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Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Smolík, Filip ; Kindlová, Dita (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the assessment of the information system of the selected company operating in the energy industry sector and with the proposal of its modification to improve its current state. This modification will affect an area of contracting with external entities. An analysis of the current state is assessed with the knowledge from the theoretical part that results in systém requirements, which expands the possibilities of concluding contracts. The solution of the proposal is described in the last part together with the economical evaluation and benefits.
The impact of working memory training on fluid intelligence in young-old adults
Štěpánková, Hana ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Holmerová, Iva (referee) ; Smolík, Filip (referee)
Description and explanation of a natural decline of cognitive functions during ontogenetic aging laid in a century of its history grounds for various experiments trying to find wals to slow down or revoke theis process of decline. One of the cognitive domains that has been gaining ever stronger attention among neuroscientists is working memory, which is interconnected with other functions, especially with attention, executive function and fluid intelligence. So far, there has not been reached a consensus regarding a model of working memory. Nevertheless, there are many efforts to describe it, to explain its role within cognitive processes, and to enhance performance. They resulted in various complex and also specialized interventions that are used also in studies focused on older persons. This study adds to the body of literature on transfer effects of working memory training in young-old persons (age 65-75 years; N=65). It is a randomized controlled study with 2 intervened and 1 passive control groups. The goal was to find about an effect of different numbers of training lessons (10 or 20 in 5 weeks) with a computer-based adaptive visually presented verbal n-back, on latent variables of working memory and fluid intelligence. The results showed an ability of older people to significantly improve their...
Time-scale analysis of sovereign bonds market co-movement in the EU
Šmolík, Filip ; Vácha, Lukáš (advisor) ; Krištoufek, Ladislav (referee)
The thesis analyses co-movement of 10Y sovereign bond yields of 11 EU mem- bers (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark) divided into the three groups (the Core of the Eurozone, the Periphery of the Eurozone, the states outside the Eurozone). In the center of attention are changes of co-movement in the crisis period, especially near the two significant dates - the fall of Lehman Brothers (15.9.2008) and the day, when increase of Greek public deficit was announced (20.10.2009). Main contribution of the thesis is usage of alternative methodol- ogy - wavelet transformation. It allows to research how co-movement changes across scales (frequencies) and through time. Wavelet coherence is used as well as wavelet bivariate and multiple correlation. The thesis brings three main findings: (1) co-movement significantly decreased in the crisis period, but the results differ in the groups, (2) co-movement significantly differs across scales, but its heterogeneity decreased in the crisis period, (3) near to the examined dates sharp and significant decrease of wavelet correlation was observable across lower scales in some states. JEL Classification C32, C49, C58, H63 Keywords Co-movement, Wavelet Transformation, Sovereign Debt Crisis, Sovereign Bond Yields,...
Possible ratings for photographs
Kubát, Petr ; Lukavský, Jiří (advisor) ; Smolík, Filip (referee)
This thesis addresses the question of the perception of photographs. It is based on the work of R. Greene and A. Oliva (2008) and further expands it. These authors investigated which global properties people identify on photographs of natural scenes and how consistent their evaluation of these properties is. In this paper I used general photographs without any thematic limitations. In the first part of the research I examined what global properties people determine during a quick viewing of a general photograph. The obtained general properties (movement limitation and fun) were added to the properties found in R. Greene's and A. Oliva's work. In the second part of the research I used a computer program for hierarchical grouping to determine how consistent the rating of these global properties is when different people rate the photographs. The resulting consistency is expressed as the average of all interobserver correlations for a given property. The experiment revealed that the transience property has the highest consistency rate (r=0,516), followed by movement in the scene (r=0,457) and openness (r=0,450). Fun (r=0,283) and navigability (r=0,245) exhibit the lowest rate of consistency. Lower concordance observed with general photographs is in my opinion caused by the higher complexity of the...
Effects of Word Imageability on the Acquisition of Grammatical Morphology in Czech Children
Kříž, Adam ; Smolík, Filip (advisor) ; Chromý, Jan (referee)
(in English): In many studies there was demonstrated that word's imageability - the ability of a word to produce a mental image of it's referent - affects the processing of its inflection (e.g. Prado - Ullman, 2009), its acquisition (e.g. McDonough et al., 2011) and the acquisition of grammatical morphemes (Smolík, in press). This thesis builds on the Smolík's paper, and its goal is to test whether the imageability of a word's stem influences the acquisition of its inflections in Czech children. Word imageability ratings and ratings of other variables that were assumed to affect the process of the acquisition of word inflections, were collected, then questionnaires were distributed to parents to examine how the forms of chosen words are acquired by children. The focus was on the acquisition of nominative plural of nouns, present tense in second person and past tense of verbs. The results show that the imageability significantly predicts the age of acquisition of the nominative in singular and all observed forms of verbs. The absence of the imegability effect on the acquisition of nominative in plural may be due to the overall high imageability and thus reduced variability of ratings in nouns in our dataset. Two possible explanations of the imageability effect on the acqusition of morphological...
Spatial cognition of users of spoken Czech and Czech Sign Language: How cross-linguistic diversity affects non-linguistic thought
Jehlička, Jakub ; Chromý, Jan (advisor) ; Smolík, Filip (referee)
The thesis focuses on how different languages influence spatial cognition of their speakers, i. e., whether and how the differences in spatial language (linguistic representation of perspective, location, spatial scenes etc.) affect the non-linguistic spatial reasoning (orientation, spatial memory etc.). This issue has for a long time been a part of the studies of the relation between language and thouhgt under the flag of so called Sapir-Whorf hypothesis/Hypothesis of linguistic relativity. In the first half of the theoretical part of the thesis, I attempt to summarize the history of the concept of linguistic relativity since 1950s and to revise some critical claims about linguistic relativity by re-reading Whorf's works (chapter 2). The second half of the theoretical part (chapter 3) focuses in particular on the research of the interrelations between spatial thought and language. In section 3.1, I make a brief note on the notion of space in terms of cognitive linguistics. Section 3.2 provides an selective overview of the previous research of the crosslinguic spatial-cognitive diversity. Sections 3.3 and 3.4 connect the theoretical and the empirical part of the thesis. The research itself is presented in the chapter 4. It experimentally tests the hypothesis, that the language-specific...
Order of acquisition of grammatical words and forms: on-linequestionnaire
Matějka, Štěpán ; Smolík, Filip (advisor) ; Mertins, Barbara (referee) ; Bytešníková, Ilona (referee)
Grammar acquisition is a widely researched area in international psycholinguistics. A great amount of research has focused on determining the order of acquiring grammatical words and forms in individual languages (e.g. Bloom et al., 1980; Brown, 1973; de Villiers & de Villiers, 1973). By contrast, as regards Czech, to this day there has been only a limited amount of data on the process of the acquisition of grammar words and forms based on empirical research or sourced from an adequate number of child respondents. Some findings about Czech grammar acquisition were introduced e.g. by Pačesová (1979), Chejnová (2016a) or Smolík (2002). The present dissertation therefore aims to collect descriptive data on the acquisition of grammatical words and forms in Czech. It also determines whether these grammar acquisition data can be collected using parent reports (e.g. Fenson et al., 1993, 2007; Rescorla, 1989), a method which has been used primarily to monitor the acquisition of lexis. Grammar acquisition has been examined through parent reports only to a limited extent. The dissertation comprises five parent report surveys, aimed at the acquisition of noun and adjective cases, verb forms, prepositions, interrogative expressions, conjunctions and linking expressions. Data were collected from a total of 580...
Factors affecting speeded production of inflected word forms by children under age of 15
Salzmannová, Lucie ; Smolík, Filip (advisor) ; Láznička, Michal (referee)
The thesis focuses on the processing of morphologically complex words in Czech. It follows up on the previous research in the field of inflectional morphology, in which Czech is minimally represented. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part describes the main theoretical approaches, which are connectionism and dualism. The second part describes an experiment, which was carried out following the previous research and aimed at comparing the claims of the two main approaches. The experiment was conducted on 37 native speakers of Czech aged from eight to eleven. The participants' task was to say as quickly as possible the genitive form of a noun that appeared on the screen of an electronic device in nominative form. The results of the research do not support the dualistic thoughts, but rather support the connectionist view. However, further empirical research is needed for a clear conclusion. Key words speeded production; inflected word form; frequency; language acquisition; inflection
The role of referent animacy in the morphological paradigm knowledge of preschoolers
Doležalová, Natálie ; Smolík, Filip (advisor) ; Chládková, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on knowledge in the field of Czech morphology among preschoolers. Specifically, it focuses on the area of flexion of nouns and explores the question of whether the semantic animacy of referents has an effect on the choice of the form of the inflected word. The theoretical part deals with general developmental psycholinguistics with a focus on children aged 3-5 years and especially the grammatical side of language acquisition. The main part of the analytical section is an experiment performed by the method of elicited production of pseudowords, inspired by the so-called "wug test" (Berko, 1958). With the help of fictional images showing animacy or non-animacy, the flexion of the pseudowords with characteristic symptoms for male and female pattern is investigated. Based on the results of this experiment, an analysis of the investigated phenomenon was created, which serves to verify the hypothesis that semantic animacy affects the target form of the word.
Word order in spontaneous conversations of mothers with children
Kohoutková, Jolana ; Smolík, Filip (advisor) ; Šimík, Radek (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse word order in transitive sentences in natural production of two- and four-year old children during Czech language acquisition. The theoretical part focuses on language acquisition in general, in children in a given age period and on the acquisition of transitive sentences in children, discussed in studies carried out abroad. The results of these studies work with a thesis about a canonical word order, which is the first to emerge in child production and reception, while other types of word order might pose a problem for children with regards to interpretation. In order to be able to compare these findings with Czech language, data from an existing corpora of child conversations with their mothers were coded for the purposes of the practical part of this thesis. This data is subsequently analysed in the practical part, with the findings of these analyses implying that in spontaneous language production of Czech children, it is impossible to unambiguously track the preferences for canonical word order, as well as difficulties in adopting word order other than canonical. This thesis also brings basic descriptive information about the word order in transitive sentences both in children over time and in relation to word order that is used by their mothers. Key words...

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