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Comparison of Taxes on Motor Vehicles in Denmark and in the Czech Republic
Šámalová, Anna ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
The main purpose of this bachelor thesis is comparing taxes on motor vehicles between Denmark and the Czech Republic. Denmark is one of the most developed economics in the world and assigns great importance to protection and maintenance of the environment, which is obvious from the Danish tax system. High taxes on motor vehicles increase acquisition price of a car in Denmark, which is including taxes a lot more expensive than the same car in the Czech Republic. The Danish tax system is briefly mentioned in the first chapter of the thesis, with further detailed description of the taxes payed by owners of passenger cars and other motor vehicles in Denmark. The second chapter offers summary of the Czech tax system and taxes on motor vehicles in the Czech Republic. The practical part of the bachelor thesis is focused on comparison of taxes, which one has to pay when buying a car in Denmark and in the Czech Republic. On two examples of a car purchase are demonstrated various taxes and tax bonuses, which influence acquisition price of a car in both countries.
Measurement of efectiveness Public Relations activities on the Czech market
Stará, Zuzana ; Zamazalová, Marcela (advisor) ; Šámalová, Anna (referee)
The thesis deals with the field of Public Relations with an emphasis on the issue of measurement of the effectiveness of PR activities. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the comparison of methods and instruments of measurement the effectiveness of PR activities in the Czech Republic and abroad. The practical part deals with the mapping of the current approach of the Czech firms implementing PR activities to the field of PR with an emphasis on measurement of the effectiveness of PR activities, together with providing advice to communications and PR agencies how they should further proceed in this topic in the relation of the Czech companies.
Communication strategy of s.Oliver company
Setikovská, Irena ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Šámalová, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis analyses a communication strategy of a company from the fashion industry. The goal of this work is to carry out an analysis of the key elements of s.Oliver company's communication strategy and to suggest appropriate changes. The theoretical part of this work defines the terminology used in the marketing field with an emphasis on a communication mix and a communication strategy. The practical part includes an introduction of s.Oliver company and focuses on the analysis of the key elements its communication strategy, based on SWOT analysis.
The Influence of Aeroflot’s PR Communication on Public Opinion
Šámalová, Anna ; Vávra, Oldřich (advisor) ; Čechurová, Eva (referee)
The thesis titled "The Influence of Aeroflot's PR Communication on Public Opinion" points out the "PR activity - newspaper article - public awareness and opinion" chain. The objective of the thesis is to point out the relationships between the individual parts of the chain and the overall impact of PR activities on the general public's awareness and opinion. The thesis focuses on the issues of Public Relations in the case of Aeroflot's PR communication at the time when the company was interested in acquiring Czech Airlines. The document also includes an analysis of the media outputs that were published about Aeroflot in the period under review and the subsequent research illustrating the general public's awareness of and opinion on the matter.
Analýza náboru zaměstnanců z pohledu personální agentury
Šámalová, Anna ; Filipová, Alena (advisor) ; Zeman, Jiří (referee)
Identifikace a analýza průběhu výběrových řízení pomocí personálních agentur, srovnání rozdílů mezi výběrovým řízením, které si firma organizuje sama a mezi tím, které vloží do rukou personální agentuře

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