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Ječmen jako surovina a jeho využití v cereálních technologiích
Šimková, Magdalena
Bachelor thesis with topic Barley as raw material and its utilization in cereal technology describes current production of barley, utilization of barley in food processing and varieties of barley that are using in grocery store. It includes a specification of the anatomic structure of grain and material composition, from which is important a content of dietary fiber and beta-glucans, which have a proven influence on human health. It describes milling of barley, grain processing during production of peeled barley, use barley flour in bakery products such as bread and pastry and ability to influence the colour and texture of final products by barley flour. The work is complemented by studies, when products of cereal technology are enriched by barley flour. In conclusion, the questionnaire introduces that many of consumer don´t know about a positive health aspects of barley and that peeled barley is the earliest used products from barley grain.
Monitoring alkaloidů v rajčatech
Šimková, Magdalena
The thesis on Monitoring alkaloids in tomatoes describes a group of alkaloids and also some of them. The thesis focuses on the Solanaceae family, especially the tomato plant, tomato production, important substances and their influence on human health. The thesis presents information about tomato products and their quality which is influenced by the general material. Furthermore, separative and identification methods which can qualify alkaloids are described. In the practical part of the thesis the content of alkaloids in whole tomato plant is found out qualitatively by DESI and DART technic, the amount of the present alkaloids in unripe fruit, semi-ripe fruit and ripe fruit quantitatively by High Performance Liquid Chromatography connected with Mass Spectrometry (HPLC/MS). The volume of alkaloids in tomato juice, ketchup and tomato paste are determined.
Comprehensive nursing care in intensive neurosurgical department of a patient after Awake operation
Šimková, Marie Magdalena ; Zvoníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Šroubek, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with brain tumor diseases. First part contains theoretical and general information about tumors, its origin, diagnostics and treatment options. Second part consists of case report of patient with specific brain tumor, which was treated, according to the latest medical procedures, with Awake brain surgery. Following part of the thesis focuses on specific nursing care and specific problems and needs descriptions of the pactient who is after Awake surgery at the intesive care unit. Keywords: gliom, astrocytom, awake surgery, brain mapping, consciouness, needs, intensive nursing care, psyche
Economics and management of non-profit organization
Šimková, Magdalena ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Součková, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis contains the definitions of basic terms from the field of non-profit sector. The importance of functional organizational structure choice is shown on a practical example. Additionally, the thesis is focused on practical connection of questions of financing non-profit organizations and the theory that was covered by available literature. After all, thesis covers the importance of strategic planning for solid and long-term operation of organization. This topic is described on the example of done SWOT analysis.

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