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Žlebek, Tomáš ; Seidlová, Michaela (referee) ; Bydžovský, Jiří (referee) ; Ďurica, Tibor (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
The work deals with the development of new polymeric coatings and screeds – epoxy, polyurethane and vinyl ester materials with the use of hazardous waste in the form of fillers. The areas that are destined for their landfill are constantly expanding and the costs of disposing of this waste are high. Their use eliminates negative impacts on the environment, but also leads to significant financial savings. The aim of this PhD thesis was to find a suitable way to treat selected hazardous waste and experimentally verify the possibilities of using the fillers pre-treated by optimal way in polymer coatings and screeds. The coatings and screeds are intended primarily for concrete substrates but the possibility of use on metal substrates, asphalt and cement-bonded particle boards was also been verified. These materials serve as a secondary protection of structures against the adverse effects of weather conditions. Secondary raw materials were used as fillers, which were fluidized bed combustion fly ash contaminated due to flue gas denitrification and specially pre-treated hazardous waste (solidification products). The aim was to proceed progressive use of the secondary raw materials as much as possible in order to reduce landfilling in the maximum possible way. It was necessary to treat hazardous waste in such a way that the most effective solidification would be achieved. The behavior of the solidifaction products in the polymer matrix, the distribution of particles in the structure and the disruption of coatings and screeds due to chemical stress were also investigated.
Development of progressive polymer anchor material
Žlebek, Tomáš ; Jakubík, Aleš (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with development of a new progressive anchor material on the polymer base. Nowadays, it is effort to utilize secondary raw materials in building industry as much as possible both from an environmental aspects in order to save primary energy sources and the reduction of waste and also due to economic reasons. Therefore, there is an effort to utilize high amount of suitable and appropriately treated secondary raw materials into the anchor materials. The main aim of this work is to develop high quality anchor material characterized by excellent ratio between speed and strength growth, high chemical resistance, thermal resistance and particularly minimal shrinkage. This new material is designed especially for anchoring building structures heavy machines steel barriers and other elements.
Research and development grout and anchor masses
Žlebek, Tomáš ; Petránek, Vít (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
Modern anchor and grout systems are now at a high level and they are used in many branches of industry. This thesis evaluates the current state of anchoring and grouting systems, research of currently used material basis, testing procedures and up to date legislation for these types of materials. Above all, the thesis is focused on the chemical types of anchor and grout materials for utilization in industrial production facilities with exposure to extreme loads, a new methodology for testing of these types of materials and input raw materials will be proposed. The final part of this thesis is a proposal of new optimum formulas for anchoring and grouting materials for utilization in industrial production facilities with exposure to extreme loads including the description of their applications.

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