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Myth as a Psychological Phenomenom and its Importance to the Modern Man from the Perspective of C. G. Jung.
Najbrt, Tomáš ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Šusta, Marek (referee) ; Slezáčková, Alena (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA EVANGELICKÁ TEOLOGICKÁ FAKULTA Dizertační práce MÝTUS JAKO PSYCHOLOGICKÝ FENOMÉN A JEHO VÝZNAM PRO MODERNÍHO ČLOVĚKA Z POHLEDU C. G. JUNGA Tomáš Najbrt Katedra religionistiky Vedoucí práce: doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Vojtíšek, Ph. D. Studijní program: Teologie Studijní obor: Historická teologie a teologie náboženství Praha 2020 Summary This work deals with three main areas: myth, human psychology and Carl Gustav Jung's personality. It deals with the contradiction between the rational evaluation of myth and its actual influence on shaping the ideas of the modern man about the world that surrounds him, and the creation of new myths in modern times. It shows the influence of myths containing archaic symbols and archetypes on the conscious and unconscious psychic processes of man and their interaction on the border of human psychology and psychology of religion. It also presents the possibilities of mythical and religious traditions for understanding the identity of modern man and his life.
Brain Activation Sequences
Šusta, Marek ; Šonka, Karel (advisor) ; Krajča, Vladimír (referee) ; Zach, Petr (referee)
Brain Activation Sequences Abstract INTRODUCTION: This research goes beyond the EEG source localization up to the field of brain connectivity in an attempt to create software tool that eases diagnostic procedures in selected nosologic units by discriminating between patients and healthy controls. METHODS: Experiment 1 - a group of 26 adult patients (14 male, 12 female) suffering from NC and 10 adult controls (5 male, 5 female) participated in the experiment. The experiment contained audio recordings designed to trigger laughter in participants during the EEG recording. Experiment 2 - twenty eight female inpatients diagnosed with ED and ten healthy controls were selected and presented with various stimuli while the EEG was recorded. The Brain Activation Sequences method, applied to all recordings, utilizes nonlinear differential model structure to calculate final output sequence of the brain locations involved substantially in the stimulus processing. RESULTS: Experiment 1 - the BAS results show statistically significant differences in activity between patients and controls namely in gyrus orbitalis, rectus, occipitalis inferior (right), occipitalis medius (right), paracentralis, cinguli, cuneus (right) and parahippocampalis (left). Experiment 2 - the results confirm significant differences in processing the...
The influence of corticosterone and corticoliberin on damage of the hippocampus and their relation to cognition
Řezáčová, Lenka ; Mareš, Pavel (advisor) ; Mejsnar, Jiří (referee) ; Šusta, Marek (referee)
Dissertation "The influence of corticosterone and corticoliberin on damage of the hippocampus and their relation to cognition" deals with the cognitive, behavioral and histological changes in experimental rat strain long-evans that closer describe the consequences of long-term continuous application of corticoliberin and/or corticosterone. Testing of the behavioral changes was divided into two phases. The first one - within three or fourweeks respectively administration of these hormones, therefore until their early effects - and the second phase - after four weeks of completion of the first phase at the time of the possible late effects. In the twelfth week the experimental animals were killed and in the group which had exogenously elevated corticosterone, the morphological changes in the hippocampus were monitored and measured. In all experimental groups alteration of behavior was observed. Histological and morphological changes in the brain we have found. Layout of experiments in two testing phases allowed differentiation of the early changes and the late and persistent changes. The arrangement of experiments allowed the choice of tests to compare not only individual effects of both hormones (corticoliberin and corticosterone) but also their coactioning and biological responses to them. Using a wider...
Strategic Management in Motol University Hospital
Kráčmerová, Martina ; Neumaierová, Inka (advisor) ; Šusta, Marek (referee)
This master thesis deals with strategic analysis of Motol University Hospital, which belongs to the largest hospital complex in Central and Eastern Europe providing complex treatment of whole human body at any age (from prenatal to advanced age). The aim of the thesis is a description of hospital management and assessment of the possibility of using the Balanced Scorecard in health care. The theoretical part contains a basic description of strategy creation, selected methods for analysing internal and external environment and a general description of the Balanced Scorecard. The practical part comprises of an executed strategic analysis of Motol University Hospital, and assessment of hospital´s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). This thesis also contains a survey of scientific literature concerning the usage of the Balanced Scorecard in health care, specifically in hospitals. A result of this survey helps to assess the feasibility of introducing the Balanced Scorecard in Czech hospitals (those in state ownership). This thesis also includes a proposal of strategic perspectives for Motol University Hospital and an evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of implementation into hospital management. A strategy map displays relationships among proposed goals.
Analýza faktorů úspěšnosti podniku
Vrbský, Petr ; Neumaierová, Inka (advisor) ; Šusta, Marek (referee)
Práce představuje teorii systémové dynamiky a její nástroje vhodné pro analýzu složitých ekonomických a sociálních systémů. V praktické části je s využitím simulačního počítačového modelu prováděna analýza faktorů úspěšnosti podniku v odvětví živočišné výroby - chovu kuřat.

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