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Parents as co-attendants to inclusive education
Seltenhoferová, Klára ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
The thesis deals with inclusive education, specifically parents as co-actors to inclusive education. The goal of the thesis is to determine what role parents occupy in cooperation with a school with inclusive concept of education, what are their views on inclusion, and thus contribute to the current topic of inclusive education. The theoretical part focuses on the current changes in the field of inclusive education, social heterogeneity in inclusive school, educational approaches and needs in inclusive education and on teachers and parents as actors for inclusive education. The practical part contains case studies on three selected schools with inclusive education in Prague. Part of these case studies is interviews with teachers and parents on the involvement of parents in inclusive education.
Czech minority education in Romania's Banat
Lejskeová, Jana ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor's theses is focused, as is obvious from title, on the education of Czech minorities in the Romanian part of Banat (other parts of Banat have Serbian and Czech minorities, but they are not covered in this project) describing education from old Czech villages to modern situations at elementary schools. It mentions changes in the historical context, which local education fundamentally affect in the coming years, describes basic parts of educational system, and also partnership with Czech Republic. An important part is also the research which was going on in Banat's schools. In addition there are also pictures of children from Gernik's Elementary School, class schedules, and questionnaires.
The impact of educational activities of selected NGOs in the CR on the process of migrant children inclusion to the Czech society
Tučková, Karolína ; Burešová, Karolína (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
In my Master thesis, I deal with the impact of educational activities of selected NGOs on the process of migrant children inclusion to the Czech society. The thesis is both theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part deals with the process of immigrant integration and with the role of the governmental and non-profit organizations. A large part is devoted to the migrant children's education and to the difficulties which they have and must overcome. The end of the theoretical part presents the educational activities of selected non-profit organizations, which focus not only on helping migrant children, but also on working with schools and families of the children. The empirical part examines the impact of specific educational activities realized at the community center InBáze on the process of migrant children inclusion to the Czech society. Empirical investigation was done through a questionnaire. I used available Czech, English and American sources during writing this thesis. Powered by TCPDF (
Language Education in the Context of Lifelong Learning
Sommerová, Markéta ; Burešová, Karolína (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
The bachalor thesis brings the survey of language education in the context of lifelong learning - from pre-school education to free time language learning activities of adults, specifics of various age groups incl. methods of teaching, trends and modern tendencies of language learning. The work introduces educational institutions and an overview of language learning in the context of European Union and the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.
eTwinning as a form of teaching classes from Pedagogy branch at secondary schools
Švihálková, Monika ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the project-based learning. Specifically, it deals with the possibility to utilize the project-based learning within eTwinning for teaching students of educational fields at high school. The goal of the work was a theoretical analysis of the problem as well as a prototype of a project which focuses on pre-school and extra curricular education. The methodology used in this work is based on the participatory-action research. First, a form-based survey was conducted to find out conditions and suggestions about the structure of a project within eTwining. The survey respondents were teachers of pedagogy and educational fields. Next, the researcher, author of the thesis, prototyped a project that was consequently reviewed by three teachers out of the survey respondents. Also, these teachers were interviewed for their opinions about the project prototype as well as about utilizing the project-based learning within eTwinning when teaching students of pedagody and its fields at high schools. The result of the research showed that high schools teaching fields of pedagody would have only minor issues with the project-based learning within eTwinning. Moreover, it was found out that teachers percieve the activity of eTwinning as benefitial for the education of future pedagogues. Powered...
Social Preparedness for Kindergarten
Kašparová, Eva ; Švandová, Martina (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor thesis surveys the field of social preparedness for kindergarten from the perspective of developmental psychology and the influences of the modern world in which preschool children grow up and which affect them. The thesis is partitioned into the theoretical and practical research parts. The second chapter of the theoretical part describes the preschool facilities and care possibilities for preschool children in the Czech republic with emphasis on common kindergartens. The third chapter is focused on a preschool child from the perspective of developmental psychology and environmental influences. The fourth charter introduces the term social preparedness for kindergarten. It also explains the concept of adaptation period. Its evaluation and results are used in the practical part as potential criteria for determining the social preparedness for the kindergarten. The first section of the research part is dedicated to the survey on social preparedness and how it is percieved by parents and teachers. The second section captures the observation conducted on a sample of 15 children during the adaptation period. The conclusion summarizes the results of the research. .
Racial prejudice at the secondary school students in Prague
Kratochvílová, Kristýna ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
(in English) The thesis main focus is to research racial prejudice of the secondary school students in Prague. Firstly, the theoretical part analyses adolescence as a specific developmental period. Secondly, it describes the profile of secondary school student based on an analysis of Framework Education Programme for Secondary General Education (Grammar Schools) in relation to the formation and consolidation of a set of beliefs, attitudes and value orientation of the students. Finally, it examines the area of prejudices and prejudicial thinking. The practical part is devoted to the research of prejudicial thinking of students from two secondary schools in Prague, the methodology of the research and the results evaluation.
Mediated training as a possibility for socially disadvantaged students
Škopková, Pavla ; Krykorková, Hana (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
This Master thesis aims to solve the question of developmentally-creative possibilities in the schooling process. This question is contextualized education of socially disadvantaged pupils. Because in shaping the learning competencies, this area is not developed enough and specific methods are somewhat rigid, it will be introduced one of the option how to to develop learning skills and abilities of the pupils , and which are in the teaching competencies deemed as essential. In this context will be introduced stimulatory and intervention program of Instrumental Enrichment as a concrete form of execution of Mediated learning and also as an effort of perspective innovation of curriculum. With the intention to point out the limitless possibilities of developing pupil's learning potential, the text focuses on the theoretical and conceptual bases, which constitute the entire program. The program is the instrumental set of tools that lead to the activation of cognitive structures and their subsequent enrichment. Therefore, except the theoretical foundations are also presented cognitive strategies metacognitive training that simplify cognitive modifiability, and that lead to the development of pupils' learning potential.
Possibilities for the development of cognitively gifted pupils within the primary education
Šlapalová, Klára ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
The Bachelor's thesis deals with possibilities for the development of cognitively gifted children within the primary education. It is divided into two parts, a theoretical one and a practical one. The theoretical part is focused on explaining terms which are related to the topic, characterizing cognitively gifted pupils and defining possibilities for the development of cognitively gifted pupils. The practical part comprises of a qualitative research aimed at finding out schools' and their teachers' attitude towards the education of gifted pupils and discovering what kinds of teaching methods or other strategies are used within the educational process.
Causes of reading decline, their analysis and possible remedy
Kohoutová, Simona ; Krykorková, Hana (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
The diploma thesis examines the causes of the decline of reading, it deals with the analysis and possible remediation. The theoretical part introduces the concept of literacy, it monitors the current state of reading and it is based on the research findings. It analyzes the Framework educational programme closely related to literacy, it draws on relevant theoretical foundations, and presents reading strategies, methods and programmes that support the mentioned area. Family, school, teachers and significant motivation are identified as important factors of literacy development. Within the indicative empirical investigation the thesis focuses on the content analysis of School education programmes and teacher approach to literacy support. It refers to the development of reading in various areas of education for older pupils of primary school.

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