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Comparison of reagents for the determination of the functional activity of coagulation factors by the coagulation method.
Štorková, Marie ; Sadílek, Petr (advisor) ; Vrbacký, Filip (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the introduction of new more sensitive reagents for the determination of plasma coagulation factor activity of the intrinsic pathway into the hematology laboratory. The theoretical part deals with a brief description of the whole hemostasis process, individual coagulation factors, pathologies of hemostasis and determination of functional activity of coagulation factors. The practical part is devoted to a comparative study of the functional activity of coagulation factors VIII, IX, XI and XII. This study compares the results of the individual factors measured with the new STA C.K. Prest 5 reagents in combination with the respective immunodeficient plasmas with the results obtained by methods using the original STA PTT A reagents in combination with classical deficient plasmas. The measured values were then evaluated using the linear regression method and Bland-Altman plot to assess whether the methods using the new reagents could be implemented in the laboratory. The calculated values of the correlation coefficients of the individual methods are higher than r = 0.98, which together with the equations of the lines of the correlation plots indicate a close correlation between the results measured with the original reagents and those measured with the newly introduced...
Problem Group on The Labour Market in a chosen Region
Nový, Petr ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Štorková, Marie (referee)
This thesis is focused on "problem groups" on the labour market.It includes two parts - theoretical and practical. The first part is about introdution to the labour market and unemployment and clarification the term of problem groups. There are also tools that helps to solve unemployment. Practical part is processed on the data about situation of this groups in the Strakonice region. The aim is to analyze and describe the position of problem groups on the labour market and state assistance in finding a job. The another aim is to try to evaluate the effectiveness of active unemployment policy. A substantial part is analysis of one of the most problematic risk group - a group of long-term unemployed.
Thrombophile gene mutations and their health social complications
The objective of this thesis was to describe trombophilic gene mutations from the health and social viewpoint and to find out if these innate trombophilias may also cause psychosocial complications. The thesis consists of two sections: The theoretical section deals with the genetic nature of trombophilic gene mutations, their health and social complications. Practical information for life with trombophilias is also given. The practical section of the thesis was carried out by means of quantitative research, using the technique of anonymous questionnaires. The questionnaire consisted of 24 questions. 3 questions were stratificational. 21 questions were related to the issue concerned {--} trombophilic gene mutation complications, 7 questions of which were focused on health complications, 6 on psychosocial complications and 8 questions were aimed at finding the respondents´ awareness on their diagnosis and sources of information. The questions number 8 {--} 15 were addressed only to women. The chosen set of respondents were persons addressed through web servers Baby-café.cz and (97%) and clients of the Association of Samaritans of the Czech Republic Rescue Service Prague {--} west (3%). The total number of respondents was 86 (100%), 77 of whom were women (90%) and 9 (10%) men. The questionnaires were evaluated and the data were turned into graphs. The hypothesis saying: ``Trombophilic gene mutation complications are not only connected with physical health, but they are also psychosocial{\crqq} was confirmed according to the research results. The results show the need of better awareness and point out to the importance of possible complications prevention. The informative website made up on the basis of this research - - should contribute to better awareness and prevention of innate trombophilias complications.

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