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Simulation anlysis of turbocharger vibrations
Valo, Lukáš ; Lošák, Petr (referee) ; Březina, Lukáš (advisor)
The master thesis deals with computational modeling of a turbocharger vibrations and and assessment of influnce of passive dynamic vibration absorber on vibrations of actuator bracket. The use of dynamic vibration absorber was summarized in the research study. The analysis were performed using finite element method in ANSYS. Several computational models of turbocharger were created with different ways of modeling bolted joints between turbocharger parts. Modal analysis of each model was performed and the results were compared. For the selected model, the response to the kinematic excitation from the internal combustion engine for two load conditions was calculated using harmonic analysis. A simple model of vibration dynamic absorber was applied to the turbocharger model with reduced degrees of freedom and its influnce on vibrations of actuator bracket was investigated. Significant decrease of the maximum acceleration amplitude was achieved in a given frequency range when absorber parameters were optimized.
Taxi service back-end
Březina, Lukáš ; Bureš, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bednárek, David (referee)
Nowadays services like Uber start to surpass taxi companies in comfort of transport. In this thesis, we create a back-end part of an application for taxi companies in smaller towns. This application provides an interface for creating and managing orders, employees, customers, and vehicles. As part of the system, we constructed order scheduler which calculates the order duration, estimated time of arrival and distributes the order between available drivers automatically. Overall the application increases the taxi company's efficiency and offers users a more comfortable experience.
Dehumanization as a risk factor for the use of digital technologies in the context of social work
Brezina, Lukáš ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Müller, Karel (referee)
The thesis deals with the threat of dehumanization when applying digital technologies and robotics into social work. The work focuses on the history and origin of digital technologies within the context of social changes. It explores the basic rules governing elementary functioning and development of digital technologies and robotics. The thesis describes and summarizes basic information about the possibilities and risks of using digital technologies and robotics within social work. Towards the end it also includes opinions of several professional and political authorities who are active in this topic. This thesis aims to trigger the debate over the possible threats connected to dehumanization of social work and the use of digital technologies and robotics, respectively make it more intensive.
Introduction of loadcase „Creeping“ to a multi-body simulation
Volek, Matěj ; Lošák, Petr (referee) ; Březina, Lukáš (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce je zaměřena na implementaci procesu simulace zatěžovacího zatížení do stávajícího rozhraní používaného pro multi-body simulace hnacího vozidla. „Creeping“ bylo definováno jako řízení vozidla bez nárazu na plynový pedál v nízkých převodech. Bylo rozhodnuto simulovat tento stav zavedením sil Jízdních odporů – Aerodynamická odporová síla Fa, síla Valivého odporu Fr a horizontální část Gravitační síly Fgx. Tyto síly byly modelovány v softwaru SimulationX a byl definován model pro zatížení „Creeping“ – ten byl založen na změně stoupání kopce, což dalo výsledky potřebné pro analýzu chování při stavu „Creeping“. Poté byly vytvořeny soubory v softwaru Matlab potřebné pro běh a následné zpracování simulace, které analyzují výsledky v závislosti na čase nebo průměrném točivém momentu motoru. Potom byla správnost procesu kontrolována ve srovnání s experimentálními daty. Toto srovnání ukázalo, že proces pracuje bez velkých problémů; výsledky vykazovaly podobný trend, byly ale ovlivněny nedostatkem vstupních dat z experimentu.
Utilization of carbon fibre for construction of elastic elements of mountain bike rear triangle
Linda, Jakub ; Švancara, Pavel (referee) ; Březina, Lukáš (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to design a carbon elastic element in the suspension mechanism of the rear wheel of a mountain bike. The elastic element will replace the rotary link and its deformation will allow movement of the rear wheel suspension mechanism. At the beginning, the thesis deals with the theoretical introduction to bicycle geometry, types of rear wheel suspension mechanisms and their characteristics. Later on, the work is devoted to composite materials in general, and it also deals with methods of manufacturing a composite bicycle frame and deals with the mechanics of composites. Further, the thesis is focused on the research of already existing frames utilizing the flexible element in the suspension mechanism of the rear wheel. Finally, the work focuses on the design of a full-suspension bicycle using a flexible element, justifies the choice of the replaced suspension mechanism and also justifies the individual simplifying assumptions and their impact on the solution. The elastic element is analyzed for deformations and stresses in the Ansys software. Finally, the results of the analysis and recommendations are presented.
Multi-body model of a motorcycle suspension
Kotas, Jakub ; Lošák, Petr (referee) ; Březina, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the rear wheel suspension of a motorcycle. Theoretical basics of the suspension design and terms, essential for the understaning of the work, are breifly explained. A review of contemporary used spring, shock-absorber and suspension system types is presented.
Virtual prototype of mechatronic system
Dinga, Milan ; Březina, Lukáš (referee) ; Hadaš, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis deals with modeling of delta 3D printer virtual prototype and its co-simulation using software ADAMS and MATLAB/SIMULINK. The first part consists of virtual model creation and its kinematic analysis. Then a model of electric motors is created. The final part consists of co-simulation and control design.
Pendulum excitation
Vrána, Jiří ; Březina, Lukáš (referee) ; Hadaš, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis is focused on creating a model situation of excited pendulum with one degree of freedom that oscillates in both linear and nonlinear condition. The theoretical part describes several basic concepts of oscillation theory and states some examples of pendulum applicability. The practical part consists assembling of motion equations of model situations, based on which simulations programs are created. The thesis contains also concept of practical use of the nonlinear pendulum model.
Utilization of simulation tools interaction for solving of complex problems in dynamics
Kukučka, Ivan ; Lošák, Petr (referee) ; Březina, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis describes the possibilities of mutual interaction of simulation tools and it demonstrates the procedures described for the various complex tasks. Aim of this thesis is to show the links between CAD softwares (Solidworks) and other simulation tools ( MATLAB, MSC Adams) while in the environment for the simulation of multi-body dynamics it is treated as rigid bodies, as well as flexible.
Chosen Social Problems of Chomutov Region with a Focus on Young People
Brezina, Lukáš ; Bernard, Josef (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
My work is focused on rise of social problems and social pathological phenomena in Chomutov location and relation between man, his surroundings and its influences in young people context. There are lots of books with this themes, but I was interested in my ability of describing this by myself. There was made a research at basic schools, I compared its results with results of official statistics and I got to knot that this locality has good conditions for rise of social pathological phenomena. This does not mean, that the locality is not able to live in a healthy way, it is just needed to create conditions for that kind of life. Writing of this work make me knot how important are places in our lives. I hope I would be one, who will support the positive conditions of my future place to live. Powered by TCPDF (

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