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Bíla, Martin ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to prepare design documentation for the construction of a kindergarten in Velká Bíteš. The object is designed as a detached, two above-ground floors, and non-basement building. It is located on a fairly flat terrain near the central part of the city. Kindergarten building has four sections for children. Each section is for twenty children, a total of eighty children are designed for the object. The structural system of the object is a longitudinal wall, made of hollow brick heluz. The building is equipped with contact insulation made of EPS (ETICS). Floor structure is solved as a consist of prestressed hollow core slabs spiroll. In the 2nd floor there is a walkable terrace with a growing layer. The flat roof of the object is warm extensive green roof with walkable concrete parts with photovoltaic panels. Part of the work is also an assessment from the point of view of building physics and fire safety.
Residential building
Bíla, Martin ; Bartlová, Jana (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
Main objective of my bachelor’s thesis is elaborating design documentation for performs of structures for apartment building in cadastre unit town of Velká Bíteš with almost zero consumtion. Object is located on the edge of the town in built-up area designated for living in apartment houses, on quiet flat plot number 2051. Apartment house is located on the edge of the plot and no its volume does not disrupt original charakter surrounding buildings. Object is designed like apartment house with a cellar and 3 above-ground floor containing 8 apartment units. Ground floor contains 2 apartment units and the other two floor contains 3 apartment units in each floor. 7 apartment units are designated for 3 to 4 members of families, 1 apartment unit in ground floor is designated like a accessible flat. To ensure parking space for transport is necessary to built a parking place, pedestrian walkway and space for waste storage. Structural system is wall and masonry system made from clay bricks HELUZ. Ceilings solved in the same construction system like a ¨put together¨ceilings HELUZ MIAKO with addition reinfored concrete slab in area of cantilever balcony slab and area of stairs. Roof is designed like a warm flat roof.

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