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Project based education, its realization and influence on pupil's learning
Škarková, Barbora ; Rajsiglová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Blažová, Kateřina (referee)
The goal of the diploma thesis was to find out how teachers realize project based education with the main focus on grammar school and biology teaching and also explore the influence of project based education on pupil's learning. Data were obtained by the method of semi -structured interviews, which were conducted with twelve teachers and fifty pupils at six grammar schools in three regions of the Czech Republic. The grounded theory method was used for data processing. Teacher's realization of project based education and the influence of project based education on pupil's learning are influenced by various aspects discussed in the thesis. Part of the diploma thesis is an analysis of selected Czech literary and internet sources of information dealing with project based education. Key words: project based education, realization of project based education, grounded theory, grammar school, biology
Causes currently increased incidence of thyroid carcinomas
Škarková, Barbora ; Brynychová, Iva (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Šárka (referee)
The thyroid carcinoma incidence has currently multiplied and the largest increase was recorded for thyroid papillary carcinoma. The aim of this work is to discuss factors increasing the risk of thyroid carcinoma. The only confirmed risk of developing this form of carcinoma is ionizing radiation mostly in connection with nuclear attacks and nuclear power plants disasters. Other risk factors include iodine intake and the influence of nitrates, both of which act as separate risk factors and also as factors increasing the risk potential of ionizing radiation. Thyroid carcinoma occur 3 times more frequently in women, therefore the risk factors specific for females, such as estrogens, assisted reproduction methods, pregnancy and hysterectomy, are also discussed. Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's thyroiditis have a significant association with thyroid carcinomas while controversial factors are risky elements of lifestyle and nutrition (eg smoking, cruciferous vegetables, high glycemic index and body weigh index). A high incidence of thyroid carcinomas was found in volcanic areas in connection with the effects of heavy metals contained in lava. Another high incidence was recorded in the areas with low average annual temperatures. One of the reasons for the increase in the incidence of thyroid carcinoma is...

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