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Anglicisms in Danish and Czech language. A Comparative study.
Šimsová, Anna ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Dubec, Pavel (referee)
The topic of this thesis is a comparison of attitude to English loanwords in Czech and Danish. The process of adopting anglicisms into both languages is viewed from several different angles in effort to provide a complex picture of the researched issue. The first part is devoted to the description of the diachronic development of Czech and Danish, especially to the influence of foreign languages on their vocabulary. In this part there is also defined used terminology and the theoretical framework is described, i.e. ways of enriching vocabulary and characterization of borrowings from foreign languages. The second part is devoted to the sociolinguistic view, i.e. the language policy of both countries, the approach of language institutions. In this section there are also described some central topics that are typical for the current linguistic situation in the Czech Republic and Denmark. The third part describes the formal adaptation of anglicisms in Czech and Danish from the morphological, orthographic, phonetic and syntactic point of view. The last chapter is devoted to the evaluation of the survey, which represents the practical part of this thesis. The theoretical part was processed using the method of literary review and the practical part using the questioning method. Since the thesis deals with...
Proměny psané norštiny a jejich odraz v tisku na území Spojených států během 19. století a první poloviny 20. století
Bartásková, Pavla ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Křížová, Markéta (referee) ; Hjelde, Arnstein (referee)
The thesis presents the development and changes of the Norwegian written standard in the United States during the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The research is based on the material from the newspapers published by the Norwegian immigrant community in the United States. For the purpose of the analyses, three leading Norwegian written newspapers (Decorah-Posten, Skandinaven, Minneapolis Tidende; commonly known as The Big Three) were selected. The development of Norwegian is documented from the perspective of language management and its theory. The first part of the analyses deals with the influence of English as the dominant language of the area on the written Norwegian. Morphological and orthographic integration of English loanwords as well as the most affected fields of the immigrants' lexicon are discussed in this part. The second view monitors the impact of the spelling reform codified in 1907 in Norway on the written standard of the immigrants in the United States and its extent. Features such as voiced/voiceless occlusives, plural and preterite forms, use of double consonants and font are studied in the newspaper material. The individual research points give a general view on the topic of the written Norwegian as used by the immigrants in their press....
Use of Loanwords in contemporary Norwegian and Dutch
Bartásková, Pavla ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Hrnčířová, Zdeňka (referee)
The subject of the thesis is to appraise the situation of the extent and the way of use of English loanwords in Norwegian and Dutch. The issue is presented on the background of historical development of borrowing in these languages and also explained in the contemporary tendency of English words usage in non-English speaking countries. To document the official attitude of Norwegian and Dutch media to loanwords we add the results of survey among the particular editors. On the basis of loanwords principles in Norwegian and Dutch, presented in the theoretical part, we assess the English loanwords in particular articles published in Norwegian and Dutch Internet news journals. The attention is aimed to the general analysis of English loanwords in Norwegian and Dutch, to the analysis of the domains noticeably influenced by the loans and to the morphological and orthographical integration of loanwords in the monitored languages. The outcomes of each analysis for Norwegian and Dutch are compared and interpreted. Key words: English, borrowing, Dutch, journalistic style, loanwords, Norwegian
Semantic analysis of Swedish phrasal verbs with consideration of differences between prepositions and adverbs
Šípková, Jitka ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Hartlová, Dagmar (referee)
(anglicky): In my thesis I analyze how Swedish verbal particles change semantics of the verb. Mainly I compare different types of verbal particles: bound and free particles, prepositional and adverbial particles. I observe how meaning of the verb + particle changes from local to metaphorical and further to lexicalized and grammaticalized meaning. Theoretical observations are based on general linguistics, particularly on premises of functional approaches. In the practical part of the thesis I analyze behavior of particles ut and av on a corpus sample. In the final part I compare conclusions made based on the literature with analysis of the language sample. The results show that most often verb + particle are lexicalized phrases. That applies even in cases, when the particle decides whether the action expressed by the verb has reached its end or not, which I considered partially grammaticalized in the theoretical part. Many of the lexicalized particle verbs have transparent meaning, which is possible to duplicate based on analogy. Such particle verbs with metaphorical, transparent meaning are source for great variability in the system of Swedish particle verbs. In the final part of the thesis I show parallels between Swedish verb particles and Czech verbal prefixes. These differ mainly in that the...
Contrastive analysis of passive voice in Norwegian and Czech
Grossová, Aneta ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Dubec, Pavel (referee)
This thesis describes the various uses of the passive voice in Norwegian and Czech. The theoretical part defines the category of voice and describes different ways of expressing the passive voice in both languages. The practical part comprises two largely independent chapters. The first one uses text corpora to explore the ratio between the active and passive voice as well as the frequency of different passive constructions in technical, journalistic and literary styles. The second chapter focuses mainly on methods of translating the passive voice used in Norwegian literature to Czech; however, it also touches the topic of the overall frequency of the passive voice in translation.
A Comparison of Motivation of the Most Frequent Czech and Swedish Surnames Origin
Džupová, Olga ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Harvalík, Milan (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the comparison of motivation and language motivation of Czech and Swedish surnames. In the theoretical part, the current situation and developement of surnames are described and motivation types of bynames which later formed surnames are defined. The practical part of the thesis introduces the method, hypothesis and results of research which was focused on dividing 500 of the most frequent Czech and Swedish surnames into groups according to motivation and language motivation. The most common among Czech surnames are those created from first names and those consisting of nature elements; the most numerous groups among Swedish surnames are composite burgher surnames with natural motifs and patronymical surnames.
Amateur versus Professional Subtitling of Swedish movies
Kašparová, Martina ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Pošta, Miroslav (referee)
This master thesis deals with audiovisual translation with an emphasis on subtitles. In particular, it concentrates on the widespread phenomenon of amateur interlingual subtitling (fansubbing) using the Swedish feature movie Let the Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in) as material. In the theoretical part, the specifics of film subtitling are addressed: the most frequently used subtitling strategies and proceedings and the differences between professional and amateur subtitling in the single stages of the subtitling process - production, distribution and reception of subtitles and also translators' motivation and working conditions. In the empirical part, an analysis of Swedish audiovisual material is carried out, followed by an analysis of the respective professional and amateur-produced subtitles. The focus is on applied subtitling strategies, transfer of culture-specific items and marked speech, but also formal features of both subtitle types are discussed. In the course of the analysis, the current subtitling norms are taken into consideration, as well as the different socio-cultural context and distinctions between the Czech and the Swedish language. In the conclusion, the quality of the researched subtitles is assessed.
French Lexical Borrowings in Danish Language
Dědečková, Antonie ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Slouková, Radka (referee)
This thesis focuses on the Danish lexical loanwords of French origin and marginally other North Germanic languages from the diachronic and synchronous perspective. The first part focuses on the historical context of the arrival of loanwords in Northern Europe, particularly the period between the 16th and 18th century when France was an influential cultural hegemony. The second part of this study deals with French loanwords in contemporary Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Loanwords in Danish were submitted to lexical, graphic and phonetic analysis. The language material was drawn from the vocabulary of contemporary Danish "Politikens Nudansk Ordbog" (2000). The thesis describes the adaptation of rules for loanwords in the Norwegian and Swedish spelling. The aim of this study is to create a comprehensive overview of the acceptance of French loanwords in North-Germanic languages.
Syntactic and FSP aspects of the existential construction in Norwegian
Dubec, Pavel ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Dušková, Libuše (referee) ; Mørck, Endre (referee)
The aim of the present thesis is to analyze the Norwegian existential construction (presenteringskonstruksjonen) with regard to syntax, static semantics, dynamic semantics, and functional sentence perspective (FSP). The thesis first introduces the firbasian FSP theory in general, demonstrating the concepts on Norwegian examples. Then the theories most relevant for the study of the existential construction are summarized. The analysis is carried out on a sample of 1000 instances (500 taken from fiction and 500 excerpted from academic prose), and focuses mainly on the notional subject, the verb, and a possible adverbial. The syntactic analysis includes the position and the structure of the notional subject and adverbials. In addition, the lexical semantics of the head words and static semantics of adverbials were observed. The FSP analysis focused on the FSP functions of the individual clause elements and the FSP patterns the existential construction may realize. In addition, the dynamic semantic roles were studied in relation to the static semantic roles. The aim of the analyses is to find out in what circumstances the existential construction may realize the presentation scale or the quality scale, and what functions the construction may perform. The thesis observes the application of FSP on real...
Aspects and Instruments of Courtesy in Communication in Swedish and Czech
Malíková, Kamila ; Štajnerová, Petra (advisor) ; Hartlová, Dagmar (referee)
The aim of the dissertation is to examine the approach to politeness in Swedish and in Czech and to compare its features in both languages. In the theoretical part there are presented the most influential approaches to politeness. The next two chapters focus on practical examples. In the first of these there are summarized linguistic means which are used to express politeness in Czech, and they are compared with Swedish. The second one deals with several specific speech acts, in which courtesy applies. The different ways of expressing politeness in Czech and Swedish are described on the base of the literature and also on my own questionnaire. Not only the spoken but also the written form of the communication is ranged in the dissertation. Key words: communication, courtesy, politeness, Czech, Swedish, language, form of address, formal terms, written communication, greeting

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