aide in this pursuit.
The Image of Iceland in the Writings of Danish Romantic Authors
Matěnová, Anežka ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Stahr, Radka (referee)
in English This thesis analyses the image of Iceland in the writings of Danish Romantic authors. To begin with, the ambiguous use of the term imagology is described. Subsequently, previous stereotypes regarding the depictions of the North and Iceland are examined and the context is introduced, such as Pre-Romantic and Romantic poetics, Scandinavism and nationalism. The corpus consists of nine texts from various literary genres by N. F. S. Grundtvig, Adam Oehlenschläger and H. C. Andersen. It has emerged that the images of Iceland range from being positive to ambivalent, yet there is also a very negative characteristics of Icelanders present. The images oscillate between auto- and heteroimages, in some cases they are affected by colonialism and they frequently adopt older stereotypes. Keywords: imagology, Scandinavism, Romanticism, Danish literature, Old Norse literature, Adam Oehlenschläger, N. F. S. Grundtvig
Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales in Czech Translations
Koláčková, Anna ; Špirk, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Březinová, Helena (referee)
This master thesis deals with the translations of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales into Czech and their reception in the period from 1948 to 1989. After a description of the historical context and the status of children's and translated literature in the given period, an analysis of different fairy tales follows, with a focus on the influence of cultural and language norms and literary tradition on the translations. Special attention has been paid to censorship. The theoretical background consists of a chapter dedicated to Andersen's life and work, characteristics of his fairy tales and their reception, and a chapter dealing with the specifics of the translation of children's literature. The thesis also includes a bibliography of Czech translations of Andersen's fairy tales (book editions) and a bibliography of reviews, monographs and articles about Andersen published between 1948 and 1989. The main contributions of this thesis are in providing an overview of the translations in the given period and its analysis of the influence of norms and censorship on the translation. Powered by TCPDF (
The Question of Identity in Johan Borgen's Novel "I"
Zoubková, Eliška ; Humpál, Martin (advisor) ; Březinová, Helena (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the question of identity in the novel "I" by the Norwegian author Johan Borgen. The thesis deals with various aspects of the main character's split identity and how they relate to one another. These aspects are, for instance, the question of authenticity, guilt, taking action and escape. The thesis also analyses the formal composition of the text with regard to the existential theme of the novel. In conclusion, Borgen's representation of identity in "I" is compared to The Trial by Franz Kafka.
The Reflection of Franz Kafka's Writing in the Works of Villy Sørensen
Foktová, Martina ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Hartlová, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis deals with the analysis and interpretation of short stories "The murder case - Kafka's idyll" and "Tiger in the kitchen" from the collection of stories Sære historier (1963) by Villy Sørensen. The primary aim of this thesis is to distinguish a similarity between the short stories of Villy Sørensen and the works of Franz Kafka. The author works on the assumption that both writers use parable as their main means of expression. The first chapter of the thesis concerns Villy Sørensen and the time he lived, together with the fantastic prose, which he represents. Subsequently the author characterizes the parable with definitions and examples from world literature. In analysis of the short story "The murder case", the reader will not just see an interpretation of story as it is; a comparison is also made with The Trial by Franz Kafka. Lastly there is an analysis of the short story "Tiger in the kitchen".

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