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Entry into discharge
Šuťaková, Veronika ; Sedláček, Miroslav (referee)
Entry into discharge Abstract The central theme of the rigorous work is the beginning of discharge, an institute that is one way of dealing with the debtor's bankruptcy. The institute of discharge and the entire insolvency law has undergone major changes in recent years, and the need to use this institute and make it accessible to the widest possible range of people is increasingly pointed out. The aim of the thesis is to discuss the institute of discharge as such with a focus on its beginning, ie entry into discharge. The work is focused on the phase of dicharge and everything that precedes it by debtors, the insolvency court and others. The thesis briefly discusses the history of discharge, the benefits and pitfalls of discharge and, last but not least, the entities that can use the discharge institute. The main topic is the entry into discharge, which is in the fourth chapter. The aim of this part of the work is to compare the legal regulation of insolvency law effective until 31 May 2019 and after the entry into force of the so-called Discharge Amendment, in the context of other amendments that were adopted after the entry into force of the Discharge Amendment. This part of the thesis answers the questions, what are the conditions for entering discharge, what steps the debtor must take to allow him to...
Claim from the incrorect fulfilment of the tour conract
Šuťaková, Veronika ; Tichý, Luboš (advisor) ; Hendrychová, Michaela (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the claim from the incorrect fulfilment of the tour contract, which represents a part of the legal regulations of a tour. Considering significant development of travelling, this topic is very actual and issues that arise during implementing the legislation in practice need to be answered. The goal of my thesis is answer questions which are actual and often appearing in practice, but it does not exist clear legal opinion or sufficient resources to answer to these questions. The main resources for the writing of my thesis was the current text of the Civil Code, the Tourism Act, the Consumer Protection Act and Directive 90/314 / EEC, which were compared with the new Directive 2015/2302 and the proposed regulations of the Civil Code. The diploma thesis consists of six chapters, including the introduction and the conclusion. The basic direction of the thesis is presented in the introduction same as questions. The main goal is answer to these questions. The content of the second chapter is the definition of the tour contract through several legal regulations, the definition of contracting parties and the related representation of their rights and obligations. The most fundamental part of this chapter for the diploma thesis is the presentation of the position of the...
Selected aspects of the importance of music in leisure and its effect on humans
ŠUŤÁKOVÁ, Veronika
This thesis deals about theme of music in leisure and its effects on humans. The first chapter is describing about music in history. The second chapter deals about the pop music, using music in leisure and about the media which are producing music and spreading it among the people. The last third chapter discusses about the effect of music on humans. Effects are noxious or therapeutic. In the practical part we were examining and describing the perception of healthy and unhealthy music by people. Except that we were also examining the status of music in leisure.

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3 ŠUŤÁKOVÁ, Veronika
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