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Mystification in Art Education / Reality and Fiction
Daňhelková, Anna ; Špirk, Ivan (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Pedagogická fakulta Mystifikace ve výtvarné výchově/Skutečnost a fikce Anna Daňhelková Katedra výtvarné výchovy Pedf UK Vedoucí diplomové práce: doc. ak. mal. Ivan Špirk Studijní program: Učitelství pro základní školy, I. ST 2019 ABSTRACT: The diploma thesis is focused on mystification in literary and visual arts, and on the use of this topic in art education at primary school. At the same time, the thesis deals with the concept of art and also with interdisciplinary relations. The aim of the thesis is to create an art work composed of fictitious artefacts that make a record of a foreign trip. Furthermore, the work of art is linked to the lessons of art education. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to introduce a theory that examines the subject of mystification and the diary. Furthermore, it is necessary to create artefacts and test the art lessons in practice. The contribution of the thesis is the creation of artistic work, which can be used within the motivational part of individual art lessons and thus to link the areas of education. The thesis is divided into three parts. First, the theoretical part which explains the concept of mystification and introduces authors related to this topic. It also deals with the conceptual art and its influences on the further development of...
The Insides of the Town: Under Ground. Interpretation at school.
Vídršperková, Michaela ; Špirk, Ivan (advisor) ; Pfeiffer, Jan (referee)
Vnitřnosti města: pod zemí. Školní interpretace ABSTRACT My diploma thesis deals with subterranean spaces, the insides of a town. It focuses on selected types of a town underground which are described. These types include cellars (common house cellars as well as that of public historical places), a canalization system, metro, catacombs, adits and military underground spaces. I concentrate on the subject through contexts of phenomenology, history, archaeology, literature, and visual arts. The aim of the thesis is mapping subterranean places, trying to find their aspects and using them for a didactic transformation. I try to conceive that by studying the literature as well as by a practical research: I visit several underground places of a different kind. The selected places consist of the personage cellar in Bezděz, the Cemetry church of all Saints in Sedlec - Ossuary, the Corpus Christi Chapel in Kutná Hora, the Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubeneč and the construction tunnel of metro line D in Pankrác. The didactic part transforms basic findings into a number of lessons. These are carried out in a school and out- of-school background. The aim of the didactic project is introducing the topic in its basic forms (mainly cellar, canalization and metro) to the pupils. Hopefully, this can lead them to...
Rhythm in Drawing
Martínková, Pavlína ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Špirk, Ivan (referee)
Rhythm in drawing is a theme of this bachelor thesis. In my paper I pursue with a drawing like a means of fine art statement of particular emotions, gesture, opinion and rhythm either and its connection with drawing. I concretely profess to action art and performance art. The paper is made from three parts. In a theoretical part I refer on history of drawing, various techniques and modifications of drawing and I also refer on rhythm and its influences on a human. I describe artists from the second half of 20. century who use rhythm in their art work and I also introduce artists who inspired me with their own creation to my own artwork. In a practical part I show an origin, goings and results of my own artwork, which is connected with rhythm and drawing, with photo-documentation, video-documentation, back reflection and self-reflection. In the last part I present my art line of tasks for pedagogical use of action drawing in conjunction with rhythm within the framework of school lessons, which is partly inspired by my own artwork, that can be found in my practical part, and partly by everydayness. I also present an artefiletic work and its goings and results.
Fate of Individual - Finding of the Roots / Specific Contexts in Art of the Twenties Century
Adamová, Zuzana ; Špirk, Ivan (advisor) ; Francová, Sylva (referee)
Keywords: Individual, continuity, art, roots In developing the topic of "The Life Story of an Individual - Exploring Our Roots" in the theoretical section of my thesis, I endeavoured to accentuate the importance of every person's life and the impact of a responsible individual existence on the history of humankind, and to present this impact as a power that, though often unrecognised, is present in every human being. Following Josef's life path, I made several detours to artists to whom he was in some way connected, by exploring the places he visited to meet with them or to admire their work. The works of some of them also help reveal the difficulties encountered by those who wished to maintain airt in religious spaces in the twentieth century. In the didactic section, I designed and tested a series of creative artworks addressing the topic of exploring roots, with emphasis on how important is continuity of generations and what a great value lies in the process of ageing of people and things. The creative section is partly based on my visit of some of the places where Josef Adámek met with his artistic friends. I created drawings and, subsequently, paintings of their church towers. I also developed a Map of Grandfathers by collecting names, drawings and messages written in the map by people I met...

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