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Process of accepting and removing foreign language means in Slovenian language
Darániová, Markéta ; Šurla, Andrej (advisor) ; Nedvědová, Milada (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis occupies with the processing of accepting and removing foreign language means of the Slovenian. It focuses on the aspects which influence the process of accepting and removing the language means. The aspects are for exempel the history and development of the language. This work researches the occurance of the foreign words in the Slovenian press. An exctra chapture is foccused on the work with the language corpuses. Key words: Slovenian, language, foreign language elements
Tradition of purism in Croatian linguistics
Vlašić, Marija ; Gladkova, Hana (advisor) ; Dudok, Miroslav (referee) ; Šurla, Andrej (referee)
The main topic of the doctor's thesis is tradition of purism in Croatian linguistics, i.e. the development of Croatian language from the point of view of the thesis of purism as a constant in Croatian langauge. The focus is placed by the author on the role of Croatian linguistics in building such a traditional image. The thesis furthermore explains motives and perspectives of the mentioned tendency. The thesis questions the role of purist principles in the construction of language identity and analyzes long-term consequences of this tendency in Croatian linguistics. The introductory chapter gives an overview of theoretic opinions on the term of purism and current ideas of the recent socio-linguistics and furthermore explains the position of Croatian linguistics on the level of purism of Croatian language. Puristic tendency of Croatian language is in Croatian linguistics considered analogue to the language development. Therefore, purism is a very important element of identification built into the character itself of Croatian language. The view onto Croatian linguistic history is narrowed in the second part of the thesis, in which the author analyzes the materials, in which elements of implicit and explicit purism are to be seen (from pre-standard era, beginning of standardisation and particularly the...
Morphologic issues of proper nouns in Slovene language (in comparison with Czech language)
Samková, Helena ; Honzak-Jahić, Jasna (advisor) ; Šurla, Andrej (referee)
This work tries to describe the dec1ination system of proper nouns in Slovene and Czech, compare them and answer the question of their similarity - whether they are so similar to be able to influe each other and help each other with problematic questions, how much they are similar, or, on contrary, whether they are so different that there is necessary to seek other resources. One chapter is dedicated to seeking of frequency chosen doublets in the national corpuses (the Slovenian one called FidaPLUS and Czech National Corpus). The work focuses to the proper nouns only from the modem languages.

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