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Milestone Tracking Plugin for
Homa, Patrik ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Ščuglík, František (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create a built-in module for, which aims to implement time or financial milestones into an existing task field and work layout. The Kanban method is used in this work. Implementation is done using PHP and SQLite technologies.
Test Planning Tool Extension for Distributed Systems
Mészáros, Filip ; Ráb, Jaroslav (referee) ; Ščuglík, František (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is about automatical software testing using the testing scheduler. It describes creation of the extension for the existing testing scheduler, so it will be possible to split effectively a group of tests to segments, that will be executed independently on each other. Tests are splitted according to the common characteristics of the enviroment, that need to be prepared for each test, and according to the dependencies between the tests. Furthermore, it describes what optimizations are used for splitting of the tests to subsets. Each subset of the tests runs on a standalone testing system, so the time needed for succesful completion of testing with the given set of tests is reduced. Created tool is succesfully used during everyday testing of the several products in the Acision company, to which was this tool made.
Reporting Services for Telemarketing Software
Sušil, Martin ; Ščuglík, František (referee) ; Ráb, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work covers extension of the existing telemarketing software. Functions for creating user defined report were added to this software. The server side is based on the PostgreSQL 8.2 database server. The client side is implemented in language C# using Visual Studio 2005 as development environment.
Software Support for Project Management
Habarta, Lukáš ; Ščuglík, František (referee) ; Květoňová, Šárka (advisor)
The topic of this thesis is project management and description of software solution for project management support. This software solution was also implemented within the thesis. The first part contains a description of the terminology used in project management. There is described project management as well. The second part contains a description of technical analysis and implementation of the web application for project management.
Skill Matrix Plugin for
Válka, Jan ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Ščuglík, František (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create a plugin for monitoring knowledge of existing Kanboard users. The main goal of this plugin is to evaluate employees' abilities and assign them labels. Based on these attributes, it's possible to filter individual users. In this thesis I have created a tool that will facilitate the process of deciding which employee to assign to either new or current project.
Project Status Tracking Plugin for
Masár, Andrej ; Květoňová, Šárka (referee) ; Ščuglík, František (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is concentrated on design, implementation and testing of plugin for aplication, that allows project status tracking and creation of recovery plans for project. It analyzes Kanban development and aplications that implemnte it. It contains description of technologies used during plugin development. The result plugin is published and freely available on
Time Scheduling Plugin for
Holubář, Jiří ; Květoňová, Šárka (referee) ; Ščuglík, František (advisor)
Nowadays, in most corporations must be tasks split between more than one person. Simultaneously one person work on more tasks at the same time. That is the reason, why people must plan their work, to achieve maximum efficiency. To do that, the module for Kanboard, which I describe in this work, should be used.
Xtend Monitoring and Analysis Tool
Kocman, Tomáš ; Veselý, Vladimír (referee) ; Ščuglík, František (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the monitoring and analysis of data transfer between applications on the network and creating custom monitoring tool that would meet the requirements of the application server Xtend of company Xura, Inc. The introductory chapters describe theoretical background of data capture and analysis, and application server Xtend with the services it provides. The thesis is mainly focused on the implementation of a system that cooperates with the server Xtend and its output can be further processed and interpreted.
Analytical Dashboard for Indoor Locating System
Petrovič, Lukáš ; Ščuglík, František (referee) ; Veselý, Vladimír (advisor)
The main purpose of this work is to create an application which will provide visualisation of historical data from position sensors. The data are being obtained from closed spaces, for example shops, gymnasiums or halls. These data are valuable but without easily usable visualisation they will lose their potential. Right visualisation allows user to better evaluate situation which the data represents. Result of this work is a tool with which the user is able to easily analyse data gained in certain time interval. For the needs of analysis, the application provides various kinds of data representations, which assign the data specific purpose. Data might be presented in graphs for example for the purpose of representation of the total overcomed distance of monitored object. They can also be used in maps which provide good representation of positions due to monitored area. All created visualization elements are put into interactive blocks. These blocks make up almost whole control panel. It is easy to manipulate with these blocks and to edit created visualisation with their help.
Web Tool for Monitoring of the Status of Network Printers with Purchase Planning
Vyskočil, Pavel ; Ščuglík, František (referee) ; Čejka, Rudolf (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on monitoring of networked printers and multifunction devices connected into the network. It provides an overview of the now available tools for management and monitoring the status of network printers from different manufacturers. Then it describes options with which the status and other information for the printer to receive can be checked. A new printers monitoring system was created using the acquiered knowledge about printers monitoring. The created system is able to manage printer supplies stored in local warehouse and calculate the estimated consumpstion for the selected period. During the tests, the implemented system demonstrated the ability to analyze and interpret the information obtained from network printers.

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